CDC pushes LGBTQ curriculum for schools



Just days after Christmas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention republished a “self-assessment tool” urging teachers, administrators, school health staff, and others to become an “awesome ally” by advocating for LGBTQ causes in school.

The document cites multiple LGBT activist groups, including a division of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The CDC did not respond to The Daily Signal’s request for comment about the document, which it originally published in October 2020.

“School administrators: Our LGBTQ inclusivity self-assessment tool can help you quickly gauge inclusivity at your school,” the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health posted on Twitter on Tuesday. “See your score today and learn ways to increase inclusivity.”

The document, “LGBTQ Inclusivity in Schools: A Self-Assessment Tool,” appears on the CDC’s youth website in a section “For Schools” and under the drop-down “Tools for Supporting LGBTQ Youth.”

“Schools play a critical role in supporting the health and academic development of all youth, including the success of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth,” the document states. “Creating and sustaining inclusive school environments, policies, programs, and practices that include LGBTQ youth is one strategy for improving the health and academic success of all youth.”

The document notes that it includes resources from non-governmental organizations “focused on improving school inclusivity” and that the resources do not represent the CDC’s official opinion. The document further notes that the self-assessment tool is optional, not required, but it touts the document as “a focused, reasonable, and user-friendly approach to identify strategies to increase LGBTQ inclusivity in schools.”

The tool includes four assessments, one each for all users, administrators, educators, and school health services staff. The tool includes three scores: “Commit to Change,” “Beginning to Break Through,” and “Awesome Ally.”

The general self-assessment encourages education leaders to adopt certain mindsets, such as “I cannot assume a student’s gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation,” and urges them to adopt “inclusive” terminology, such as “using individuals’ chosen names/pronouns” and rejecting terms like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” for “neutral terms” like “partner.” 

It also encourages leaders to “advocate for LGBTQ inclusive and affirming materials in all school and classroom environments” and to participate in the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. 

This section also lists resources from activist groups such as GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, and PFLAG, along with the infamous “Gender Unicorn” graphic presenting biological sex as inherently different from gender identity.

The next section encourages administrators to alter their school health policies to include explicit anti-bullying and nondiscrimination policies for LGBTQ students, to allow “students to use the bathroom/locker room which aligns to their chosen gender,” to allow students to alter their paperwork “to present their chosen name and pronouns, rather than their legal name,” and to allow students “access to age-appropriate LGBTQ content and information.” It also encourages administrators to let teachers “develop LGBTQ inclusive curricula” and to support teachers attending LGBTQ trainings.The document also encourages

The document encourages educators to put up “visual labels” such as “rainbow flags, pink triangles, unisex bathroom signs” marking a classroom as “a safe space for LGBTQ students.” It urges them to teach with “LGBTQ inclusive” content and to attend LGBT trainings. 

The document also urges teachers to “describe anatomy and physiology separate from gender (e.g., ‘a body with a penis’ and ‘a body with a vagina’).”

Finally, the document urges health services staff to set up “visual labels” to demonstrate support for LGBT causes in the school’s clinic, to offer intake forms with separate sections for “gender identity and sex at birth,” to use students’ chosen names and pronouns, to offer “LGBTQ-specific health pamphlets” at the school clinic, to “describe anatomy and physiology separate from gender,” and to attend LGBT trainings.

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    • Yep – back in 1971, as a youngster, I worked a year or so for the Arctic Health Research Center office in Anchorage as a secretary – forbid the title because it later became “sexist”. I typed the research papers and medical journal articles for a statistician, three MDs, and support staff, who studied the health issues of the indigenous folks of this great state. That office was absorbed by the CDC, and I moved on in my 45-year career. Never saw this BS coming as a happily married heterosexual 25-year old. SNORT!

    • This is so disgusting. Pushing sexual degeneracy. Instead of trying to prevent sexual mental illnesses, they are actually encouraging them with their LGBTQFP agenda. It’s all in an effort to destroy Western Civilization.

    • Honesty requires me to admit I bit on this line myself. 25 years ago I was dumb enough to think all the “gay community” wanted was access to the same legal protections of marriage the rest of us had.

