Capitol crisis: 90 days for bad behavior


The Troubles have begun in Alaska — and are only going to get worse as the “Harvey Weinstein effect” reached the Capitol and a giant ball of blech is entangling the lives of current and former legislators, legislative aides, and lobbyists.

And it’s not even January. Women on the Left are motivated to shame men, especially men on the Right.

Anyone who has worked in the Legislature has seen all manner of boorish behavior, horseplay, bad-boy banter, and sexual advances over the years — on both sides of the aisle.

Several women staffers and former legislators tell Must Read Alaska that today’s behavior in Juneau is nothing compared to what it was like just a decade ago. “It would make your hair curl if I told you,” one confided.

And others wondered where the feminists were when President Bill Clinton came under fire for sexual misconduct, rape, and domestic violence. Back then, it was the leading feminists such as Gloria Steinem who discredited accusers and saved the Clinton presidency.

[Read The Atlantic Monthly: Bill Clinton: A reckoning?]

It’s not just Juneau. Many other state legislatures are melting down over the abuses of power.

Must Read Alaska predicts this is going to get ugly for a while. January will be awkward for a few in Juneau, and they do know who they are.

People will lose careers and reputations will be diminished. Marriages may be ruined. Some allegations may be true, while others may be half-true, false, savage, and politically motivated. Especially politically motivated.

Once the pin comes out of a grenade like this, shrapnel goes where it goes.

But as they say, “It’s an ill wind that doesn’t also blow some good.” Already some who are in peril have noticeably cleaned up their acts, and Must Read Alaska says this with authority.

What’s the latest? Retribution comes from the women’s locker room in the online tell-all writings and drawings of male genitalia with the faces of legislators and aides drawn on them.

It’s the work of a former legislative aide, Dani Bickford, on one of her social media sites. Bickford worked for various legislators, most recently Sen. Shelley Hughes of Palmer.

Now, she’s on a tear.

In her “pathological.wire” blog, Bickford names names (all Republican), but she avoids other names (Democrats). It is selective, and it is accusatory and it has been read by many in the Capitol by now.

Warning: Her social media postings are not safe for work, for kids, or to be viewed in front of your parents. There are lots of unverified allegations in this tell all.  (We link this only for the brave of heart who wish to see the source material for themselves.)

What’s next? Don’t believe everything you read or hear. It’s good to be skeptical, especially in politics. And even more especially in an election year. But do expect some men to be making public apologies soon, as the “Harvey Weinstein effect” plays out in unpredictable ways.


  1. I’ll bet that you think that the rapey culture in the National Guard was all just a ploy to get Walker elected too, doncha ?

    • Why didn’t Governor Walker and his attorney general do an investigation and follow up with charges? Why did the Anchorage School District prohibit ALL military recruiters, active duty included, from its schools? Guess what? The day after the general election the ASD lifted the prohibition. Former Superintendent Graff and the ASD school board need to be held accountable. There is not accountability from these officials. You may have called it correctly, “ploy”. Then again it may be true. We shall never know now.

  2. Things are way better than the days of Senator Jacko. Booze, coke and teenagers back then. And by the way, Jacko was a Democrat. But really girls … is this Alaska’s big issue? The budget is in the red by 2.5 billion, the economy is in the toilet, the governor wants to sell out Alaska to China, the cost of health and insurance is killing Alaska. I beg to differ, but there are bigger fish to fry. Remembering Jacko:

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