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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Candidate Dunbar says Constitution — ‘all of it’ — is shot through with racism

Candidate for Anchorage Mayor Forrest Dunbar has been pondering the U.S. Constitution lately and how this moment of civil unrest in the country, coupled with funds from the CARES Act and the new alcohol tax, can lead to a restructuring of the economy to make things more equitable.

“The fact is, that at that time, if you weren’t a white, landholding man, you were systematically excluded from those conversations. And we are still dealing with that legacy today,” he said during his closing comments at the regular Assembly meeting on Tuesday.

Dunbar then referred to a book by Akhil Amar: “The Constitution Biography,” that discusses constitutional law. Amar, a Yale Law School graduate, was named by Democrat Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel as someone he would appoint to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“What becomes inescapable when you read it is how shot through every portion of our constitutional law is with race when it comes to the three-fifths compromise, the way the Senate was apportioned in Congress, the Electoral College,” he said.

“All of it. All of it was tied to race,” Dunbar said, referring to the founding documents.

Dunbar said the country is now in a unique moment when the nation, state, and city can work on eliminating systemic racism by using tax funds that are newly available.

“We have this unique pot of money from the CARES Act, and we have another pot of money coming from the alcohol tax, and we have the ability to spend it in such a way where we can promote equity, and where we can materially improve the lives of the people of this city, and we can hopefully set up our economy to function long into the future,” Dunbar said.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • My true words would not be appropriate for the audience at this time !! Mr Dunbar has the freedom to leave America and go anywhere he wants !! God save our Republic !!

  • Candidate Forrest Dunbar is so full of his white privilege. He will say or do anything to step on a minority in order to get elected.

  • Are there any sane people left in Anchorage? So we have an option of the present fruit cake Mayor, or a new nut cake Mayor.

  • These idiots get elected because good people don’t vote. If you don’t vote, you get what you deserve.

    • Idiots also get elected because incumbents and candidates race bait elections as well, and voters fall for it hook, line and sinker.

    • YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Exactly right.

      It’s long past time for Conservatives to get a little uncomfortable, get off the couch, and VOTE!

    • Kevin you are so right…..when only 25% of our voters even showing up and nearly 100% of those from the far left the outcome is baked in the cake…..the sane people need to get out and vote these nuts out of office or we are indeed headed off the cliff….

    • Not necessarily true.
      The Anchorage Assembly –forced– an easily corruptible mail-in vote system on residents, arguably to assure no tax, bond, or incumbent gets left behind.
      “Good people” aren’t protected from a voter-registration process which seems vulnerable to corruption, voter coercion and intimidation, ballot harvesting, ballot corruption, ballots potentially rejected by municipal handwriting “experts”, ballots processed by machinery using proprietary software, and ballot counts apparently not witnessed by political party members.
      “Good people” aren’t protected from free housing created for bums who’ll be given physical addresses (whether they stay there or not), help with registering to vote, help with voting (including help correcting erroneous votes), and of course, help in mailing votes.
      How the votes of “good people” can offset this overwhelming potential for corruption is not clear.
      This is not to say don’t vote.
      This is to say forcing mail-in balloting on residents created a scenario ripe for epic, possibly undetectable corruption.
      The motive for corruption seems clear: acquisition of money and ideological permanency. Now, the means and opportunity appear to be installed permanently. Motive, means, and opportunity… what could that define?
      And best of all, voters can’t do a damned thing about it. Why, because a ballot initiative against mail-in voting would be now determined by mail-in vote!
      Might change if forced mail-in voting gets recognized as part of a larger RICO enterprise, which could happen as Assembly members morph from representatives to rulers, getting more money and power than they can handle without eating their own.

      • Morrigan, put the meth pipe down, you’re rambling son

    • you are absolutely spot on. I’ve discovered lately, that it is not liberals, it is not the left, it is not the useful idiots, it is US that are the problem. We choose our paycheck over our principles and we let the crazies do whatever they want with lady liberty. If you give a damn, find out who your local, state and federal officials are and nag nag nag them. That is what the left do. That is why they are successful. The old ‘it’s not listening argument’ no longer works for me. Make them bloody well listen! Because you can’t go out to the end of the driveway and wait for the cavalry to come because YOU are the cavalry.

  • This guy received 41% of the vote when he ran for US Congress, over 114,000 people voted for him.

  • He is perhaps the leading candidate to be the next Mayor. Like what you see, hear and read? Just sit back and let it happen. If not, there are other options.

  • Isn’t this guy an officer in the National Guard? If so he is telling me doesn’t believe the oath he took, and is willing to break said oath in order to overthrow the Republic. Talk about a domestic enemy.

