Assemblyman Constant says a man left death threats, but Anchorage police chief says it didn’t happen


Candidate for Congress and sitting Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant claims that he has received multiple death threats. He is referring to two phone messages left on his voice mail from a disgruntled constituent who was rude and disrespectful. Whether the caller made an actual threat is in dispute.

But last week during an especially hot Assembly meeting, during which the air conditioning had failed in the Loussac Library’s Assembly Chambers, Constant became agitated about a side door being left open without a police officer stationed at it. He disrupted the meeting to ask why the door was open, and Municipal Manager Amy Demboski informed him that the temperature in the room was 80 degrees and yes, there was a security officer outside. At some point, Constant must have described his fear of a death threat to Demboski.

Soon thereafter, Manager Demboski reached out to the Anchorage police chief on Wednesday to ensure that the matter was being taken seriously: “I had a discussion at the Assembly meeting tonight with Assembly member Constant and he told me he has had numerous death threats in the past two weeks. Are you aware of those threats? Has APD received these threats from Assembly Member Constant and have they been reviewed/assessed for credibility?” Demboski asked the chief. “Any information you can share would be appreciated; I just want to ensure Mr. Constant has provided APD with information to assist in situations like these.”

Chief Michael Kerle responded to Demboski that a review found there was no threat: “Assembly member Constant is referring to two voice messages left for him. We have reviewed this and found no credible threat. We have identified the person who left the messages and will have an officer reach out to him and let him know his messages are not welcome. We will also coordinate with city legal to see if there is any crime committed. In the past, city legal has refused to refer charges on such calls,” the police chief wrote.

Must Read Alaska obtained the notes via a public records request made last week of any communication on the matter between the Mayor’s Office and the Police Department.

“I listened to the voicemails Mr. Constant alleged were death threats and all I heard was someone who disagreed with him politically, I didn’t hear a death threat in those recordings,” Demboski told Must Read Alaska.

Constant, in an essay on his campaign website, refers to the “multiple” threats and provided links to a story written by the South Florida Gay News, the reinforces the claim. That story led off with a description of the tearful sense of victimization that Constant experienced when he listened to the two phone messages:

“Tears welled up in his eyes as Christopher Constant played the recording of a telephone call to his office,” the story started. “The gay assemblyman for the City of Anchorage, Alaska, is conditioned to intimidation tactics, but this call adds a dangerous layer to the game.”  

According to the news site, the man said, “I wanna see you get smoked so bad and you’re going to too.”

“I’m not afraid of you homosexuals,” the man was described as saying. “It disgusts me. Pervert!”

Constant turned over the tape to the Anchorage Police Department, according to the South Florida Gay News and according to the notes between Manager Demboski and Chief Kerle.

“He fights back tears when talks about his love for Alaska, his dog, mountain biking and, sadly, how his campaign for Congress is revealing old prejudices,” the news group wrote.

“This is the reality of what the race is and he is just the one who is willing to say it,” Constant said to the Florida reporter. “Just know this, this is what makes me strong, we make the difference for all the kids coming forward in a world that is not going to be like this anymore.” 

Constant’s campaign has focused the issues of interest to him and the LGBTQ community.

Read the South Florida Gay News report at this link.

On his website, Constant writes that after the Supreme Court invalidates the 1973 abortion ruling known as Roe v. Wade, it will go after the gay community.

“It’s more important than ever to support LGBTQ+ candidates. With the U.S. Supreme Court expected to overturn Roe v. Wade next month, LGBTQ+ rights are next. Electing LGBTQ+ candidates sends a message to the nation that we will not accept hate and intolerance. We are working toward a better future, not willing to fall into a darker past. As an openly gay man, Chris Constant has experienced homophobia and bigotry for most of his life,” his website states.

“These threats and hate speech are despicable, and are only becoming more common. We need to overcome these horrible elements of our society by electing progressive leaders to the highest offices of our country,” Constant’s page says.

“This is the latest in a series of death threats Chris has received over the past three years. These death threats are not due to Chris misusing his elected office, giving out contracts to supporters or failing in his duty as an elected official. They are for enacting mask mandates to protect our hospitals and the medically fragile, for voting to transform our homelessness response system and for banning discredited and trauma-enducing conversion therapy. They are for standing up to a mayor who has routinely violated municipal code and lied to the public about his actions. These threats come from a place of fear. The fear is that Chris Constant is working to create an equitable future where all Alaskans have hope and opportunity, not just some,” the essay states. Read the entire Constant Pride Month essay at this link.


