Cancel culture: NAACP demands Sen. Shower be removed from committee chair due to fair-election bill


The Anchorage NAACP is demanding Sen. President Peter Micciche remove Sen. Mike Shower as the chairman of the Senate State Affairs Committee.

The group says that Shower’s introduction of Senate Bill 39 is a “brazen assault on Alaskans’ voting rights.” The president of the group has also called it a manifestation of white supremacy.

“Anyone who would dismantle Alaskans’ voting rights doesn’t deserve to chair the committee overseeing election issues,” said Kevin McGee, President of the Anchorage NAACP. “Senator Micciche needs to replace Senator Shower with a member who supports the democratic process.”

SB 39 is similar to a voting security bill that Shower proposed two years ago, to ensure that voting by mail is less prone to election fraud. That bill died after not receiving committee hearings.

McGee says SB 39 is a “local manifestation of the national white supremacist attack on voting rights, which included the recent violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.”

Shower said this morning that his bill was a starting point of a conversation that would lead to the final product, and he expects the bill to change as the Legislature gathers input. He objects to mass mailing of ballots to people who haven’t requested them, and he believes that Judge Dani Crosby compromised Alaska’s election security when she ruled that no witness signatures were required on absentee ballots. His bill would make ballot harvesting (the practice of scooping up ballots by a third party, as occurred with outside contractors during the 2020 election) illegal.

The current version of SB 39 is at this link.

An initial committee hearing on the bill is Thursday in the Senate State Affairs Committee.


  1. These people are reverse McCarthyism. They don’t practice what they preach. They really should listen to themselves once. All anyone wants is a fair election when one person counts as one vote. They’re not trying to take away anyone’s vote. There’s no need to play the race card. That’s what cheaters do though.

    • As with everything from the Left, this is an offensive action masquerading as a defensive one.

      Those behind McGee know full well that their vote is not endangered and therefore needs no protection. What they are trying to do is eliminate yours.

      • We live in a republic, not a democracy. The electoral college allows us to maintain a fair system where the needs of each state are addressed. Another definition of democracy is ‘tyranny of the majority’ where a very few select cities mandate laws for the rest, or 50% plus one vote can mandate slavery for the 50% minus 1 (look at a red/blue map of America broken down by district ). Our system worked well for nearly a quarter of a millennium. Do you want to discard it now?

        • Yes, our country is a republic. However, it is a republic that is based on democratic principles. Not all republics have been based on democratic principles. Furthermore, over the past 230 years, out republics has increasingly become more democratic.

          Originally, only white, adult, property-owning males could vote. During the Age of Jackson, the vote was extended to all white, adult males. With the passage of the 15th Amendment, all adult males could vote, regardless of skin color. The 17th Amendment recognized that the direct vote of U.S. Senators was essential. The 19th Amendment extended the franchise to all adult Americans, including women. After ratification, the 24th Amendment stated citizens did not need to pay a tax in order to vote. The 26th Amendment permitted all American citizens who reach the age of 18 could vote.

          The last step in this democratic progression is to remove the final barrier, which is archaic, is the electoral college.

          • Tyranny of the majority. Per your logic, in this modern age we should just submit to the higher AI to decide the best for us because we are too flawed. NO! We remain a republic until you and your allies finally succeed to turn us into a tyrannical dictatorship. I took an oath to defend and protect this REPUBLIC.

      • As an advocate of one person one vote, I support the Electoral College.
        The selection of the President is clearly the responsibility of the sovereign States. How the States choose to select their Electors is the right and responsibility of that State. This is clear from the Constitution. It is also a system that ensures each State is represented in accordance with their representation in the Federal Government.
        It is important to remember the name of this country is the United States of America. The name clearly indicates the Federal Government is a commonwealth of States united for their common good.
        Thinking that the President, who is the Chief Executive of the Federal Government (a coalition of individual states), should be elected by representatives of the individual States, and not the national popular vote is not advocating against one person one vote.