      Didn’t see the harm in that.

      It may be what the average gay couple still wants, but it has opened doors I never thought possible in America.

      Currently many of the same voices are now pushing polyamory, pedophilia, and other such fun things.

      Maybe our society deserves to fall.

      • Yes, maybe our society does deserve to fall….How sad is that from the times we grew up in. Just makes me want to cry.

    • Indeed, Colonel, all those pushing this sort of institutionalized perversion and celebration of dysfunctional abnormality are in fact hateful — hateful of everything that is normal, good and healthy.

    • Definitely triggered – label me if you want… I’ll admit to a past where I believed tolerance was a good thing that needed promotion (the tolerance that is) – but that isn’t enough, the agenda says we must celebrate and promote, which I believe to be a terrible idea. Don’t force it on me or the world please.
      The CDC just wants to stop the diseases… do it safely! Do they teach that abstinence until marriage then faithfulness after prevents ALL of those diseases?

  1. This Garbage is so completely ridiculous, we really do have some sick and disturbed people in The CDC and numerous other Government institutions and agencies . This is a clear attempt to confuse and indoctrinate the children at their most vulnerable times in life. There should be zero tolerance for this form of child abuse taking place in schools or any other place. This appears to be their goal to destroy any normalcy in society and create dysfunction and chaos for kids. Pathetic beyond comprehension!

  2. This is our government and they are shoveling this in our face with all the other woke BS. Look how it has turned out for Hollywood.

  3. So since the CDC is stepping in here and declaring that the LGBTQIA123XYZ agenda is within their purview, can I take that as an admission from the CDC that the LGBTQIA123XYZ agenda is in fact a disease?

  4. The lgbtq insanity is a psychogenic cult. I would be taking my kids out of the public school so fast their little heads would spin. The public school system has been the primary tool to destroy our culture, and sorry, I do not care how Godly, or conservative, a teacher may be, they are making zero difference. I have a teaching degree. I graduated with honors and taught for almost two years when my eyes were opened to a number of things including the NEA. That was in the 80’s. I went on to a completely different career and then left that to homeschool our kids and help run our business. Any conservative in the classroom that thinks they are making a difference is fooling themselves. The PS system needs to collapse. The federal department of education needs to be abolished and education returned solely to states, and parents. Until that happens, please do not sacrifice your children to that evil alter.

    • Elizabeth, I agree, the NEA has complete control over the Public School System, it is irredeemable.

      Failure to remove your children or grandchilren will doom their future and also the future of our Nation.

      The stinking behemoth called Public Education will collapse eventually, but not before multiple generations of students are crushed. Save your progeny from an illiterate fate. Vote with your feet!

    • Not “helping”, Lucinda, but propagandizing, grooming, brainwashing them instead.
      And you are really OK with not just the forced teaching, but the forced celebration and lauding, of abnormality and perversion?

    • What’s wrong with focusing on the job they’re hired to do? As an employer I’d never look at a resume and see a reference to queer ambivalence (or preference) and think ‘ew yeah, let’s get this one’!

      Teachers are to do their best to make the next generation worthy of hire. That’s their sole task.

      • REAL GOOD THOUGHT…I sure wished there was such a thing, as hiring you for focusing on hiring for what you know…but unfortunately, they’d sue you from “here to eternity”, and bankrupt you til death.

        • The only way you’d subject yourself to backlash is if you blabbed about how you didn’t hire them because of their (beliefs / feelings / skin color / inclination toward social deviance, etc.). The truth is that every resume’ gets checked and in more ways than political correctness would allow for. Not supposed to hire based on age? Come on… how many of us really think that anyone reviewing resume’s doesn’t put your name into a search engine and immediately know far more about you than might ever fit on a resume’? Your name goes in CourtView and a ton of other spots and the reviewer knows it’s you they’re looking at instead of others with similar names by keeping track of DOB and age references.

          Every company has a Code of Ethics posted on their wall that they point to proudly.

          It doesn’t affect their behavior.