  • It was the states that allowed slavery that demanded slaves be fully counted in the census. The abolitionist states compromised on the 3/5 but did not want slaves counted as citizens at all. The slave states were Democrat of course, and the abolitionists were Republican. At no time in United States history were slave-owners a material percentage of the population. It’s possibly true that at all times a higher percentage of Tlingits in SE AK were slave-holders than was the case in the US as a whole. SE AK slavery persisted long after the Civil War, and William Henry Seward began to put an end to it by negotiating and arranging for the Alaska Purchase. If Dunbar finds serious shortcomings in the US Constitution I presume he would have even greater problems with Red China and therefore, at a minimum, does not want any Alaska products going to China nor any Chinese made goods sold in Anchorage.

  • Why would I hire a man to run our city who thinks he’s fixing national issues with our lives, and one who doesn’t love our nation? Or do I have it wrong Mr. Dunbar, and you do love a racist nation?
    In the memorable accent of Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi: “No vote for you!!”

  • Here’s to another loser that we let in because of the lazy non voters. I say raise taxes and install more laws as fast as you can because not enough conservatives care enough.

  • Now this is going to be a LOT of fun. Young Master Dunbar is not only demonstrating his complete ignorance of history but that he is a self-identified liar.

    The boy has taken at least two Oaths of Office – Military and Muni, both of which contain promises to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Yet is is now of the opinion that “What becomes inescapable when you read it is how shot through every portion of our constitutional law is with race…” If it is such a racist document, why did you solemnly swear to support and defend it at least twice? Were you lying then or are you lying now?

    And this clown wants to be mayor?

    A part of history that this boy candidate failed to learn is that the 3/5 compromise was specifically crafted to pull power from the slave holding states when the constitution was ratified. Had that provision not been ratified, the union would not have stood, with New England seceding first. It pus us on the path to address slavery at a later date, which we did. And in case our boy candidate didn’t notice, there was a small unpleasantness starting around 1860 that took over 618,000 lives. It was followed by 3 Constitutional Amendments that repaired what the Founders were unable to put into place upon adoption. Perhaps our boy candidate forgot those also. Finally, the basic unit of governance in the US is the State. It is basically an agreement among and between the many states. That’s why new amendments are ratified on a state by state basis. This is also restated in the Electoral College, which elects presidents on a state by state basis.

    Forrest Dunbar or Forrest Gump? One is honest. The other one isn’t. One is an idiot. The other is a pandering idiot. One is an embarrassment. The other one isn’t. And the worst one wants to be the next Anchorage Mayor. Cheers –

    • With the exception of the Forrest Gump analogy, you pulled the thoughts from my head in a much more cogent way than I could have expressed. Thank You

      • Perhaps he should get on his knees and beg Black Lives Matter forgiveness for his white privilege and hope they wouldn’t lop off his head.

  • So… do you embrace the South Africa constitution that RBG applauds but leaves White and Mixed as second class citizens or maybe the old USSR constitution that reads well but “interpreted” by the Communist Party as it wished? Unique moment is history… got that one right… he shouldn’t be wishing for something he will regret if he got his way.

  • If Dunbar doesn’t like the constitution, he should move to a country that espouses his political views and stop screwing up our city with his socialist ideals.

  • Of course, Dunbar hates the Constitution. It’s not leftist. It is Alaskan American, through and through.

    “Racism”, accused, implied or just plain lies, has nothing to do with our Constitution, either state or federal.

    There is no ‘racism’ in either Constitution. Both state and federal Constitutions are “for the people”, not specifically for some bunch of anti-American/Alaskan idiots with their roots in socialism.

    Dunbar needs to be dealt with at the polls. Conservatives have the power in numbers, for issues pending, and “Americanism”, to defeat Dunbar and all of his ilk. If only they will take time to vote. Complacency will be the downfall of Alaska and America. Let’s not let that happen. Pro-active is much more effective than reactive. The simple message–vote or lose the state and country.

    The time to remember is in November. Vote the scumbags out and send them back under their rock or where ever they come from. Alaska is Alaska and will continue to be if conservatives step up to the voting plate. If they don’t, adios Alaska and America.

    True Alaskan Americans are in peril and the only solution, other than violence, is at the polls. Lets take the “polls” position, not the violent one, at least for this round.

  • Isn’t he still in the National Guard? If so, it might be worth asking him why he is still there since he did swear and oath to support and defend a document he now considers racist.

    • And it makes one wonder if his fellow guardsmen would have his back, or whether they might have concerns if he would have theirs. I am curious about Mr. Dunbar’s take on antiquated concepts like “duty, honor, country.”

  • So this what? A competition to see who can destroy individual freedoms fastest? Or more thoroughly? Obviously there’s nobody campaigning to restore or even respect them.

  • Oh goody, now I get to ignore all those “Constitutional” Supreme Court rulings I don’t like.

  • We had this President named LBJ. He tried something like this. Maybe Forrest hasn’t heard of him.