        • First, it is not all clear that the states are sovereign. The first three words of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that “We the People” and not “We the states.” The framers knew the import of the words they chose. They knew that the new constitution was diminishing the power of states under the Articles of
          Confederation. The Southern
          states, when drafting their constitution, declared their states were sovereign, and that they were a confederation. Both the Articles of Confederation and the CSA’s constitution were failures.

          The Supremacy Clause clearly defined the subordinated roles of the states. The 10th Amendment grants the states some powers, but it does not call the states “sovereign.”

          The name of our country, “The United States of America,” clearly shows that our country is “one” country. That is the meaning of united. We are not a confederation of 50 sovereign nations.

          According to James Madison, who took extensive notes on the 1787 Constitutional Convention, there was great debate about how to select the U.S. President. Some advocated a popular votes. Others suggested allowing each state legislator to have one vote. Another group wished each state governor to cast one vote. The resulting compromise of the electoral college was to placate the Southern delegates, who once they realized that the Electoral College coupled with the hideous 3/5’s rule gave them tremendous political power, would not agree to the Constitution without that power. The Electoral College was only agreed upon to grant slave-owners political power to maintain their “peculiar institution.”

          As you indicated, each state is given the prerogative to allocate their electoral college votes has they see fit. Therefore, I assume you will support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which stipulates that each state will cast all of their electoral college for the national popular vote, regardless of how their state’s citizens vote.

          • I don’t like name calling, but you are a leftist loon trying to justify your position to destroy our nation and impose your tyranny upon the rest of us.

          • the individual states were recognized as sovereign in the Treaty of paris and affirmed in the Articles of Confederation. the states would ;not have ratified the constitution if it meant surrendering their sovereignty.

          • The people of America choose electors.
            Federalist #68.
            Sounds like popular vote to me. The electoral college is more important than ever if Alaska is ever going to get a fair representation in the Swamp.

    • As with everything from the Left, this is an offensive action masquerading as an defensive one.

      Those behind McGee know full well that their vote is not endangered and therefore needs no protection. What they are trying to do is eliminate yours.

    • Fair isn’t what they want – they want power and “reparations” at everyone else’s expense. The more I read drivel like this tirade from McGee, the more revulsion I feel. I’m thankful his ignorance of fairness does not reflect the attitude of much of his constituency in Alaska.

    • Under McCarthyism the Left branded their persecution as blacklisting – which sounds evil but was helpful for characterizing the accused as victims. Today’s persecution is by the Left. Cancelling sounds more benign. The accused are not victims – they are evil.

  2. Here’s Alaskans REAL “Big Mike!”

    If the AK NAACP wants be an echo chamber of the national NAACP, they’re doing a great job of it! If they truly want to represent people of color within Alaska, they’ll support Sen. Showers bill to ensure we have safe, legal and legitimate elections. They should remember that it’s not that long ago that black, Hispanic and Native Alaskans were disenfranchised by poll taxes, IQ tests and other illegal means by governors, county commissioner’s, and mayors, rather than legitimate legislation. Continuing to allow unwittnessed absentee ballots, same day ballots or no ID ballots makes elections ripe for fraud. Mr. McGee should focus on voter registration, get out the vote campaigns and accessible polling places.

  3. Another liberal attempt to steal free and fair elections.
    Do not back down from this phony, manufactured outrage! Stop being bullied into not doing the right thing!

  4. You would think even the liberals will get outraged. It must be going to hit back at them hard. Maybe it does not affect them now but the left will be going after them later in the effort to consolidate power

  5. I don’t want my vote to be canceled out by someone or something that wasn’t legitimate, I want my vote to count. This should be an all sides for this issue. However you stand, why on earth would anyone not want to make sure we have legal, fair, and honest elections.

    • The cancel culture can only win by canceling your vote and inserting theirs. And we are not allowed to make that more difficult for them.

      Email and call Sen. President Peter Micciche encouraging him to stand firm and not remove Senator Showers.