          Kids that go to school and learn nonsense about how everyone is supposed to like everyone are being shortchanged. No one will be hired for their acceptance of others in any for profit business.

          More importantly, when the school system objectively sucks as badly as ASD, should they be be gifted the opportunity to spend precious time on crap that won’t help the child be a productive member of society?

    • Sure, why not? Educate them. Teach them reading, science, math, history, etc., and leave the political and social agendas out of the classroom. That would be a start!

  5. So let me get this straight:
    A small minority of Americans, who prefer to make homosexuality, transexuality, and sexual perversion the hallmark of their lives, are now going to dictate to the rest of the country how we are going to conduct our lives and the lives of our children respective of the sexual norms of that small minority?
    I think not.
    The Pushback is about to get tough. Really tough.

    • Hope so! It seems to be a tsunami these days. I’m too old to be very effective – I truly hope and pray there are enough strong young people who can see the light through the fog. If there are, I’ll be there to support them as I can. Meanwhile, the schools promote this perverted agenda and forget teaching reading, math, and science.

  6. CDC, Center for Disease Confusion.
    After the Covid debacle this agency which lost it’s credibility, is now engaged in this.
    Go figure.

  7. I think the CDC director is not even in the country anymore. Perhaps in Belgium? Taking orders from a monarchy? Something wrong with this.

  8. My sons are young men, not “bodies with penises”. How dehumanizing and trivial can anyone possibly be?

    I’m proud to be a woman, married to a man. I’m proud to submit to him in all I do as unto the Lord. I’m glad I had boys, so they will become strong, confident, virile lovers of their wives as Christ loved the Church. No way I’m letting this sickening nonsense take them away from that purpose.

    Come and get me, hate mongers!

    • Dee Cee: it’s your life, your values. No one is stopping you from being subservient to your husband. Perhaps extend that tolerance to others different from you.

        • Marla, stop being such a bigot!
          You know darn well it is actually the LGBTQIIAFLAKEPDQ123ABCXYZ agenda!
          By neglecting to include every single symbol of it, every time, you are automatically being exclusive and therefore racist.

      • Lucinda , nothings keeping the LGBT, or whatever today’s term is, from living their lives. If anything, they have extra rights over others as it is, but nothing is ever enough, they want to control society now!

        Most of us could really care less what grown adults do behind closed doors as long as they are decent people and not perverted or psychotics, but I’d say anyone who feels it’s just fine to force their life style upon others draws the line, all of this sick and perverted type of over reach does in the end is widen the gap that will always exist in this conversation!

        There was never a problem until people started glorifying and promoting these alternative lifestyles . Now they want to change anything that’s considered normal to abnormal, totally disgusting nonsense !

        • DM. How are gay people forcing their lifestyle on others? That they exist and have the same rights as you is not the same as force. We all deal with people who don’t believe the same things we do. We get by.

          • Lucinda, do you believe that the Feds have the right to force girls to share bathrooms and locker rooms with perverts or mentally deranged men?

            Do you ever wonder why this idiocy has been rammed down our throats?

            Could it be something more sinister afoot here?

  9. They ought to be “PUSHING” accurate information regarding the US Constitution so our children can articulate their literal rights and the origin of those rights. They CAN’T do it and neither usually can their parents. So there is room for this nonsense to weaken this republic which is our enemies’ goal. Enemies within and outside the US boundaries. The nation will be healthier when people know their rights and from where exactly they originate. It is the backbone of this nation. The CDC is a foreign registered corporation “agency” – certainly not my “agent” of any type that registered in the City of London has no right to take this nation over and any proponent of doing so I regard as a traitor.

  10. The definition of ciruculum is “course of study”. a self-assesment tool is not a cirruculum. A more correct title would be CDC pushes self-assessment tool for LGTBQ youth

    • Again with your usual deflection and focus on irrelevant minutia, Frank, instead of directing addressing the issue at hand. How typically radical leftist of you.

