Cannabis Nation: Americans’ daily use of pot now exceeds daily use of alcohol


Americans are using more cannabis on a daily basis than they consume alcohol on a daily basis, according to a new study published in the journal Addiction. And the pot they are consuming is vastly more potent than what was available 30 years ago.

In 1992, only 8 million Americans reported using marijuana within the past month, in an overall population of 250 million, about 3.2%.

By 2022, the number using pot within the past month had ballooned to 42 million out of the population of 333.3 million Americans, for a total of 12.6% of the population using pot in the past month.

The study measured daily or near-daily use of marijuana between 2008 and 2022, since the first legalization in a state occurred in 2012 (Washington and Colorado). Between 2008 and 2022, daily or near-daily use of marijuana grew by 269%, as laws prohibiting use and sales of cannabis became more prevalent.

Even more striking is the surge in daily or near-daily use when compared to the daily use of alcohol. In the mid-1990s, only about one out of eight marijuana users said they consumed the pot daily or near-daily, comparable to the roughly one in 10 alcohol users.

Today, more than 40% of marijuana users report daily or near-daily consumption, higher than those who use alcohol on a daily or near-daily basis (17.7 million vs. 14.7 million).

Chart source: Journal Addiction.

The movement toward legalization has also led to an explosion in the potency of the cannabis consumed.

Until it became legal in some states to grow and sell cannabis, the average potency rarely exceeded 5% THC, the primary psychoactive component. Back in those days, pot was coming over the border from Mexico or was being grown on outlaw farms in the United States. Today’s cannabis buds sold commercially range between 20-25% THC. Extract-based oils and dabs exceed 60% THC. Much of it is grown in controlled greenhouse environments and is being quickly changed through hybrids.

Thus, more consumers are not only using pot on a daily basis, they’re getting a lot more bang. Today’s daily users consume more than 300 milligrams of THC per day, the study shows. That level of THC is linked with onset of psychosis.

The Biden Administration plans to reschedule marijuana from a Class I to a Class III drug, which puts it in the category of ketamine, testosterone, and anabolic steroids. As of February, 24 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for recreational or medical use.


  1. Those who hate God will destroy themselves with their sins. You can never smoke enough to get rid of the guilt and shame of your sin. Only Christ will give you peace.

    • Non-sequitur much? I hear its easy to immigrate to Iran or Saudi Arabia if you want to live in a theocracy.

      • We already live in a theocracy, a pagan one, which you seem content with.

        Your kind isn’t against religion, as long is it is your own.

          • > a beautiful secular Constitution.

            It was. Until is was transformed into a “living” constitution filled with penumbras.

            > Isn’t it lovely?

            Enjoy your delusion while it lasts.

          • Cman, it’s true that we do not live in a theocracy, we however have a Constitution that is based upon a religious system of right and wrong and the enlightened precepts of the Reformation.

      • Believing/ trusting in Christ is not a Theocracy
        Voting in our Republic, guided by Christian values is not a Theocracy
        (don’t you think we should all vote cman?)

        We have freedom of religion …. not freedom from religion.
        Freedom from religion is what hippies/communist want & they are making a lot of progress

        Like what you see?
        The “progress” is amazing, right here in ANC you can visibly see the progress, on a daily basis, of people who believe in nothing.

        • Actually that’s one of the precepts of the First Amendment; freedom from religion. We all have the freedom to practice whatever faith we please, or to have no faith at all. Someone being an atheist doesn’t say a word about what their politics might be. The only time religion is even mentioned in the Constitution is saying how and when it must be constrained because the Founders knew its horrible power.

    • Sin is a religious construct. I don’t believe in God therefore I have never sinned. I would also be willing to sell you an indulgence if you’re struggling with a specific dark thought that seems like it ought to be acted upon.

      I’m also not a pot-ee or a booze hound either which makes me a much more productive member of society than the typical marijuana addict, drunk, or even the recreationally homeless street corner bum that’s become so popular during this time of eunuchs masquerading as judges and lax enforcement mislabeled as compassion.

        • You are correct. There is no such thing as sin.

          In the off chance that I’m confused may I interest you in an indulgence? Smoking deal on ‘em today only. Might be able to toss in a relic, too. Maybe a section of the cross?

          Won’t last long. Hit me up.

          • Your life is like a flickering candle soon dampened. Then you are nothing.

            What purpose is your life? A series of meaningless encounters extracted for momentary pleasure apparently regardless of cost, as what purpose is value measured outside of yourself?

            Or you can choose God. His abundant blessings of peace, mercy, forgiveness and salvation. You are a dreadful sinner, as we all are. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God.