  6. Eye roll. 100% not “white supremacy.” But keep yelling Fire, that’s your left-wing supremacy and privilege.

  7. Conservatives: it’s time — well past time, actually — to stop being “nice,” to stop dancing around issues, and stop letting the Left control the narrative. When the Left attacks a common-sense bill designed to prevent election fraud as “racist,” instead of backing away because we are afraid someone might paint us with that same brush, we *HAVE GOT TO PUSH BACK* on that blatant miscategorization. No, I don’t want to be accused of racism because racism — the real thing — is terrible. As a wiser man than I once opined, “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance,” and that’s exactly what racism is: condemnation of a person based upon a superficial attribute, i.e., “without investigation.”

    However, it’s *NOT* “racist” to want to ensure that elections are free and fair. It is *NOT* racist to put safeguards in place to ensure that bad actors cannot stuff the ballot box with phony ballots. It is *NOT* racist to want to prevent ballot harvesting. These measures would only be racist if they were applied to specific minority populations — but that isn’t what has been proposed.

    If we as Conservatives can’t develop the intestinal fortitude to call out the Left’s blatant lies, slander and corruption, then we won’t have a place in the New Normal…and we won’t deserve one, either.

    • You are hilarious talking about the Left’s “blatant lies” after we’ve just witnessed four years of nothing but lies from last administration. You just wake up from a deep sleep?

      • Yankee troll. Are you writing from Boston? Idiocracy was meant as a commentary, not a documentary and 1984 wasn’t meant as a progressive instruction manual.

        • I’m writing from Juneau and using my own name. Your AK probably is code for “all knowing” but you clearly don’t know all. Heheh!

          • Yes Yankee Troll, because starting under Bill Clinton and put in to overdrive under Obama, the government is highly weaponized against those not worshipping at the alter of BO and his ilk. You are safe. Like the shoe salesman who became commissar, I’m sure that you have high aspirations for when you achieve power over the Kulaks.,

          • Hoo-Wee there AK, who I think may be commenting from Boston, is your bathroom breeding Bolsheviks?? Heheh! I’m sure your concern with “Kulaks” and my comments is simply educational. Tough noogies, by the way.

        • I attempted to point you to a Forbes article showing numerous lies Trump has been shown to have done. Suzanne won’t allow links and so my comment went away. You can look it up if you want.

      • I think you’re the one who’s been sleeping…or watching too much CNN.
        You liberals need to wake up and start doing some research. You’re skewed, far left ideology and constant twisting of the truth is what’s ruining America!
        You’re like sheep being blindly led to slaughter.

      • You friend have been spending far too much time with your head buried in mainstream media.

        Are you able to list these ‘lies’ – from primary sources meaning from the source of the lie, then are you able to prove it was a lie? I doubt it. Neither can MSM but they print it anyway as they know you will fall for it. The real lies are coming from the left via your own party.

        • This blog won’t allow links so I cannot give you what you are asking-the particular link I attempted was from Forbes and you can google it for your own use. For whatever reason you choose to believe Trump’s lies and your excuse is that MSM can’t be trusted, but you can see that the general public has finally seen through that ruse. “You can’t fool all the people all the time.” Tough noogies!

    • Well said I don’t think much of what the NAACP says as they can’t seam to see the light of the real problem. All politicians don’t care about the little guy just themselves.

  8. But they’re okay with facilitating fraud…makes sense!
    The irony of the left.
    When are Black Americans going to STOP accusing white Americans of being racist? Soon we will not even be able to breathe because that too will be racist! It is their go to for every problem they have.
    They behave like the racists with their ridiculous accusations.

  9. To Senator Shower, we say don’t worry about the National Association of Liberal Colored People.
    Seems reasonable to expect productive people who, despite government, still have lives and jobs don’t give a damn about Anchorage’s black lives matter/union-supported race industry or its hood ornament, the NAA(L)CP
    May we recommend doubling down instead: Amend SB-39 to require casino-type surveillance at all ballot receiving and tabulation locations. Everything everybody does at all times at these locations shall be surveilled in casino-style detail, real-time for public view, and recorded, recordings to be archived in perpetuity.
    Thanks for doing this work, Senator Shower.

