Chris Tuck adds endorsement for mayor: Alaska Democratic Party


Anchorage mayoral candidate Chris Tuck has cinched another prize endorsement — the Alaska Democratic Party.

While Tuck’s main rival on the left is Suzanne LaFrance, she is not a registered member of the party, and therefore will have to forego the endorsement.

Tuck, a Democrat who retired from the Alaska State House in January, has a substantial list of leftists supporting him for mayor. His campaign kickoff fundraiser included heavyweight names in the Democratic apparatchik, like Tom Begich, Les Gara, Berta Gardner, Cliff Groh, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Andy Josephson, Loki Tobin she/her, Bill Wielechowski, Pat and Patti Higgins.

As much as the LaFrance camp is trying to savage his reputation in the media, Tuck is actually stacking up a bigger list of supporters.

LaFrance, running to the left of Tuck, also has several big-name Democrats or Democrat surrogates behind her, including hardliners Scott Kendall, Forrest Dunbar, Zack Fields, Alyse Galvin, Andrew Gray, Cliff Groh (also on Tuck’s list), Donna Mears, Calvin Schrage, Anna Brawley, Karen Bronga, Chris Constant, Kameron Perez-Verdia, Felix Rivera, Daniel Volland, Meg Zaletel, Margo Bellamy, Andy Holleman, Kelly Lessens, and Mike Edgington, to name a few.

Mayor Dave Bronson, who is holding a big fundraiser for his reelection campaign next week, came in with an impressive list for his campaign, including Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Sen. Dan Sullivan, Kelly and Niki Tshibaka, and Ann Young:


  1. bronsons got to much baggage and most people seem to have forgiven or forgotten the Lafrance backed and cosigned authoritarian policies of 2020-2022 so its gonna be a tossup between lafrance or tuck

    • And you think Tuck doesn’t have baggage? LOL. He is a nice man but a liberal Democrat and big union man. I assure you the last thing the city needs is a stronger union. They own this city now. I assure you it will not be a toss up between Tuck and LaFrance. They may be disappointments in the Mayor like any other politician elected but one damn thing he does not have behind his name is Democrat or Progressive.

      • Yeah tuck compares himself to FDR that alone should get him put on the slow boat back to Cali or wherever he came from. You seem to forget though that just this winter Bronson couldn’t get the plows out normies remember that stuff that will wipe out centrist support. Thinking that government has the answer to the homeless problem in this town and continuous endless spending on the issue brings bronson and people like zaletel and lafrench completely inline with one another which demotivates his base. Those 2 facts alone IMO make it a toss up for latuck. (Just combined them cause they’re basically the same)I prefer Bronson over LaTuck but I just don’t see it happening over Bronson I prefer appointing a cute Dog as mayor for publicity like they do in small towns from time to time then disband the assembly and hire a city manager or two with three or four independent auditors to watch the managers and each other.

  2. Looks to me like the Democrats are settling up with Tuck, who backed off running for his House Seat after an uber Bolshevik , a fellow named Josephson and Tuck were cast into the same district. Tuck you may recall carried the water for the Democrats a couple years back as he did his best to channel Tomas de Torquemada the Grand Inquisitor of the State House, wrenching David Eastman on the Rack while others beat the soles of Eastman’s feet with rolled up copies of the 14th amendment, in an attempt to get Eastman to renounce his Oath Keeping heresy.

    One has the feeling that the gangster left, including Maoist, Stalinistas’s and the modern DNC are always on the same page as it were, especially in the post Obama era. However what if these groups are actually now in a power struggle and in conflict with each other? It may sound far fetched but maybe, just maybe the Democrats are a little scared that the agenda of transgenderism, the proliferation of Industrial Homelessness and the like have become a liability for them at the next mail in balloting event?
    Accordingly, Democrats have read the Tea Leaves and chosen Tuck.

    Gang Wars are healthy to society because they invariably reduce the number of gangsters, we remain hopeful.

  3. European dictators are against American liberties and rights. SO ARE DEMOCRATS AND RINOS. Choose wisely if possible.

  4. Scott Kendall and his inner circle are leading the charge for LaFrance. That tells you all you need to know about the danger of electing her. Of course, these same people badmouth the ADP while using it as a flag of convenience when it suits their purposes.

    • LaFrance is a puppet for Chris Constant, not unlike how Biden is O’Bama’s puppet. Remember her as Assembly Chair? Every time something came up that she didn’t have an immediate answer for, she turned to Constant for guidance. Elect LaFrance and you end up with Constant running the show, and we all know how well that’s gone so far.

      The other claim to fame was her hostility toward angry business owners during the Assembly’s lockdown and masking. She participated in the destruction of more small businesses here in ANC just like Ethan and Ann Zinc.

      Finally, she was quick to manipulate the schedule of events at the Assembly to ensure they heard nothing but agreement from those trying to testify. She claimed to be upset at the hostility of citizens aimed at the Assembly. Of course, if you don’t want those who testify to be angry with you, you might want to try not intentionally angering them with idiotic policies, something that didn’t (and still doesn’t) occur to her majority. Cheers –

      • Reminds me of when we elected Mayor Bronson, we actually had Amy D. We all know how that turned out. Thanks Alex!

        • Something to consider here. Holding politician’s up on a pedestal (either party) as some paragon of humanity is what has gotten us into this mess. Wanna change the world? Do it yourself.
          Wanna be a slave? Elect politicians.

  5. Will he have Bryce with him as campaign manager. He was good at what he did to get Bronson elected over a blue city. I thinking if Bryce wasn’t there first time Bronson may had come up just a little short, and Dunbar would be mayor.

  6. Democrats are the first to tell you that municipal elections are non-partisan. Therefore, the Anchorage mayor’s race is not about Democrats v. Republicans. Biggest BS statement going. It’s ALL about partisan politics. The fact that LaFrance is running as an Independent should signal to even low information voters that she is the radical left-wing Democrat candidate. Fortunately, even in Anchorage there still aren’t enough radical left-wing Democrats to not split the vote. Welcome to your second term, Mayor Bronson.

  7. It’s a tiny… tiny… extremely small tribe of individuals that control both parties. They’ve already decided who the candidates are going to be and basically pre determined the outcome with their outsized domination of media and political funding. If I were to name this group… or their contributions to the nameplate on the statue of liberty… or their funding of both sides of world war 2… or their demand for the immigration and nationality act of 1964… or 99.9% of the funding for school gayness and transgender stuff…my post would be blocked.
    Funny how that works

  8. I have to support Bronson. But he needs to drive around Anchorage and see how bad our street maintenance has become. Worst snow removal last year I have witnessed in my 60 plus years here. You have roads closed for weeks with no concern for how many cars are backed up and closed lanes with nothing happening. Downtown is ugly, he should quit fighting the liberals in assembly and just get things done. Drive around and look.

    • Jimbo- Bronson’s first time supporters must stay unified behind him. No nitpicking at the minor problems. this city isn’t at the conservative ideal place for a good mayor like Bronson to soar.

      • Not nitpicking. He’s a great conservative but. He’s the boss of all the city contractors and workers. He could do a much better job. Mystrom and Fink ran to the day to day operations a lot better. I’ll still support him. I could manage the road maintenance better than whoever he has now.

  9. Just what we need another power hungry know it all liberal who couldn’t run a popcorn stand. We need some non politicians or lawyers to vote for.

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