  1. Blah, blah, blah…Democrat rule #_, make false accusations; disburse to all media sites; create a ‘news cycle’ and ‘talking points’; then debunk it after all that. Pelosi calls it the ‘wrap up schmear’… you can’t make this up!

  2. Citizens please understand the devils people have to make a stand. The devils people know the end times are at hand. The devils people know soon our world will be back to what GOD intended and there time is at hand. Obama Biden constant evil has to make its appearance and do all there evil deeds it has started. Oath breakers enough Your abusing power days are over burn it down is all you can do now. Our generation will get to see it all go down. Chris constant we forgive you the citizens will win with GOD. Chiat constant your just a coward oath breaker tell it to GOD. Oath breakers your time has come. So help you GOD oath breakers

  3. What a snowflake! Or, as they are called in China, a strawberry (because it takes almost nothing to bruise them). Certainly not the character charging the beach on D-Day, or standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square. I’m sure that the security guard stood out of sight so that the assembly person didn’t wet itself at the sight of a gun. Anchorage gets what it deserves for electing such inept wimpy fools.

    • Maybe he’s a HUCKLEBERRY”…….I loved that movie. Christopher has to review HISTORY…. People don’t distrust him or think ill of him because of his sexual orientation, it has more to do with his personality in general!!

  4. Until now, I didn’t actually know that Mr. Constant was gay. Most of me does not care. On the other hand, it has been clear for quite some time that he has poor ideas and an inflated sense of self-worth. I am not responsible for Mr. Constant’s emotional state. Period. He needs to manage his own private life. Maybe being in public office is not the best thing for him.

    • When he starts to hear “voices”? through an open door, later referred to phone calls..all I can say “Oh!!..We got troubles right here in River City,(Anchorage) my brother”. a quote from “The Music Man”, a musical movie from the 60’s.

      • Many people don’t really are care what his sexual preferences are, if he didn’t use it for all his excuses. What we ARE disturbed is his along with 4 others trying to usurp the authority of our duly elected mayor and thinking we are accusing his sexual orientation. The “special 5” need to understand it’s their politics of trying to cram their leftist agenda that is ruining Anchorage..They are taking CA/Seattle politics and thinking it should fit here..IT DOESN’T..That’s why many have left those places to start anew here in AK… We don’t need the ruined cities of below to come up here. Many of our homeless has been shipped up here, because those cities think we have $$$$ to spend on them(PFD?)..

  5. I believe the police know literal death threats when they hear them. There is specificity and not minced words. There are personality disorders who react to any personal criticism as though they are being physically killed right then. Their life is very stressed out when they are personally criticized because they always react as though they are being physically killed and physically react accordingly. These traits are described by M. Scott Peck, MD. He was a military psychologist. He has several books: The Road Less Travelled, The People of the Lie come to mind.

  6. GAY RAGE! Manufactured death threats is another avenue of manipulation and manifest by LGBTQ and their prime movers, such as Chris Constant.

  7. Constant is working for an equitable future where all Alaskans, except Republicans, have hope and opportunity.

    • Eh so anyone doing it on their own…. you are right.

    • Vicki, how is excluding Republicans from hope and opportunity equitable? I don’t like the thought of a future where a large segment of the populace is “excluded”. Sounds authoritarian to me. You must be a modern day democrat Vicki or perhaps just another intolerant Maoist, but then is there a difference between the two?

    • Surely resourceful, upset residents’ll figure out how to topple the Chris Child.
      Anchorage’s easily corruptible voting system means job security for this one, but its mannerisms suggest it’s very vulnerable to something that can be exploited to help it implode completely… shady deals, jilted lovers, angry partners, disaffected business associates, who knows… expose it, the Chris Child might even do a Berkowitz faster than you can say Maria Athens.

