Charlie Pierce wins endorsement from District 8 (formerly 29) Republicans


Wayne Ogle, chair of the Alaska Republican Party District 8 (formerly 29), announced that Kenai district has endorsed Charlie Pierce as a Republican candidate for governor of Alaska. The endorsement received unanimous approval at a recent District 8 meeting.

“I thank Wayne and the District 8 members for their support and look forward to serving as governor of Alaska for them and all Alaskans. I will serve Alaska by putting Alaskans First and governing with Results not Rhetoric,” Pierce said.

The Alaska Republican Party has endorsed Gov. Mike Dunleavy, but such an endorsement is not exclusive. District 8 represents a section of the Kenai Peninsula, where Pierce has been borough mayor since 2017.


  1. Thank you! Finally some Republicans are remembering who they are, and rejecting the tyranny of child abusing RINOs. Make sure to leave Dunleavy off of the rank choice though, because otherwise Dominion will reallocate your vote to him

      • When losing at almost every turn, at some point one has to cut one’s losses and pursue a different strategy. Dunleavy has been a near-disaster for Alaska, and I for one cannot endorse his continued and consistent failings.

      • No, I’m not voting for a democrat either. I just don’t want my vote to be reallocated to the disastrous incumbent

      • If they’re going to cheat, then voting or not voting will make no difference. The counting process for RCV is opaque enough, they can come up with any result they like and “justify” it.

  2. Thank you Mayor Pierce for giving Alaskans a choice to put Alaskans First instead of partisan rhetoric.
    You have my vote!

  3. This announcement by District 29 is not a huge surprise. (APOC donation records) Wayne Ogle’s “wife” supported James Baisden (not a Republican at the time) against endorsed Republican Ron Gilham. Baisden was Charlie Peirce’s Chief of Staff at the time of Ogle’s “wife’s” support for Baisden. Charlie Peirce supported Baisden over Gilham as well. Senate President, Republic Peter Micciche’s “wife,” also supported Baisden against Gilham, as did House Rep. Republican Ben Carpenter’s “wife.” Micciche also served as the MC for Baisden’s fundraiser. Clearly party rules don’t apply to these folks. For those who are taking notes, If Dunleavy can’t keep his seat Peirce will be the clean-up batter.

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