  11. Just want to remind you as you file for PFD this week, month, DON’T FORGET to remember that the COVENANT HOUSE HAS GONE WOK..they have changed their priorities…They support all this LGBT+x-x-x-, “MALARKY” DO NOT DONATE ANYPART OF YOUR PFD DONATIONS TO THE COVENATE HOUSE.UNLESS YOU BELIEVE IN ALL THIS MALARKY..

  12. The center for democrat control is at it again …. and again … nobody cares.
    If my firearm is a “public health crisis” then what should I defend my life with?
    Lazer vision? ??
    Damn rainbow mafia.

  13. The only way we are going to be effective is to address the root causes. Much of what is happening is energized by powerful evil demons in the spiritual realm, who control human beings, and guide their thinking. This is a scheme from hell to damn children and land them in hell. God is very jealous over this and He views such activities as having SEVERE consequences.

    God has been EXTREMELY patient, but time is starting to run down. Yes, I know that the anti-christ (meaning a person who looks exactly like Christ) is due to hit the world stage. But all moral people and especially Christians need to stand up and oppose this wickedness

    • Randall. Do you REALLY believe what you wrote? Seems a bit far fetched and certainly without evidence.

      Why would your god be jealous? Isn’t he omnipotent and omnicious ? Can’t he save the children from hell? If he can but doesn’t is he cruel? If he can’t is he who you think he is?

      • There was a zero point in attempting to debate faith with someone who has zero clue and less interest in getting one.

        Why not ask him when he stopped beating his wife? It’s got the same level of intellectual honesty.

  14. What I wouldn’t give for one day without the Bible Thumpers. Street corner preaching (and the on line equivalent here) don’t win hearts and minds.

    But it does harden them.

    • God softens and hardens hearts. The “preacher” don’t have that power. He can influence, he can’t change hearts
      as proverb 21:1-2 says, and if the hearer wants instruction and knowledge prov 23:12, because some peoples
      ‘cups are already full,’ as spoken in Avatar, ‘its hard to fill a cup once itsfull’ which was a good line from movie.

  15. He has saved them from pits of hell and collected them from abortions and cares for their souls and wipes away pain and tears. Sorry if that’s not good enough for you. He also says “Vengeance is mine. I will repay”.

  16. All western governments & NGO’s like the CDC are doubling down on forcing perversion, climate change and wokeism on mankind. The vaxx fear porn was an astounding success proving that human sheep could be controlled and herded into the slaughter pen. Every university is now woke and they are now working on our youth. My solution to keep your young ones from the perversion of the world was home school. Of course, most working parents refuse this solution for many reasons. Most will regret this decision when their children abandon them and never return.

  17. Lucinda, if you can’t see the obvious connection 95 percent of the people in this comment section can clearly see in the perverse and deviant nature of what these sickos in government our doing to the most vulnerable people in society( Our kids) that’s entirely on You, you obviously think it’s not a big deal .It’s basic common sense stuff , and you choose to either ignore this, Or you are part of it, what is it Lucinda. Like I clearly stated before. I could care less what people do behind closed doors as long as they’re decent people and are not perverted or morally corrupt . I personally would not leave my Dog or a kid with these sick people pushing all this garbage in schools and elsewhere. These people are mentally Ill and sick. keep your personal lives between you and whoever. The vast majority of people don’t want any part in a society that preys on anyone, especially children!.

      • Lucinda, why are you and your radical leftist bedfellows so concerned about forcing their own abnormal and dysfunctional lifestyles into our faces, and into our children’s education, and DEMANDING that we laud and celebrate their dysfunctional deviancy?

  18. Yes, Jefferson’s exactly right, Lucinda is obviously ok with exploiting children and using our educational system as a tool to normalize deviant and abnormal behavior, Lucinda seems to think there’s nothing wrong with child abuse in the public school systems. Let us keep in mind that This is a small group that seems hell bent on forcing people into compliance with their odd and disturbing self destructive lifestyles. As for Lucinda’s obsession with this conversation, it’s clear she lives by no moral standards. So my advise to Lucinda would be to just keep your private whatever behind closed doors, the vast majority of people don’t want to hear bout it, and we definitely don’t need people like you polluting children’s minds full of abnormal behavior!

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