  8. Constant is a pathetic excuse for the male world. See how this baby reacted to someone calling him out via phone messages? He said death threats were made.
    According to the the messages, the were simply voicing their disgust for him.. And the little baby couldn’t deal with it.
    Sorry moron, you are getting exactly what you deserve. See everything about you comes out when one runs for office.. Good, bad or otherwise..
    Being a public figure you have to deal with the public you serve.
    This “lesser”man is nothing but a little gay tyrant…
    ” You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choices ”
    Universal Paradox

    • Where were you during the Trump administration coward? It was okay when the left did it huh Frankie?

    • Any threat to any US citizen needs to be taken seriously, especially threats by government officials.

      • WEF Klaus and protege khristia Freeland are in DC this week. Bilderberg post covid thingy AI featured. SPEAKING of foreign threats to American people. Where is our delegation. Why so quiet? Why should we know anything.

    • Frankly Rancid, expressions of disgust against a politician for the stated and active policies of that politician are not “threats”, for the same reason that mere words are not “violence”.
      Your radical leftist extremists are completely divorced from all reality, from all civility, from all honesty, and from all morality.

    • I agree totally.
      As long as there is, in fact, a threat. There has to be some kind of test of reasonableness applied. Because Constant is trying to play the victim, and claim that political disagreement is a threat, does not automatically make it a threat.

  9. Nothing makes you strong, because you arent!!! You’re A pathetically weak individual who has to hide behind government power

  10. When you thought the assembly members couldn’t get any lower in ethics, they prove you wrong.

  11. Death threat?????
    Will just have to wait till it happens or not, then will know who’s telling the truth

  12. Constant is a liar? No way. Can’t be.

    When I was younger I used to wonder how people like Constant could sleep at night. Then I grew up and understood there are a lot of people who are evil amoral sociopaths. Constant is among them.

    No lie is too big, no insult to vile, no slander to outrageous for “people” like him.

    If you’re one of the six people who think Mark Begich is a good guy, remember-Begich has endorsed Constant and will not walk it back.

  13. A lot of hot air from someone who does not belong in public service. It would be better if he moved to California.

  14. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t represent the majority who does not like the way he treats them. Poor leadership can bring unhappiness.

  15. “I wanna see you get smoked so bad and you’re going to too.” It sounds like caller is the pervert. Smoking pole is slang for a sexual act and the caller apparently wants to watch Constant have this sex act performed upon him.

    • Don’t be stupid, he was telling Constant that he was going to get smoked in the coming election, it was pretty obvious to anyone that doesn’t have their mind in the gutter.

  16. Oh. Oh so we will reach out and tell the constituent and say oh your first amendment rights are not welcome.

    Sounds like the assembly.

  17. They really like “all the kids coming forward”. They should ban “trauma inducing” voice messages.

  18. Claiming to be a grown up man worthy of high office – this guy pulled a fire alarm while trying to manipulate an election, publicly mocked a conservative Rabbi- using threatening holocaust language, has had officer Beshue on speed dial for 3 years during assembly in case a conservative he doesn’t like needs to be removed, 3 extra security guards show up if certain people get in line, performing illegal trespassing arrests dozens of times. Manipulating certain types of real estate deals for his friends during assembly to make them millions. Soon to be part of Hotel Gate. Has confessed he hates white people, conservative people, older people , trump followers and republicans on his web sites.

  19. Cry me a river, Mr. Constant. You exercise your power when behind the dais pointing out audience members to your patsy Ms. LaFrance. you are disruptive and arrogant at meetings showing no respect to others in attendance whether they be audience or Assembly members who you deem dilatory and unworthy. You disregard normal interactions and dialogue that doesn’t fit your bullying style. Just because you’re miserable is not for you to spread to all others.

  20. As an assemblyman, isn’t it his job to listen to the criticism of his constituents? Just spitballin’ here, but I think perhaps he objects to being called out for being a poor representative to most of his constituents.

    • Agree totally. if you cannot handle a constituent disagreeing, you have no place in political office.

  21. Even the greatest leaders once lived had their critics, however their critics were the corrupt stinkers club. If any caller would get so personal calling him, then he ought to had preach with love and all words used quote what the torah and the jewish prophets spoke against sexual immoral living just in case constant never read it or skimmed over it.

    • Appears constant critics are from the blunt and brash club, speaking their mind as constant is blunt and brash himself.

  22. Drama queens like to falsely claim they receive imaginary threats because they think only important people are threatened.
    Mr. Constant is a very self important drama queen, and he fancies himself as “cleverly” raising his public profile by making up threats.
    In reality, he should be charged for wasting the APDs time investigating imaginary “threats” against him….

