Citizen reporter shows flight attendant, pilot not wearing masks on Alaska Airlines flight


A citizen reporter flying from Dillingham to Anchorage on Alaska Airlines/Horizon Flight 2211 on Sunday documented the crew not wearing masks during portions of the flight, in defiance of company rules and federal laws.

While going over the safety protocols during preflight routines, the flight attendant is identified as “Karen,” and she is a free-breather who doesn’t even have her mask around her chin, as shown in the video. Passengers are required to wear masks on the airlines unless they are eating, and then must replace their mask after every bite.

The pilot also had his mask off of his nose and mouth; his mask was around his chin.

Maskless pilot on Alaska Airlines Flight 2211.

Last week, Sen. Lora Reinbold was banned from Alaska Airlines flights over her refusal to wear her face mask properly. It’s unclear how long she will not be welcome as a passenger but Must Read Alaska sources say she has been banned for 30 days.

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The citizen reporter, who asked to remain anonymous so she would not be banned from Alaska Airlines flights, commented, “Either masks work,  or masks are just a power grab from the corporate elite and CDC.  This video proves that it is nothing but a power grab.”


  1. I bet that flight attendant is fed up and planning to quit, so this is her middle finger on the way out.

  2. Never heard about policy to put masks on between bites on Ak Air. I’ve been on 2 RT flights this year and while a few people masked between sips of drinks, everyone eating kept masks off until they were done eating.

  3. It is NOT a federal law. It is a mandate set by executive action. No law was passed through the legislative branches.

  4. History will prove that “masks” were never: useful, necessary, and.or effective. Unless of course, the intent was to actually manipulate people (ie – using fear tactics) to ensure compliance with commandments for thee and not me, ultimately conditioning people into sheep, for greater evil doings by this administration.
    Its long past due to ditch the mandates and masks so as to get on with living a normal life of individual freedom and prosperity.

  5. Alaska Airlines has turned into a piece of garbage for the radical Left. I will not ever buy another ticket for myself or my family.

  6. No wonder Brad (AK air CEO) retired this year. Who could stomach doing this horse$!€₩ to their employees and passengers?

  7. All the corporate entities are playing this game, especially the big box stores. To be fair, this is almost certainly fear of government and their corporate legal staff that keeps them playing the mask game. More, it is also almost certain that the mask game is the weapon being used to force vaccine acceptance, which is Dr. Faucistein’s wet dream. We can expect this struggle to continue through the Biden administration’s tenure.

  8. I would be supporting them 100% of the way!!

    When all this started, in June of last year I flew home from TX. I was brutally harassed by a fellow passenger for not wearing a mask in . The flight attendants took my side. During the event, the attendants expressed how badly they need our help!! A lot of them do not like what AK Air has become.

  9. Did the citizen reporter ask the pilot and flight attendant to put their masks on as required or just take sneaky snap shots with their cell phone knowing they were going to play the part of the tattle tale?

    • Oh wahhh, Democrats pull this crap on a daily basis, it’s about time the tables were turned for a change. Liberals are such hypocrites.

  10. Good for them. More and more studies show that masking-anything short of N-95 industrial- is useless and actually harmful in many cases. There is a rumor that Hilcorp is being sued over masks harming employees. I’m waiting for that, then maybe do the same to Alaska Airlines.

  11. The double-edged sword of mini computers with cameras in our pockets. No one would have believed this tidbit of great news. Face diapers have been proven to not work; they’re only meant to control. Time to stop the insanity.

  12. Thank you to Suzanne and to this anonymous citizen reporter for posting picture/video proof of what we all know……..that the mask nazis are hypocrites who, like the rest of us, know that masks do not work and are just engaging asinine virtue signaling, and using masks as a means to amass power and control over people who are simply trying to go about their lives.
    And to all those who keep saying that Lora Reinbold should stop with the grandstanding and just shut up, submit, and go to work in Juneau like a good little sheep, I say to you that Lora is not the problem.
    She seems to be the only one standing up for your liberty and freedom.
    The problem is all the rest of our elected officials who refuse to join in with her in the fight preserve our liberty and freedom, but instead are only in Juneau to play and party on our dime and time, and only show up for work to vote for more bills that usurp our freedoms, place us under ever tightening restrictions, and slurp more and more of our hard earned money, thinking that all of our money is actually theirs….

  13. Imagine. Rules for thee, not me.

    Yet so many people, including several who should know better, cling to the mask myth like Linus to his blanket

  14. Any critical thinker is well aware of the idiocy that would argue a piece of cloth can stop covid virus.

  15. Interesting. Just flew from Phoenix this weekend. All the announcements, all the focus is on these ridiculous costume “masks”. Yet now we find, that they themselves, the all mighty Alaska Scarelines are hypocrites. Time to stop this moronic game and put an end to masks and social distancing. Give me a break.. Have you been to the Seattle Airport lately? Social distancing within the C and D gates are a joke! The only place i don a mask anymore, is the airport and plane. Period. It’s over and the American people have had enough. Alaska Airlines, drop your ridiculous mandates and get over yourself. Even your own people are wise to the game!

  16. Good for you Karen
    Standing with the passengers, against this woke bull crap.
    Yes she’s probably going to lose her job. But another proud Alaskan, choosing Freedom.

  17. Make them pay. (AA) Only thing they understand. Remember AA is not an Alaskan owned company. By kicking a Republican senator off they are demonstrating their ability to effect legislation. Plus costing the state additional travel expenses. SUE them Senator into the stone age.

