Camp Berkowitz video highlights ‘nothing to report’ mayor


“Reformed Snowflake,” a videographer with a YouTube channel, has been at it again.

With some current footage of the 37-tent squatters’ encampment on the Delaney Park Strip in Anchorage, and with audio from 2018 Anchorage Assembly meetings, “Camp Berkowitz” becomes something that Mayor Ethan Berkowitz might like to report on during the next Assembly meeting. Or not.

The video borrows from another “Reformed Snowflake” video from February, 2018, when months of Assembly footage had been compiled that showed Berkowitz never having anything to report to the Assembly, until Assembly President Elvi Gray-Jackson (now a state senator) simply gave up calling on him. Here’s that video:

Must Read Alaska has learned that the protest campers have been given 72 hours to clear out of the popular recreational area, where they’ve set up a tent city without obtaining city permits.

The campers have been canvassing the neighborhood with a flyer inviting the people in homes surrounding the Park Strip to come and break bread with them on Thursday evening:

The flyer being left on homes in downtown Anchorage.

The mayor has been quoted in the media saying he agrees with the protesters in concept about their numerous complaints. Among them are the budget cuts by the governor, which they wish to see restored.

In photos taken tonight at the occupation, the majority of the squatters were strong young men of working age:

Strong, young men of working age make up a majority of the occupiers.

Mayor Berkowitz ran on a “safe, secure, and strong Anchorage” platform, but Alaska’s biggest city has descended into lawlessness under his administration.

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  1. I want to know who paid for all of those tents? Where did the support come from to get all of the flyers handed out (and most likely ended up as litter)? I dread coming into Anchorage …

  2. I wouldn’t break bread with those guys, they might spit on your food or worse. The mayor needs to do his damn job and stop enabling these people.

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