Comment of the day: Berkowitz supported Cantwell


Comment of the day is from Bob Griffin on our story Alaska Democrats on ANWR victory: Crickets:

The people you support says a lot about your perspective. Our current Anchorage mayor HOSTED a fundraiser [for] Maria Cantwell— the US Senator who offered an amendment to strip ANWR out of the Tax Bill.

Let that sink in— the mayor of the largest city in Alaska is an ENTHUSIASTIC supporter of one of the most rabidly anti-development members of Congress.

So Mr. Mayor — what’s YOUR plan for the economic recovery of Anchorage and Alaska if you support Alaskans being blocked from accessing our natural resources?

MUST READ ALASKA FACT-CHECKED: Yes, Berkowitz did host a fundraiser for Maria Cantwell, opponent of Alaska ANWR 1002 area development and he allowed his name to be included in support of her.


  1. I am sure that Senator Cantwell is just fuming about the ANWR provision. Don’t these little Alaskans know that they need to do what she tells them to do? Next thing you know, they will want jobs and prosperity.

    Tell us, Mayor Berkowitz: What part of Senator Cantwell’s opposition to ANWR development do you like?

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