  18. Flight attendants are allowed to do the safety demo without a mask in order to show how to properly use the oxygen masks in the event of an emergency. Her mask was back on after the demo but they didn’t record that part, of course.

  19. Alaska Airlines used to be God fearing with references to scripture on their napkins
    Reprobates hiding in their delusions need to go bankrupt and fill their coffins with masks

  20. I actually would applaud the flight attendant and the pilot. We need more of them. We need more people ignoring this BS.

  21. Alaska Airlines pilots are not required to wear a mask in the cockpit, as it would provide impediment to donning oxygen mask in an emergency. Gosh I hate the liberals too but no wonder our news site gets trashed as “peddling bull” when we’re posting things from “citizen reporters” that don’t even have the slightest modicum of research or fact check to back it up.

    • They were still on the ground so according to the rules he needs to wear his mask. If they are going to force their customers to wear them they should have to wear them as well.

  22. Obviously, the general public with the ability to actually think are of one mind in how ridiculous all this masking and distancing is. Sadly, corporate leadership is lacking in meeting the needs and desires of customers and catering to fear mongering and leftist ideology. Hopefully, this hits them all in the place we can actually make a statement–the bottom line $$$.

  23. ROB B, every day more information comes that not only do masks do nothing to protect, that they actually cause harm-mask mouth, maskne, phthalates (permanent reproductive damage for men). The newest studies are out of MIT and Stanford. I heard, but have not verified, that a lawsuit is being brought in Anchorage over bad health effects of the standard masks. If true, and those are pushed by everyone including Alaska Airlines, this opens a Pandora’s Box for lawyers.

  24. This video just made every liberal run and duck for cover looking for any Excuse to excuse this one hahahaha

  25. That is what they did when I was on the flight in may of 2020 when covid was at its worst. I’ll never fly on them again. Not only because they’re hypocrites and hail from Washington State, but because they dropped sponsorship for the Iditarod. I’ll spend my money elsewhere with competitors.

  26. Not surprising that more “peasants” are seeing through the stupidity of the mask mandates, especially after pictures of maskless “elites” such as John Kerry are all over the internet.

  27. Vitriol from harborguy incoming…. something about antivaxers and Trump being the cause of all of this, also some quip about how uneducated we all are and how Sen. Reinbold should just shut up and do what she’s told. Greg R will echo.

  28. To Morrigan: Thank you, and all systems go in plagiarizing, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery…..

  29. Hunter,
    And here I thought some of us were better than liberals. Seriously, if showing their faces and literally unmasking people that may or may not agree with you is the best the anti-maskers can do and getting people fired from their jobs then you are a part of cancel culture. You are the liberal. You are, in short, a part of the problem.

  30. Those of you who are posting saying it’s about time that lefties got a taste of their own medicine are only serving to drag the right down further. While we do need to demonstrate, at times, the hypocrisy of COVID rules, this effort was completely misdirected and only serves to send us down the slippery slope of reduced liberties. If you are playing the game to get your way, you are part of the problem, period. We need more trust and less fear, and this erodes both of those things.

    Understand that the problem right now is that logically speaking if an authority mandates you to wear the mask, your resistance could be met with the force of police, the law, and degradation for having such a rough encounter. The indication here is that even small actions such as defying the mask is seen as revolt to the powers that be, and that our regime has completely turned from a free republic to an oligarchy, that is, unelected rule by a few elite people.

  31. To the ‘citizen reporter’: Your acts are despicable!
    Turning in your neighbors – a taste of things to come. Today it’s masks, tomorrow it’s guns and religion. An eerie reminder of practices in socialist and fascist countries. You would fit in well. A spy on every block.

  32. When performing the safety demonstration, flight crews do not need to wear masks.

    Just get on the plane, sit down and mind your business. “Anonymous” observationist sure didn’t care about the anonymity of this flight attendants personal business or life.

  33. Must Read Alaska needs to look into the facts. Did you research if it was ok for Flights to be mask less during the demo? hmmm….. I hope once you find out the answer to this, that you correct this article and set the record right. Posting this video without all of the details was in very poor taste

  34. @Bryan. Agree, COVID-19 knows not to leap from their mouths as they perform their safety talk……. #satire

  35. Bryan……
    Yes Bryan because the virus knows to stop spreading when things are essential, people eat, and flight attendants need to give instructions. What a joke.
    The whole point missed here on some, is that people are banned from flying on Seattle Airlines for not constantly masking while members of Seattle Airlines do the opposite and face masks don’t work.

  36. Troll Toll: You lump Harborguy and Greg R together just like I do. They’re clones of each other.

  37. @Eric Blair, @ZIP – but if you’re vaccinated then what’s the problem? See the correlation?

    If you’re that scared too fly, or be in public, or live life – stay home – don’t fly. It’s that easy.

  38. That’s a Horizon Airline regional jet.

    Pilots are not required to wear a mask on the flight deck.

    Don’t know for sure, but the flight attendant may have been demonstrating the oxygen mask and had removed the face diaper for that?

  39. Who are the majority shareholders of most of these corporations that are enforcing these peasant-control measures on us? At the bottom you will find Vanguard and Blackrock. Tyranny by holding company. This gives the oligarch class, the ones who wish for the return of feudalism and aristocracy, the secrecy they need to carry on this nonsense war against us all.

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