  23. All victim. All the time. And when he isn’t doing that he is claiming he is disliked based on his lifestyle choices.

    He isn’t reviled because he is a gay guy who happens to be a leftist politician. Rather, he is a leftist politician who happens to be a gay guy. There is a difference. Cheers –

  24. Another crybully. They always resort to perpetual victimhood when they don’t get their way.

  25. This is a dangerous man whose ambitions appear to be the collection of power at any cost. Do the voters in his district see it? Apparently not.

  26. It’s amazing that this guy has ever been taken seriously. Although I don’t agree with his politics, I can live with that – that’s our system after all. But I despise his attention-seeking antics and his rabid hostility to anyone who disagrees with him.
    Anchorage, you can do better. Next time, vote him out.

  27. Some paranoids check under their bed each night – wary of lurking Communists!
    Now we know what actual Communists are checking for.

  28. While it my personal belief based on his past actions and words that Constant can easily be described as overly dramatic, BUT….., and maybe I’m just picking at nits here but, MRAK reports:

    “Must Read Alaska obtained the notes via a public records request made last week of any communication on the matter between the Mayor’s Office and the Police Department and then goes on to quote Demboski saying; “I listened to the voicemails Mr. Constant alleged were death threats and all I heard was someone who disagreed with him politically, I didn’t hear a death threat in those recordings,”

    I’m just curious, if you have the records you requested why not actually report them?

    • Bob, the files were difficult to extract as sent to me but I will take a screenshot of the Kerle note and insert it in the story to give you greater confidence in the reporting of it. -sd

  29. It’s not personal and I’m not doubting you article. It’s just that with the evidence actually presented its a lot tougher for someone to try to debunk a claim.

  30. What I’m wondering is who he did that to… Normally dems accuse those of what they themselves are doing.

  31. Oh, Chris. Anchorage folk don’t detest you on account of your preferences, it’s your completely juvenile, un-Alaskan, toxic political ladder-climbing that’s the problem. You don’t care about this city, you’re just resume building for Washington.

  32. Representative Constant’s sexual choices should never have been brought into the workplace.
    Such behavior certainly would not be tolerated from a hetrosexual (sexual or romantic attraction between people of opposite sex).
    Such action and discussion needs to immediately be taken up with HR and the legal department.
    As a citizen of this community, I am highly offended.
    I personally find it abusive behavior. And I feel threatened.

    I’m stating facts. I have rights too.
    And it is my right to NOT be brought into the discussion or forced acknowledgement of Mr. Constants sexual preferences – or ANY city employees sexual preference – for that FACT.

    Sex talk is NOT compatible in the workplace or outside on the internet when stated in conjunction with the job.
    It has become exhausting that certain sexual preference discussion has become commonplace.
    It has got to stop.

    There are set boundaries – for a purpose.
    I am not prude and don’t care if you think so.
    I won’t be baited into the acceptance of this as a norm.
    Do your job Constant or get out.


  33. It’s a immutable fact that democrats will lie to make themselves victims of the ‘abusive’ and ‘oppressive’ actions of conservatives. Assembly Member Constant is as “constant as the North Star” on this point. What we are witnessing is a foreshadowing of the biblical proportions of lying Mr. Constant will do should he be elected to the ‘Big House’. Anchorage voters need to ask themselves why they continue to vote for such fools. They are a such a waste of time.

  34. If Mr. Constant and his junta were doing the work of their Anchorage constituents and not acting like fascists, he would have no reason to fear a door being left open to provide ventilation. This does not surprise me in the least that Mr. Constant would provide hyperbole about a death threat (at best) or a complete fabrication. It helps him demonize his opponents and solidifies his base for their hatred of those opponents.

    My question is: why is he not being censured for making a false statement. Better yet, why is he not being charged with lying to law enforcement. You can bet if the nameplate on the dais said Bronson, there would be a full-blown investigation and front page articles in Binkley’s Daily Pravda. Wait for it: next will be LaFrance or another member of the Assembly’s intelligentsia claiming the same thing. Perhaps they will pen a letter to the Dept of Justice hoping to label and investigate conservatives in Anchorage as insurrectionists?

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