Clubbing with Don Young, surprise star of Mr. Whitekeys Show


There’s never been a Whale Fat Follies like Monday night’s Whale Fat Follies.

During the last week in the 34-year run of Alaska’s top political vaudeville show, Alaska Congressman Don Young made a surprise appearance at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Anchorage.

Mr. Whitekeys was surprised when Young approached him on the stage to greet him. Alaska’s congressman has been the subject of Whitekeys’ humorous pricks throughout the decades. The plain-speaking congressman, has always given Whitekeys more than enough material to work with in his 24 terms in office.

In fact, other than former Gov. Sarah Palin, no other Alaska politician has been skewered as much by Whitekeys as Don Young.

Ann and Don Young and Mr. Whitekeys at the Hard Rock Cafe.

At one point, Whitekeys introduced the “special guest” of the evening, to a roar of applause and whistles from the audience. Then Young went up on stage and did a bit of “improv” with Whitekeys, at one point providing a solid one-man comedy routine.

Young thanked Whitekeys for helping get him elected over the past 34 years of his show.

“So long as you keep saying ‘Young,” and I keep getting elected, I don’t care what you say about me,” Young quipped.

The political satire show always features a conga line and Don and Ann Young took part in the revelry.

Ann and Don Young join in the conga line at the Whale Fat Follies.

Young also gave Whitekeys a bolo tie with the image of a can of spam etched onto the antler fastener.

The show began about 7 pm and was over by 9:30 pm but Young wasn’t able to leave until after 10, what with all the selfies that people were asking for. Quite a few young ladies sat on his lap on Monday night and took selfies with him.

Young told Whitekeys and the audience, “I really enjoyed tonight. You have to be able to laugh at yourself.”


  1. I bump in to Don in Sun City at a life care facility my mother lives at. Another woman there is a close friend of Dons wife. He is good to speak to and always campaigning if constituents show up!!
    I get concerned that us conservatives have no one in line to replace him. He won’t live forever!

  2. Congressional senility on display. Can he break dance too? Yawn Dung! He and Arliss can next do the Argentine Tango.

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