    • And please contact Sen. President Peter Micciche asking him to stand firm and not cave to the threats, leading Senator Showers in his committee position.

  10. Anything that prevents Election Fraud is “White Supremacy” according to the Chinese Communist Party Play Book all these red diaper doper babies use.

  11. Gurgling nonsense from the NAACP. Everyone knows the election process needs reform. Empty mewling about “racism” is just that empty noise.

  12. I’ll just go out on a limb and guess that Senator Shower will be demonstrating exactly the sort of backbone that’s so glaringly absent from the Governor’s office.

    • It is Sen. President Peter Micciche that is the concern here as the NAACP and ACLU are demanding he remove Senator Showers from the committee position. We need to email and call Senator Micciche strongly encouraging him to not cave to these outrageous demands.

  13. The comments by this NAACP leader are tawdry and disgusting. I wonder if what he does in every debate he has with anyone who disagrees with him is pull out the race card and “white supremacist” card even when he is telling his children why they may not have ice cream. Alaska’s elections are very vulnerable to voter fraud, as was very recently proven by Gabrielle LeDoux. She was able to put 29 fraudulent absentee ballots into her own election. It is funny that the words “white supremacist” appear in his diatribe but not the words “Gabrielle LeDoux” which would make a mockery of his argument.

    • The whole November election was tainted by voter fraud. Especially in Anchorage. Of course they want to retain the best chance of continuing that opportunity as it is the only way they can further their racist Marxist agenda by election.

  14. It will all come out soon! Whenever someone tries to shed light on the truth, such as Senator Showers is doing, the group that has the most to hide will concoct and gin-up a false accusation such as the NAACP has done here. Senator Showers is not a racist. But that can be used against him for trying to get to the truth.
    It’s little wonder that the cities of Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia were the areas of so much election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The Democratic Party knew that they could use these cities as weapons to commit fraud because Republicans would be accused as racists for investigating the corrupt ballot tabulations. The counties in which those cities lie were complicit in throwing the election to Biden, knowing that any attempt to seek the truth through lawsuits would be tossed by the courts for fear of a racial revolt by African American voters. And that’s why all suits were tossed without an examination of the evidence. Welcome to the new age of election fraud.

    • When will Whites just ignore the nasty insult of being called a racist? The word “racist” is tossed around as a means to extort something. Minorities use it today to get unearned money or an unqualified position. Democrats use the word racist to beat-down their Republican counterparts. Marxists and Totalitarians use it to hide their own racial prejudices, which they fear will be discovered.
      Calling someone a racist is like saying “boo” in a dark room. After you jump a few times, the impact no longer works, unless you are naturally afraid of the dark.

    • Plato nailed it and dared to speak the truth. God bless Senator Showers for his quest of the truth and courage to stop the corruption in our elections.

  15. Should we contact the Anchorage NAACP President Kevin McGee and ask for his resignation? Because he does not want a free and fair election. Why does he want to disenfranchise the voters he represent in his organization with potential fraudulent votes that could cancel them out? We need to start canceling out the cancel culture. Senator Mike Shower is doing a great job! He has the backbone to put up this bill and Alaskans needs to stand by him. Just like Representative Jamie Allard who’s the latest target of the canceled culture, just for speaking up. This cancel culture in America is becoming ridiculous. Because someone hurt your feelings, we need them not to exist? Because someone don’t conform to your belief or have the same opinion as you, they shouldn’t have a voice to speak? What happened to debating over differences in point of views?

    • Do contact him. Albeit it sounds like their phone has been conveniently disconnected so you may have to email – or better yet fax a hard copy of a letter.

  16. If this McGee would flesh out his objections with some specifics, rather than just pointing a finger and screaming RACIST!, he might convince more people than just your usual crowd of challenged IQ, victim hood loving liberals.

    Of course if there are no specifics then just a generalized attack on someone’s character and motivations is always the default for these types.

