Alaska Democrats on ANWR victory: Crickets

Governor Bill Walker unveils his vetoes.

The passage of the historic tax reform — with the keys to ANWR’s oil and gas sector — was met with silence from Alaska Democrats, inclusive of state senators, representatives and party leaders.

The published statement from Gov. Bill Walker was, at best, “meh.”

Walker wrote in a press release last week: “Moving forward, we will continue to dialogue with all Alaskans, and ensure that any potential development in the 1002 Area takes into consideration Alaskan concerns previously expressed.”

[Read Walker’s complete press release here.]

Not a ringing endorsement — but a nod to his Democratic base. What does Walker mean by “takes into consideration Alaskan concerns previously expressed?”

He’s referring to those Democrats not done with the #Resistance. He is speaking to the party of Senators Maria Cantwell and Elizabeth Warren.

The Left is gearing up and going after the brand reputation of any oil company that dares to bid on leases in the 1002 Area of ANWR, as seen in this warning:

KUAC Radio, out of Fairbanks, says the fight isn’t over. In this report, it quotes environmental groups as saying they will fight on to prevent oil exploration in the 1002 area of ANWR.


  1. I just laugh, seriously the left is going to show up. On the frozen tundra with picket signs. Yeah thatll happen. Clueless, most people are clueless about the magnitude of this 10-02 area of ANWR.

  2. It will take years before the 1002 can be drilled. All of this boils down to persistence. The Greens/Left will seek to prevent drilling BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, and that means legal or not. It is perhaps most important not to be fooled into thinking that anything proposed by the Greens/Left is reasonable; their ultimate goal is to prevent drilling and ultimate production.

    The Congressional limitation on drilling in the 1002 area is now gone. Let’s not screw things up by making concessions to people that will NEVER agree to drilling.

  3. If the senators from Washington State were truly environmentalists, they (Cantwell and Murray) would demand that the dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers be demolished. I propose we start an environmental movement to do such.

  4. The list of Alaskans contributing to Maria Cantwell’s re-election campaign, especially those Alaskans who are Walker insiders says it all. Bill Walker is trying to be on both sides of whether or not to allow oil exploration in ANWR. Quite likely he doesn’t want to leave an opening for someone to run in the Democrat primary but at the same time he wants to make sure Democrats vote in November. We would have seen the same bi-polar approach to ANWR from Mark Begich had he been a US Senator from Alaska; but then of course had Begich been in the Senate it’s very possible the bill would not have passed at all. For me the take-away is that Bill Walker cannot be trusted and elections do indeed matter. Alaska Republicans played a key role in the enactment of this 2017 tax law and in the authorization to develop oil in ANWR. We cannot stop now!

  5. The 2017 Walker’s State of the Union Address he referred to Driving in Reverse in his teens.
    IMO he still is driving in reverse. Anyone heading out of Valdez to Delta at -40 for a basket ball game in a old station wagon lacks common sense. He hasn’t changed and NOW HE RUNS OUR STATE IN REVERSE.

  6. The people you support says a lot about your perspective.
    Our current Anchorage mayor HOSTED a fundraiser Maria Cantwell— the US Senator who offered an amendment to strip ANWAR out of the Tax Bill.
    Let that sink in— the mayor of the largest city in Alaska is an ENTHUIASTIC supporter of one of the most rabidly anti-development members of Congress.

    So Mr Mayor — what’s YOUR plan for the economic recovery of Anchorage and Alaska if you support Alaskans being blocked from accessing our natural resources?

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