            I expect you to mock and ridicule this if you respond, as I was like you once.

            • Yes, we’re created sick with original sin, then ordered upon pain of eternal torture to be well again. To wish this is to want to live as an abject slave. No thanks. Plus, we’re told to love someone we must also fear. The essence of sadomasochism. Again, no thanks.

  2. Rescheduling weed is the smart move. Legalizing it is coming. Weed is not a hill a politician can die on anymore.

    But it will effectively kill the Libertarians since legalization has been their cornerstone issue for at least 4 decades.

    My opinion on weed is the same as sex and booze. Whatever consenting adults want to do behind closed doors is their business.

    But I don’t want it on the streets, don’t imbibe and drive, don’t sell to kids, and do not come to me looking to pay for the consequences of your reckless decision making.

    • > But it will effectively kill the Libertarians

      No, it will not. The Mises Caucus controls the LP now. Austrian economics, reducing the size of the state, and dismantling of the empire are its goals. The LP you refer to was about six years ago. Get with the times.

      The Libertarian Party was one of the few institutions to de-wokify itself after being co-opted by masquerading leftists. It is a template for other institutions to follow- like the Republican Party.

    • MA, but you will pay for it in the end. Turns out high potency THC pot is all the rage now. Several multiple year studies from a wide sample of western nations conclude that high THC use least to a five fold increase in Psychosis.
      I’m with you on live and let live, but this storm is coming.

  3. Of course those running (attempting to destroy) our country will lower the classification to a ‘supplement’. They want us dumb, dependent, and drugged. Marijuana is insidious. It numbs awareness, diminishes drive and motivation, and gradually becomes mentally and emotionally as well as physically addictive.

  4. It’s mostly liberals and Left-wing Democrats that are inhaling the myriad of toxins given off by burning cannabis. These toxins infiltrate the deepest sections of the alveoli in the lungs and instantly transport to the brain via bloodstream. The intoxicating effects of marijuana DO NOT outweigh the damage done to the physical components of the human body. The Surgeon General declared cigarettes were dangerous about 50 years ago. This is nothing compared to the damage caused by smoking marijuana. And, much of the political insanity caused by Democrats could probably be traced indirectly to habitual marijuana consumption.

    • While I agree that smoking anything is damaging to the human body, I must disagree that cannabis is more toxic to the body than cigarettes.

      There are so many additives to tobacco for cigarettes while cannabis is a flower bud that has been harvested directly from the plant, then dried and packaged.

      Most states, unfortunately not Alaska, test for pesticides. AK only tests for mold and potency.

      • And Libertarians. Even if it was only democrats who pushed for it, so what? What do you care what other people put in their own bodies? Who are you, the vice police? Aren’t conservatives supposed to be against “big government?” Doesn’t get much “bigger” than that.

        • Good point cman. Lung cancer doesn’t have a preference for either political party. It takes them all.

  5. You can tell how much pot is being ingested by driving around Anchorage. At least 1/3 of the drivers on the road must be smoking something. And parts of downtown reek of pot smoke. Smells like skunkweed on acid.

  6. There is a little extra merit in being stoned AND stupid.
    It is similar to dumb and dumber.

  7. Now that the freedom lovers have made pot as normal as lighting up a cigarette(even while driving) what is their next purpose in life?
    Decriminalizing everything up to and including Heroine? As they did in Oregone?
    Wouldnt Alaska be such a great place with even more “wildlife” wandering around the streets looking for their next victim as a means to get their next “fix”?

  8. Pot was likely God grown aspirin, like everything eles its been ruined. Gmo and other nasty changes to make it more potent, like adding additives in tobacco.

  9. Pathetic, I’m so glad I’ve never even considered smoking this garbage. Anyone who claims it’s not a gateway drug really has no clue, it’s just a crutch drug for the weakest and the most gullible people . Other than maybe a few lugitament medical purposes. This stuff is a complete wrecking ball to the younger generations , and that is exactly why it’s technically still illegal federally. It just encourages lazyness and leads to much bigger problems, if you want to see the proof just look at all the states that have totallly legalized it. now it’s available to so many who can’t even afford the stuff. Let alone deal with the problems it helps create!!! Atleast a casual beer drinker can sleep off the effects and usually has no needs for a beer for week or 2, many of these pot smokers can’t get thru a day with out it. Nothing is worse then working around Pot smokers who are high or needing their fix. Their Dangerous and a huge liability in
    Any work environment!, Yet these same old idiots continue to promote this noxious weed . Total stupidity!!!

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