Chasing fame: At the Oscars, Alaska’s super model on red carpet


It’s not often Alaskans can spot a fellow Alaskan at the Oscars. Quannah Chasinghorse was in attendance at the 96th Academy Awards on Sunday, wearing a red gown from the Red Berry Woman couture design house, a Native American-owned company that blends Native styles with other styles.

For those who missed the red carpet event, Red Berry Woman posted photos of D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai of “Reservation Dogs” and Chasinghorse, described by the design house as a model and actress. She is the daughter of Jody Potts, who thanked Vogue and Allure magazines for rocketing her daughter to the top of the “best beauty looks from the Oscars.”

Chasinghorse, who is also known as Q, “works with the most amazing artists for hair and makeup in the industry! Paula Perlta is creative hair design for Paul Mitchell, of which Q is a global ambassador,” her mother wrote on Facebook. “Q loves working with Katy Denno for makeup. Katey who always has the best most natural products, which works best with Q’s natural skin. At this point after working with both Katey and Paula several times now, they both know what Q likes and how to best work with her lovely features. Its so fun to see what they come up with!”

Born in Tuba City, Arizona, Chasinghorse is part Han Gwich’in on her mother’s side and Sicangu-Oglala Lakota from South Dakota on her father’s side. She moved to Alaska when she was six and started identifying with her mother’s tribe and politics. She lived in Kenny Lake and Fairbanks and is a climate change activist and model. On her Oscars gown she wore a “cease fire” red pin, a popular accessory at the Oscars on Sunday.


    • You can see the hatred in her eyes. She must know that Jewish Americans helped build Hollywood. Based on the pin, she probably resents this fact.

      • She’s come a long way since Byron Mallott was grooming her for his own pleasure. Of course she looks mean and angry. Wouldn’t you be too if a grand-daddy aged Lt. Governor serving under a lefty White governor was trying to get into your undies when you were underage? Child abuse leads to depression, hate and anger. Bill Walker’s guilt lies deep for choosing Mallott as his kindred soul and political partner.
        We are praying for you, Ms. Chasinghorse.

  1. There is an unusually large number of grammatical mistakes in the Red Berry Woman posting. But I am happy the young woman is finding success and apparently is not being held back by whatever negative experiences she had at the 2018 AFN Convention. Alaska has always been a place for people to reinvent themselves.

  2. Award shows in general are not my cup of tea, however what a gorgeous gown and it suits her so well. I am glad to see she is successful in her modeling endeavor and receiving recognition via an invitation to this event. Good for her!

  3. I saw that exact same dress at the grocery store! Truly representative! Hahaha….the things people wear to parade around in at these ridiculous events. Probably cost more than a new car. A good example of how out of touch our entertainment elites really are. How about that John Cena though? He went all natural…maybe it was a money saving move. Or maybe he’s trying to reinvigorate his tough guy reputation after crawling on his belly to beg forgiveness from his CCP masters after committing the nearly unpardonable sin of referring to Taiwan as a country. That had to be embarrassing for him but a paycheck is a paycheck, right?

  4. She wore a red hand pin. That pin harkens back to the murder of two Israelis by Palestinians in 2000. Shame on her for supporting one indigenous population over another. This is not her fight.

    • Agree – so sad to see indigenous peoples align with Hamas. Woke “Influencers” like Quannah think that because Hamas has branded themselves as “indigenous” there is a kinship there. Funny enough, Jewish people are more closely related linguistically and genetically to Palestinians than anyone else.

      Quannah is influenced by orgs like Native Mvmt and her self-hating Jewish “auntie” who was born in a settlement in the West Bank but raised in Alaska by her Native mother. What a privilege it must be for her auntie to be able to hate Israel from so far away.

      History will not look kindly upon these leftist clowns who ironically support rape as resistance, especially given the high rates of violence against Native women. Or, is that what they’re conditioned to? Do they want to be Jihads too? Some real reflection needs to be had. The West is Next.

  5. “……..She moved to Alaska when she was six and started identifying with her mother’s tribe and politics………”
    I moved to Alaska when I was 18 and have recently identified as the President of the United States after a long career as a public servant. Please schedule my flight to the White House on Air Force One with my staff. I need to rescue the United States.

  6. It’s nice to see Alaskans at the Oscars. The dress, however, should have been altered to better fit the model. The length is a safety hazard. A small tuck in the back or on the sides could enhance her figure.

    • No. Byron Mallott was the reason. She was just an innocent child in the entire matter. Shame on Bill Walker for not screening his political partner. Alaskans got rid of Bill Walker forever in 2022. Good riddance!

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