Campaigning for Congress, Assemblyman Chris Constant announces press conference about alleged threats made against him


Assemblyman Chris Constant believes someone has threatened him, and he is having a press conference on Tuesday before the regular Assembly meeting to talk about his situation.

The member will give a brief overview and take questions from the media.

The Anchorage police chief has already investigated the complaint and found it to be not credible. But it’s Pride Month, and Constant is a candidate running on a very LGBTQ platform for Congress. In a field of 48 candidates, he is struggling to get noticed and although he has raised over $100,000, he has chosen not to spend his money on ads, but instead is finding ways to get free media attention.


  1. Picture says it all…..he’s giving everyone the bird, just like every meeting at the assembly…. Chris Constant’s one finger salute to Anchorage.

  2. That’s just
    as negative as sweeney’s negative
    attacks. No one will listen, he’s wasting his breath complaining. Take it from me, i been complaining for a long time, and no ever listened to me Hahaha. The only thing you recieve is pity. Pity don’t get votes though, but constant can
    go ahead and complain away, it’ll realease a moment’s tension while draining the energy out of his hearers.

    • And. Yes! Alaskans still must read more with their children. Our babes aren’t read to enough that a book is foriegn. Unplug entertainment services if it takes time
      away reading 3 hours a day of quality written literature to child at any age. So they don’t growup
      like me and constant constantly complaining. Hahaha

  3. Constant pulled this from the Jussie Smollett playbook. Make-up a story. Get the media to bite. Tons of free publicity and pray you don’t get caught. Mental disorder.

  4. Look closely at the photo. Constant is “flipping-off” his enemies (over his mask). How did little Chris get past the 7th grade?

  5. How pathetic. Real leaders don’t need to invent threats, they will occur. This is the perfect example of why we need to adhere to the Constitution and the protections it affords to minorities. This kind of stunt is disgusting! Who is really the constant threat here?

  6. If he was actually threatened (which I doubt) then the perp should be dealt with accordingly.

    If it was, as I suspect, him getting a taste of his own vulgar medicine, then karma is a b—-, isn’t it?

    I have zero sympathy when petty mean girls get a dose of their own medicine. His chickens came home to roost.

    I imagine this is a desperate attempt by him to get traction in the clown show of a house race.

  7. “WHAAAA! Somebody said something bad about me!”
    Go away and cry in your safe space, Chrissy — nobody cares about your narcissistic, self-absorbed, obsessive focus on what others say about you. You are far from that important.

  8. As you can clearly see, he’s flipping the people of AK off in this picture. And furthermore, his banner states that he’s a con. Can’t make this stuff up. What a puss, somebody is trying to hurt me…

  9. Constant is a leftist.
    A leftist sees words they disagree with as violence, and actual hands on violence (BLM/Anitfa riots) as free speech.
    How? Because leftists are really just children. Their “beliefs” are so ingrained into their psychological makeup it they might as well be a physical part of themselves. They are, for lack of a better analogy, their political belief system. Any disagreement with that is, in their mind, a physical assault against themselves.
    Does Constant really, honestly believe he has received threats? Of that I have no doubt. Because he is a leftist, and anyone disagreeing with him is threatening him. Simple really.
    And, the time has come to point, laugh, and ridicule him until he grows the F up.

      • Thanks.
        Here let me remind you of something you posted a little bit ago, paraphrased obviously, it was something like:
        “A vote for republicans is a vote against democracy”
        Now, what you are calling an assumption is more likely an opinion that I have based on observed actions. What I have observed about Chris Constant’s actions over the last several years is consistent with what I have written above. it is also something I have observed in leftists as a general stereotype.
        So, please Lucinda. Help a poor conservative out here, and help me correct my reliance on assumptions. What assumptions did I make above that are not supportable? What logical failures did I make?
        I would very much like to improve my ability to express my opinions, and that ability is hampered through faulty logic.

  10. Again, doubling down on what he probably did to someone else. The dem prerogative is to blame something that they themselves are doing.

  11. He’s nothing more than an attention whore and wanna be dictator, just like the rest of those con-artists in the assembly.

  12. “WHAAAA! Somebody said something mean about me!”
    Face it, Chrissy, nobody but your Marxist Nine cohorts cares one whit about your narcissistic, self-absorbed, obsessive focus on who said what about you. You are far from that important.

  13. Can somebody please find his binky and put him down for a nap. This child clearly needs some alone time.

  14. Getting high on your own supply Chris?

    I wonder what bookies would place as the over/under before this freak parade comes to its conclusion by his own lies, contradictions, and inability to play nice with others?

  15. Christopher Constant is quite possibly the most dangerous creature in Alaska politics. Pity nobody has bothered to research his past, family and friends. #skeletonsgalore

    • Somehow I doubt that Chris Constant has friends.
      Fellow radical leftist conspirators, sure. But actual friends? One has to first have a soul to have friends.

    • Why be a troll? If you have information you think is relevant; state it. Saying you don’t think others have done the homework you claim to have done isn’t helpful.

  16. Constant “constantly” derides Suzanne Downing as a “hack,” and “fake news.” I have no sympathy for my assemblyman.

    • You may have missed a meeting. It’s not hack, it’s not fake news. Mr. Constant refers to Ms. Downing as a c*nt.

  17. that 100,000 grand is from the same group that illegally kept in place Monster MEG and Felix the alleycat. follow the money people and show up on tues…. last item on the list is…. AVIATOR HOTEL data. The plot SICKENS ! George and Yarrow and Grey.. the money comes from NEW YORK cITY !

  18. Perhaps the Assembly ought to add, following Pride Month and HIV Testing Day, a resolution to establish Christopher Constant Day. That way, future generations will remember the many important contributions he’s made to the advance of Communism in our city.

  19. I wonder how Les Gara feels about having to associate or be associated with Mr. Constant. While I disagree with Mr. Gara politically, I have always thought of him to be a decent person of convictions and being lumped in with the infantile and despicable attention seeking Mr. Constant must be embarrassing to him…

  20. I’m not sure why we should all pause what we are doing and think … about Chris Constant. No thank you.

  21. I’m pretty sure the call had to do with criticism, however crude, of his performance in office. It is his job to listen to his constituents. Too bad he thinks folks are out to get him. Most folks just wish he would go away.

    • I even more strongly suspect (well, can clearly see) that, unlike the commentators here, Constant is a disingenuous, duplicitous, self-absorbed, self-serving, raging sociopath.

    • So you’re ok with him flipping off Alaskans? He’s a child and nothing more, he’s not winning any election outside of his own district and he wouldn’t win that if people in his district got off their asses and did some homework on how this fool behaves in public. But you appear to be ok with it, which doesn’t speak to highly of you.

    • OK. Possibly a valid point.
      Can you direct us to a few examples? Or are you just making assumptions?

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