  • Wow, talk about ignorance. The question is… where did freedom come from? Slavery is as old an institution as Motherhood, it has always been here and still remains sadly. It was in this country where the abolition of slavery got it’s first real boost. The ideas that formed our wonderful Constitution came from Men who were willing to lay down their lives for a better form of government. I believe that a careful reading of Madison’s notes might enlighten Mr. Dunbar some, sadly however he would rather refer to a Yale legal scholar… Yale? Wasn’t the Founder of Yale a slave owner and worse yet a SLAVE TRADER! At some point people will have to begin to think critically , sadly for Mr. Dunbar that will mean his chances of being elected might get extremely difficult.

  • Yale? Wasn’t that university founded by a slave trader…? Where is the outrage..? Sounds like Dunbar is another out-of-state communist that came here to sow the seeds of hatred. I guess Dunbar failed to study history about LBJ’s “great society” that he was building in Detroit with millions of tax payer money. Detroit is now used by film companies to produce post-apocalyptic movies.

    The problem with communists- when they run out of spending your money, they want you dead.

    • Oh yes he does. My friend Herman is an honorable man. It’s important to know that blacks sold blacks into slavery.

  • Abundant natural resource wealth in public coffers + excessive federal aid to Alaska + job killing regulations + public school system brainwashing = many clueless entitled voters. This is how we have Forrest Dunbar. He isn’t the only one. There are many others in office. The threat is real.

  • His Comments tell me that he has never read the 85 Federalist Papers explaining the Constitution and the reasoning behind the Document. As for his 3/5 comment it allows citizens like here in Alaska to have the same Representation in the US Senate that a state like California or New York has without it our rights would ve ingnored by the more populous states. Same Reasoning behind the EC that the left so wants to abolish so we MOB RULE MENTALITY

  • Mr. Dunbar has conveniently left out the features of the constitution that allows any part to be changed peacefully through the amendment process. If in fact he is advocating change by any other means then he will run afoul of many of us who have sworn to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • But you are a communist my friend. You just don’t see it.

  • He hates the Constitution and individual liberty, as all Democrats do. He is just being honest about it.

  • Dunbar is obviously of the left. He hates all things conservative. Vote him out of there and never let him return.

  • Liberals used to just hate the 2nd and 10th Amendments. They seem to hate the whole Constitution now.

  • Systemic racism? OK, yep, there is, no doubt. I’m a white male. Over the last 2-3 decades, white males have become the minority. With the quota’s for hiring, I have to compete with less qualified minorities and women. They get the first choice. If you are a white male, any accusation against you by a minority or a woman, you have to prove you are innocent, not someone making the accusation proving guilt. As a white male, black v white remarks and actions have gotten worse, just because I’m a white male. Sadly, at JBER when I worked the gates, I had multiple cases where I had back NCO’s accuse me of being racist because I wrote a traffic ticket for expire (3-6 months) registration, for citing for multiple times vehicle violations like studded tires on in the middle of July! I was pissed to say the least since when I retired in 91, that crap wasn’t allowed. We were Air Force Blue! We had gone through the racial turmoil of the 70’s and 80’s! Then of course what I ran into at college after I retired and the civilian workforce! Talk about a culture shock!
    I have heard far too much “I’m a victim, because I’m black”! One of the organizers at the BLM protest in Palmer was upset for being pulled over by police for no headlights on or out. Of course the “real reason” was because she was black! Not to mention, most times the officer can’t tell what race the driver is at first glance!
    Nope, I am an American that happens to be a white male! I grew up learning about our Constitution,our rights with the Bill of rights, our history, good and bad! Dunbar’s comments about this was all done because of and for racial superiority is so my Bulvarian Scatology! Mr Dunbar is a white male racist to all Americans that stand for all the Constitution! Folks, I am glad this is coming out, maybe now we can start fixing the real racism and attacks on our very liberties for ALL AMERICANS!

  • Because our President said many times that he “is the least racist person in the world” and has “done more for the blacks than any other President, ever”, I don’t see what difference it makes if the Constitution is stained with slavery. Mr. Trump’s interpretation of the Constitution is the law of the land. Red state candidates for Congress don’t support the old racist version of the Constitution. Zero. A great leader can make a bad constitution much better. So Dunbar’s fears are misplaced as long as President Trump gets re-elected.

  • Dunbar was in the military? What rank did he achieve? Potato Peeler 3rd class? No wonder he hates America. Go live in South Africa and complain about their racism. I’m sure your neck would be a couple sizes longer by the end of the day, Good riddance I say.

  • Watch this video with the sound OFF (its actually more informative). What do you see? He’s a walking-talking biohazard. Touches that contaminated mask repeatedly with both hands. Then will no doubt go on to touch everything around him as he exits the building. We need some basic etiquette in mask wearing here. Buy a mask that fits effectively and does not ride down off your nose or do not bother — as you are likely to contaminate every door handle, light switch, pen, elevator button, clipboard, book, microphone, computer keyboard, coffee cup………. need we go on.

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