Mr. Mayor continues to have ‘nothing to report’


“Reformed Snowflake” has been at it again, with another in the series of videos that show a nonchalant Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, who has nothing to report, to the point where Anchorage Assembly Chair Elvi Gray-Jackson wonders aloud why she even bothers to ask him.

In a year when murder hit a record high in Alaska’s largest city, Berkowitz never has anything to say to the Assembly or public. Even though he was, behind the scenes, working on the sale of the city’s utility, ML&P, he still had nothing to say to the Assembly.

Reformed Snowflake’s identity is unknown, but he or she has obviously been reviewing tape from the Assembly meetings, and is hardly impressed.

It’s all on You Tube with the other “Nothing to say mayor” videos posted in recent weeks, including the “Galaxy Far, Far Away Mayor.”

See Part III here:


Galaxy Far, Far Away version:


The original: “All these people and nothing to say?”



  1. Well, you know… he’s looking to get re-elected, so he thinks he should only report positive and uplifting things about the city… and since there aren’t any……….nothing to report..

  2. You forgot about his response to the public in light of the crime wave Anchorage is experiencing: If we weren’t out after midnight nothing bad would happen to us.

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