1. Don’t ever trust banks. Keep your money elsewhere. It’s not their money to dictate to who when you can access your money.

  2. Welcome to the New World Order. Canada isn’t the only one taking a page from the WEF playbook. I think JF is a poor choice but no one should have their account frozen without explanation for funds they legally acquired. Very poor form on the part of Wells Fargo.

    • Big difference, HUGE difference: What was done in Canada was done by the Canadian government. What a private company does is their own business.

  3. Lowenfels is an advocate for autoflowering cannabis??? That weed sucks. Who cares if it grows fast. Jeff would make a good congressman but don’t puff his weed.

  4. With a long history of customer abuse, criminally and ethically, it’s always surprising that someone still banks with Wells Fargo.

  5. Anyone using a bank pretty much has it coming. And Wells Fargo is the worst. There’s just no reason to not use a credit union. AKUSA all the way.

  6. Wells Fargo will just create another account in his name, they just won’t tell him about it. ESG now controls how you use your money and they want to make us a cashless society? Time for a world war and let the victors determine the spoils, not the technocrats.

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