Carmela Warfield announces she is a candidate for Alaska Republican Party chair


Carmela Warfield, currently an officer in the Alaska Republican Party as its Region 5 representative, has announced her intention to seek to lead the party when it elects a new chairperson at its statewide convention in Anchorage, April 19-21.

She already has the endorsement of the Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club, the Valley Republican Women of Alaska, the Anchorage Young Republicans, and Mat-Su Young Republicans, as well as many personal endorsements from around the state from those who will be attending the convention.

Warfield said, “In this critical time, we must strive to be, as President Reagan said, the shining city upon the hill. Our Party must be well-organized, professional, knowledgeable, and well-funded. Through our efforts, we will serve as an example to our communities and our fellow Republicans.”

Warfield has served in her Hillside Community Council in Anchorage and briefly filed a letter of intent to run for Anchorage Assembly in 2023, but withdrew.

Already announced for Alaska Republican Party chair is Nikki Rose and Mike Robbins, both of Anchorage.

The Alaska Republican Party has over 143,000 registered voters in what is is the largest political organization in the state.


  1. Whoever is the next chair, needs to realize that local elections in districts have value…. Fawning over the national scene is important on a large scale, but let’s have some focus on taking back our lost district seats. It isn’t one or the other. Gushing over senators and presidential races, while ignoring State House races have lost us a lot of representation which has had a lot more profound effect, neighborhood by neighborhood. That’s why I’ve walked away from the amount of support I had been providing to the state committee.

        • And Ron Paul and his supporters (I know, because I was one of them) also TRULY supported the AK GOP platform back in 2007/2008 (unlike most of the RINOs who currently constitute that party), and were greeted with gross hostility and extreme prejudice as a result.

          What say you to that, Rich?

          • Ron Paul has written some interesting articles. But his libertarian position is fundamentally flawed: Libertarians presuppose that humans are good by their basic nature, and left to themselves they will always gravitate to that good nature – so get government out of the way. This is why Libertarians say abortion is none of the governments’ business – if someone makes a mistake, they will suffer their own consequences. So who speaks for the baby? Human nature is sinful and selfish. This is why we need (more limited than today!), why we need government – to restrain the baser inclinations of man. There are many millions of murdered babies who (if they could) would attest to that. Ron Paul encouraged the birth of the Libertarian Party because he disagreed with the Republican Platform. He combined his penchant for personal autonomy with Pat Buchanan’s isolationism to form the Libertarian platform. I must disagree that Paul was in agreement with the entire GOP platform. The biggest problem with platforms and principles is that they run into pragmatism and changing opinion – and the American system of legislation that relies on compromise to get something done. If we start from the Right, we are seen to move Left and out come the RINO labels. Not so oddly, if you start from the Left you are seen to move Right and the critics howl, though the media and the left party structure bury it for the sake of unity and attacking Repubs “who just can’t seem to work together.” While they pull out alinsky and try to force a leftist dictatorship on us all… A dictatorship – of either the left or the right – is anathema to the American concept of freedom. The muddled middle is not capable of thinking about how to force a dictatorship. Even Ron Paul understood that we can’t reduce to no government at all – but he sought to minimize government, its power, and its intrusiveness, and its cost to both freedom and wallets.
            Am I defending rinos? Hardly. The more liberal-leaning members of the GOP drive me nuts. Vote ’em into extinction. What is needed is respectful civil discourse – but I don’t think our cultures are capable of making that the usual way of conducting business or even philosophy. Wishful thinking anyway.

    • I suppose that because your pseudonym sounds like the first democrat President that you sir, are a democrat? Let the lady speak for herself before you judge her. Having met all three of the current candidates for State Party Chair, I could accept any of them – though I would like to see them debate. I believe each has their strengths. Mike Robbins has my vote if I make it to Convention.

  2. If she couldn’t convince her fellow hillside south anchorage neighbors and using her hillside community council network to elect Rachel ries, what makes her think she’ll do better has AK Republican state chair?

  3. I think hers like everyone of hers and mine generations leadership needs work before taking on such a responsibility as AK Chair of the Alaska Republican Party

  4. Amazing how it’s the largest political organization in Alaska and the most feckless, useless, and impotent.

    Cue Richie and the sycophants.

    • Cue the a**holes’ reactionary, ignorant, bitter, attack. Ad Hominem comes out when the antgonist knows he has lost the argument. To start with Ad Hominem is to admit you are a loser – in your case one who cannot think, only attack.
      You’re entitled to make an ass of yourself – I’ll even support your freedom to speak it. But attempting to cancel others’ opinions, even by merely labeling or mocking, makes you out to be just another stupid libtard troll, who fears the truth and solutions to his bitterness – and even fears solutions to the things he is bitter about. Divide you must alinskyite, but stop whining when we speak truth against your foolishness. Your bitterness is why we lose.
      Another label ma**hole? I disagree with you frequently. I support and am active in the Republican Party. So I must somehow be shamed and labelled? I think ma**, sometimes even before I speak 😉 but sycophant of no one or group am I. To apply that label to me and those who agree with me is simply an ignorant lie. What is it you are trying to promote? Please, I’m baffled by your bitterness! Explain to all of us why you attack everything Republican. Make a case for your bulls**t. Write it well and it might get published – certainly by the msm and the dems!
      Now that I appear to be a prime target for your mocking, I’ll offer you a respectful deal: drop the labels and the “ie” and I’ll stop calling you an a**hole. No discussion can ever be constructive without mutual respect.

  5. That wig of hers is terribly unflattering and more’s the shame that nobody pulled her aside to help her understand how bad it really is.

  6. When I first learned of Carmela was during the last Anchoage Assembly Race. I heard about the way her and her husband bullied Rachel Reese to get out of an assemby race and when Rachel a Veteran, and single mom held her ground, not only did they not support her they actively worked against her. That behavior told me all I needed to know about this couple. Good job Carmela at keeping the a liberal Assembly in power and your Mayor hamstringed. Seemed to me to be the typical Republican on Republican violence that keeps the Democrats laughing at our party. Past behavior dictates future performance. No thank you.


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