Climate activists paint Stonehenge orange

Climate activists spray Stonehenge with orange pigment.

Climate protesters from Just Stop Oil sprayed orange paint on ancient Stonehenge in southern England. Two protesters were arrested in what Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called a “disgraceful act of vandalism.”

Just Stop Oil is an international group that has spray painted other things orange, like private airplanes and public buildings. The group says the pigment is made of corn flour and will wash away in the rain. As its name indicates, it wants an immediate end to all oil, gas, and coal production.

Stonehenge is a 5,000-year-old circle of stones that is one of the world’s most famous prehistoric sites, thought to have been built around 2,500 B.C. It is a World Heritage Site.

According to Just Stop Oil’s website, the pigment was made of an “orange cornflour” that will wash away in the rain.

The group recently took responsibility for smashing the glass protecting the original copy of the Magna Carta at the British Museum in London.


  1. The perpetrators bodies should all be tatooed bright orange with a paint that will never wash off and be banned and arrested for ever using a petroleum based product.

  2. Climate Change? How about cloud seeding and HAARP experiments that are going negative over the periods that we have played with mother nature? High cloud coverage, high intense winds at upper levels moving clouds and playing with the jet stream using ionosphere electron experimentation? The use of microplastics in cloud seed and China’s number one (1) rating in cloud seeding? Is all this activity above us changing the climate and also affecting seed germination worldwide? Just asking?

  3. These climate idiots need to be shown Vandalism is not tolerated anywhere. Fine them so hard they can barely live. broadcast their faces on social media. This is the Left. Destroy at all costs.

  4. Europe, UK, Australia, NZ and North America are being ethnically cleansed as we speak , the traditional and first world things we take for granted are quickly disappearing. Enjoy them while you can.

    • Yes things as simple as using a bathroom. Gone due to the antics of the left.
      Legalize drug use, destroy commerce (legalize shoplifting) & capitalism (regulate, regulate, regulate) & destroy the “goose that lays the golden egg”
      Very hard to find a bathroom now, the government can’t possibly replicate the free services we receive from market capitalism. So sad.

  5. In honor of these criminals who would vandalize a World Heritage Site, I’m going to fire up my diesel truck and let it run while I start my two stroke chainsaw and fell some trees so I can burn them.

  6. These are hippies with BIG egos.
    I have met some & they think they are the answer to our problems.
    Suicide would be a good option for the “footprint” they leave, but not likely to happen w/ these egomaniacs.

    • They are the remnants and decendants of the 60’s hippies that used acid, heroin, mushrooms and other gene-destroying substances they could get there hands on to stay high when they weren’t at the airport spitting and swearing at the soldiers coming home from Vietnam labeling them “baby killers”.

    • And?
      That somehow makes acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum OK?
      Please greg, whether the paint wears off or not, we as a society cannot tolerate behavior like this. But… you appear to not care because there is no long term harm? Very childlike way of thinking.

  7. Spraying paint chemicals on a monument? That sounds smart! And please! Don’t tell me it was approved chemical! Or natural basis!

  8. Are those clothes they’ve purchased at a store or online using a supply chain completely dependent on oil products? How did they get to Stonehenge? If they walked, was it using shoes that were made using oil-based products and dependent on the supply chain? If they drove, that should be obvious.

    The cognitive dissidence is strong with these people.

  9. The government backed “developers” are trying to build a 4 lane tunnel underneath Stonehenge also. No cultural or indigenous rights for Europeans, in fact such sentiments are viewed as racist bigotry all across Europe and will result in prison time for “hate speech”.


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