    For me, though, the character assassination tactic has lost whatever effect it might have ever had and I tend to look at the attacker as the problem…and they usually are.

  17. Don’t know about anyone else but I am NOT ready to hand over all of my rights as a citizen to naacp and biden and the minions that blindly follow them!

    Senator Shower deserves many accolades for having the gumption to bring this bill to the floor. More power to him.

  18. You are 100% correct. However, I fear that the “challenged IQ, victim hood loving liberals” are quickly becoming the majority in American politics. That means McGee’s claims, asinine as they are, are still a problem…

    • They only seem to be the majority because they tend to be louder on social media to share how woke they are compared to other — kinda like vegans feeling superior and telling everyone their daily diet habits. Ugh. There really is a silent majority still, be patient.

  19. The true fact is this…the Democrats cannot win a fair election. They cannot provide viable candidates that can debate, survive a backround check, a mental health evaluation, a performance review of any elected offices held, or just plain public scrutiny. Because of this, they have to cheat. No voter ID, ballot harvesting, early voting, absentee voting, no signature verifications… its all now in their arsenal. All very easy with a supporting cast of so called “journalists.”

  20. Folks, when this comes up for public hearing, call in, in huge numbers in support of SB39 and SB43 as well (that goes after George Soros Dark Money)! Overpower the racists that want a new USSR or Red China here, where only one candidate is brought forward and you must vote and only for that person! That is the goal, make no mistake about it!
    As to the NAACP, the will be the “useful idiots” as Stalin called his supports!

  21. Very, very nasty politics from the Democrats. But it just demonstrates how important this issue is to their electoral success and power, and so we can’t back down.

  22. I want people that *want* to vote to vote.
    Mass mail out of ballots to people who didn’t ask is tantamount to some guy standing in Walmart, asking every single person that walks in to sign some petition or ballot measure that many know very little about or even care to. My opinion anyway.

  23. Just finished a line-by-line review of the legislation. Review is only an initial read. In contrast to Mr. McGee I can find absolutely no provision that appears to be racially motivated. I am bewildered as to the basis for his attacks. I support Senator Shower’s efforts to restore some integrity to the election process.

    • The basis is only that they don’t want to lose the ability to cheat. They are hiding behind their cancel culture language.

  24. And they call themselves Democrats Ha! They hate democracy, they want to cancel our legitimate votes with ballot harvesting and multiple mail in votes. The Judge Crosby who made this ruling violated our constitution with overreach and activism and should be removed!

  25. N2ACP McGee obviously has no clue that Senator Shower is a retired Air Force veteran who spent his life upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States and the freedoms that it guarantees to all people… N2ACP McGee is just another typical ignorant liberal who uses all the buzz words to try and defame the real heroes of our nation… despicable…

  26. We need to support Senator Showers leadership on this to protect all Alaskans voting rights from the lefts attempt to steal elections as Joe Biden did. Nancy Pelosi’s H.R.1 is an attempt to codify in law election fraud to keep them in power forever and nullify your vote. Alaska’s measure 2 is meant to do the same thing in a different way. Mail in ballots without signature verification is fraud, period! Alaska must press our elected officials to secure Alaska’s elections for our future generations. The NAACP is a corrupt body nationally and are using the trigger word “racism” to attack anyone that wants law and order to be enforced for the good of all people. I thank the good Senator for his leadership and sincerity in bringing light to corruption.

  27. There will always be the Kevin McGees, leaders who appear to speak for every one in a high profile organization. But I would be willing to bet he is far outnumbered by those in the Alaska NAACP who see the absolute necessity of voter integrity. Its obviously perfect timing for them to speak up and counter balance Mr. McGees’ ridiculous accusation. My sincere hope is that Senate President, Peter Micciche will not fall for the lure to drag him into a race war. Senator Mike Shower is to be applauded for bringing this up.

  28. Bravo Senator Shower! Pretty certain that this NACCP big mouth is really only a shrill for the “woke commie, err, demoncrat party”. People of color that I know are keenly aware of how their rights can be eroded through election fraud and are sensitive to having their vote discarded or cancelled out by an illegal vote, just the same as all of us. Keep up the good work!

