Census factoids III: Hispanics were the winners for population growth, at 23%


While Americans who identified themselves as “White alone” decreased as a percent of the population since 2010, Hispanics and other races and race combinations grew.

Some statistics release by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday:

  • The White population remained the largest race or ethnicity group in the United States, with 204.3 million people identifying as White alone.
  • Overall, 235.4 million people reported White alone or in combination with another group.
  • The White alone population decreased by 8.6% since 2010.
  • The Two or More Races population (also referred to as the Multiracial population) has changed considerably since 2010.
  • The Multiracial population was 9 million people in 2010 and is now 33.8 million people in 2020, a 276% increase.
  • The “in combination” multiracial populations for all race groups accounted for most of the overall changes in each racial category.
  • All of the race alone or in combination groups experienced increases.
  • The Some Other Race alone or in combination group (49.9 million) increased 129%, surpassing the Black or African American population (46.9 million) as the second-largest race alone or in combination group.
  • The next largest racial populations were the Asian alone or in combination group (24 million).
  • American Indian and Alaska Native alone or in combination group was 9.7 million, and the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone or in combination group was 1.6 million.
  • The Hispanic or Latino population, which includes people of any race, was 62.1 million in 2020. The Hispanic or Latino population grew 23%, while the population that was not of Hispanic or Latino origin grew 4.3% since 2010.

“It is important to note that these data comparisons between the 2020 Census and 2010 Census race data should be made with caution, taking into account the improvements we have made to the Hispanic origin and race questions and the ways we code what people tell us,” the Census Bureau said.

Other results

Alaskans identifying as White alone are now at 59.4%, compared with 66.7% in the 2010 Census.

Alaska is the 12th most diverse state in the country, at 62.8 percent on the governments complicated “diversity index.” The index measures the probability that two people chosen at random will be from different race and ethnicity groups.

Maine is the least diverse state, at 18.5 percent on the diversity index.

California is now an Hispanic-majority state, as more than 39 percent of Californians identified as Hispanic or Latino White-not-Hispanic makes up 35 percent of the 40 million Californians.

Hawaii is the most diverse state, followed by California.

Phoenix, Arizona’s population grew from 1.4 million people in 2010 to 1.6 million in 2020, a rate of 11.2 percent, according to the Census Bureau; it is the fastest rate of growth among America’s largest cities, making Phoenix now the fifth-largest city int he U.S., surpassing Philadelphia in that slot.

The Villages, Florida, a master planned community, was the fastest-growing “metropolitan area” over the last decade, according to the Census Bureau. It went from 93,000 residents in 2010 to about 130,000 since 2010.


  1. Biden warned the NAACP leaders that one day the black community will be reckoning with Hispanic instead of white people. Whatever he meant by that! I think that goes for Indigenous nations too, indigenous leaders will be going through the Hispanic community to get what Native people demand.

  2. Maybe white people need to make more babies. Where are all their babies going? Planned Parenthood abortion services ? Birth control infertility? Too many White homosexuals? Waiting too long for family-being too picky finding a mate? Or maybe too many break-ups and divorces before the couple can get passed two pregnancies?
    Joe and Rose Kennedy had like 11 white children. That was the day! when White couple had big families.

  3. I ask again: who is Hispanic? I spent time looking far an answer and conclude the following: anyone is Hispanic if they say they are. There is no definitive definition, just like race. My ancestry goes to Spain, therefore, if I opted, I could declare myself Hispanic. It also goes to Europe, Asia and Africa, so there!
    And what about Latinos? Are they Latino, Hispanic, or Native Americans?
    Some only wish to divide us, pitting one self identity against another. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS (mostly, not counting the Neanderthal or Denisovan parts). And we are Americans. No further division need be made.

  4. Let all those illegals in and the numbers are not at all surprising – then count them like they were citizens and they get proportional representation. Time for Alaska to secede from the Not-United Soviet States of California. Forgive my cynicism please – I like legal immigration. It’s the power-grabbing by illicit & illegal means that derives me nuts.

    • and the fact that we are forced to subsidize them as the fraud in Dc opens the southern border and ships them all over the USA…..we get locked down.
      the hypocrisy is nothing less than full on insanity.

  5. Honestly, a decade ago, I knew Hispanics and such were on the uprise in the U.S. and I think my only hopes were that they assimilated Is all. Come to find out a huge population of 2nd and even first generation legal immigrants are some of the most patriotic.

    • Indeed. As assimilation takes over, the affiliation with “hispanic” dissappates. This happened with the Irish, Italian, and German demographics. They were all at one time not considered “white” until they were.

  6. May I say also, many of the Laotians and Cambodians in Alaska have a history of serving America during Vietnam.

  7. If you go to any Walmart in Anchorage, you won’t find white people anymore. Clinton argued for China to enter into global trade back in 2001. 85% of products sold out of Walmart are from China. Now We’re getting bullied out of Afghanistan by China. Their desire for rare earth minerals

    • Mick — Someone must have seen YOU there. And there’s no way China can deal with the Taliban when the only experience they have with Muslims is persecuting, jailing and murdering their own innocent, unarmed Uyghur citizens.

  8. I once looked up the 1910 census for Alaska. I recall that it was a very through report which included the country of origin for every immigrant living in Alaska. As I recall, people of Norwegian decent were the biggest segment represented. Demographics have changed apparently as has listing of different groups from country of origin to some less understandable nomenclature like White or Latino. BTW, are people from such different places as say Montenegro or Ireland also considered White? Just curious…

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  11. No confirmed number on the ethnicity of people here illegally, but my bet is that they’re at least 85% Hispanic, and they won’t be going home any time soon.

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