Can legislators hold two state positions?



Excuse us for asking, but how is it that two Alaska legislators appear to each be holding two state positions at the same time – something barred by the Alaska Constitution? Where is the news media?

Reported only by, Democrat Rep. Liz Snyder, District 27, is a member of the Alaska House of Representatives since last year and is advertising for enrollment for a class she will teach this fall at the University of Alaska Anchorage under her aka name, Elizabeth Hodges.

Snyder’s public official financial disclosure shows she was paid up to $100,000 last year by the University of Alaska, the website reported.

Democrat Rep. Geran Tarr, District 19, lists herself as adjunct faculty member at UAA. Her financial disclosure shows she made between $2,000 and $5,000 last year for classes at UAA, while she was a legislator, the website reports. She’s been teaching classes there since 1999, and has been a legislator since 2013.

Here, in part is what the constitution says: No legislator may hold any other office or position of profit under the United States or the state.

Kaboom! Seems clear to us.

What is not so clear is why the mainstream news media in this state is so deeply asleep that lawmakers can flout the constitution under their noses. It leaves us to wonder: What else is going on?

Read more at the Anchorage Daily Planet.


  1. Why? Because democrats, the UAA, and the corporate media are ALL joined at the hip..Boom, cleared up…

  2. It is not at all surprising that the Real News get reported at MustReadAlaska and the main stream media sleeps or actively covers up news like this….after all both this legislators are Democrats…

  3. ‘What is not so clear is why the mainstream news media in this state is so deeply asleep’. They are not asleep, they are collaborators in the master plan where the elites do as they please, law be damned. There is no ‘mainstream media’ either in Alaska or nationally, only the leftist progressive propaganda owned by Bezos, Zuckerberg and the like. If you are a progressive living off the labors of the productive members of society, everything is just peachy. But for those of us putting in 84 hour weeks to make ends meet and refusing the gubment teat, not so great. What a contrast between Dunbar and Bronson.

  4. Seem like once in Juneau they do as they please, the lack of “leadership” is apparent. I believe the lie starts soon as they are running for office, they run in a certain party then abandon the party and voters for personal gain.

  5. Where is the Alaska Republican Party? Why aren’t they filing suit?
    (I guess it’s like that old story about Satan seizing the soul of a saintly plumber upon his death, and God demanded his release. Satan refused. God threatened to sue. Satan then asks, “So where do you think you’re going to find a lawyer?”………..)

  6. This is fairly simple: The Alaska Supreme Court will reveal to us, some day, the secret clause in the Alaska Constitution that provides: “No provision of law or of this Constitution shall ever be adversely applied to a member of the Democratic Party or anyone else that the Alaska Supreme Court decides to protect.”

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