  29. Oh wait… there’s more!

    Betty Crocker demands Shower be rolled in flour and baked at 400 for an hour.

    The NAACP didn’t elect Shower and if anyone cares what they have to say it’s probably the one guy that’s a member.

  30. Bravo for Mike Shower!!
    He must be over the target of those who oppose secure and honest elections. I couldn’t come up with a comment more damaging to an organization itself than that of the “naacp”. Surely that can’t be who they are,, How sad a comment for an organization founded “supposedly” on protecting the rights of its constituents.
    It is impossible to have a secure honest election with dominion machines and associated software. Any ballot not cast in person with positive proof of citizenship should be unacceptable.
    Only for exceptional reasons should mail in ballot or absentee ballots be acceptable, no harvesting allowed and extreme chain of custody must be observed.
    Anyone certifying election results should be charged with treason if results are faulty and prosecuted, minimum 20 years or death.

  31. Thank you Senator Showers for exposing election fraud. The public is not as stupid as the Liberals would have everyone believe.

    • The public may not be stupid but sadly too many are too lazy to vote. Maybe they will wake up, but I fear that a little bread and circus will lull too many back into complacency and only a little progressive ballot stuffing will keep them in power.

  32. NAACP started out well, advancing some very noble causes. Back then they had my full support. Now they’ve become DONATION driven and are doing more harm than good.They’re no longer about their people. They’re all about the money.

  33. Here is court case on Kevin McGee who defrauded both his union and the federal government in 2010. He was found guilty. He was the AFGE union business manager at the VA at that time. Look it up under Kevin-McGee-former-government-workers-president-alaska-sentenced.

  34. The old aviation adage is that when you are taking flak, it usually means you are over target. And Shower is.

    The NAACP was at the center of the consent decree that opened GA to massive election fraud, losing GA for Trump and 2 US Senate seats. They want to bring that sort of fraud here to AK. Don’t let them. Cheers –

  35. I wrote the Alaska NAACP and called them out as racists! The phone number listed is no longer in service as well.
    We need to over-load their e-mails with calling them out!

    • Sorry, useless effort. They believe in their righteousness and nothing can alter their views. The best we can do is keep them in check and perhaps one day their eyes will open for them to recognize reality of life. Or not.

    • I did the same thing. May seem useless now, but it’s probably worse to just lay down and take it. I refuse to do that.
      This script need to be flipped. Black America has now become the racists.

  36. Who cares what these Fascists demand! Who , other then power hungry despots, would be against election integrity? The Cancel Culture has gone too far.

  37. The mainstream media had the Liberal voice 100% covered, as do the public schools. Those……are the problems.

  38. NAACP AND ACLU have TERRORIZED Alaskans since they showed up. They have done ZERO to help Our small communities and have instigated more problems than anyone has cared to admit and instead these “groups” add fuel to already volatile situations and are now purposely attacking a specific target and THAT has been dually noted in the Populace for more than a minute. In The Alaska Constitution it is written and enforced that the RIGHT of each person to have a voice not be taken from them and they have a constitutional right to say what they’d like EVEN if its a TERRIBLE voice (such as what NAACP and ACLU squeak out). If what they say, proves to be false, such as what NAACP is presenting, constantly, and through derived means with agenda, then they can and will be held accountable by others in the society, if not altogether shunned.
    This article is further evidence of the terror spree these less than socially acceptable groups skate under, hiding within the guise they present which does no actual physical good within the MANY communities. They have a political agenda and they enforce it by shaming and bullying those they feel are a threat…the exact thing they accuse others of doing.

  39. Ignore these psychological-terrorism, Marxist fascist groups! Do not cow to their cultic insanity. Disagreeing with a proposed bill is absolutely zero grounds for removing anyone from anything.

  40. A person would need to be a despicable racist to contend that any particular racial group is somehow less capable of obtaining a photo ID than another racial group.

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