California now offers free health insurance to illegal immigrants


Starting Jan. 1, all illegal immigrants, regardless of age or criminal status, qualify for MediCal, California’s Medicaid program.

The program, an expansion of taxpayer-funded health care that started with Obamacare, makes an estimated 764,000 illegal residents between ages 26 and 49 eligible for full coverage. Earlier expansions included children, young adults and older illegals.

Medi-Cal already covered 14.6 million Californians – more than a third of the state’s population, before the 2024 expansion to those in the country illegally.

Meanwhile, since Obamacare created mandatory insurance laws with the promise of driving down costs, the average annual premium for covered workers in California averaged $8,083 for single coverage and $22,818 for family coverage in 2023, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

but Californians will pay 11% more for health insurance in 2024, due to inflation and state policies driven in part by the rising number of Medi-Cal enrollees.

The free health care may help California reverse its population trend. As working people flee California for Texas and other states, the illegal immigrants may flock to the state for the health services it offers them, boosting actual population numbers but putting pressure on services.

California’s population was 39.5 million in 2020, but declined to below 39 million in 2023.


  1. who cares what’s happening in another state? leave them alone and don’t move there. it’s blue and we know what that means anyways.we have our glass house in order and don’t listen to main stream media. we have our own special echo chamber and silos to cling too.

    we have SB21 bailing out our state and making sure our own house is financially secure. it takes a real rocket scientist’s to land at number 50 several years in a row on major business forums rating scales. lets pray we can keep all the weirdos in the blue states since our blood is pure up here. we secure those folks that have gotten us to this prestigious mountain state of Alaska and university jobs.

    lets live in our own special red bubble and leave everyone else alone. don’t read history or question the powers that be. as ive been told too often, “you don’t understand”

    • I guess you’re a vegan already, or so wealthy you don’t care that the californicators are pricing meat out of the reach of everyone not on SNAP.

    • And we have over 270,000 people on medicaid in Alaska, most of whom have contributed ZERO. Meanwhile a 66 year old on Medicare pays $300.00 a month for Medicare and Part C coverage, after paying 1.5% of my wages into medicare for over 50 years and my employer paying in another 1.5%. The State of Alaska is now the Welfare State of Alaska, unless you happen to actually WORK in the private sector. Then you are just donating to someone else’s cause that you don’t even know.

      • That may be the case. Do you know how it got that way? Do you have the full story? There are many factors involved, but I daresay that most of ‘it’ happened without adequate and pro-active decision-making. Legislators dragging their feet, hoping that the law wouldn’t stand, and reluctantly providing for the minimum standards. However, the issue of calling Alaska a welfare state doesn’t help matters much, as Alice in Wonderland’s March Hare runs off in another completely different direction, the sleep-at-the-wheel dormouse gets by with the leftovers, while the excitable yet ineffectual Mad Hatter carries on, dithering and dilly-dallying. Still, the person uttering ‘Off with her head’ doesn’t seem to be very successful in either making sense or in carrying out the assassinations. It just seems that properly administered healthcare would contribute significantly to society, such as improving healthy outcomes and providing consistent policy, to focus on resolving other future problems and the different aspects of what’s coming down the pike. Instead, we as a society sometimes seem to be trying to get by with providing the least possible to keep it going.

  2. Why not just completely open the border? Send trucks down to Mexico to speed up the process?

    Upon arrival give them a pound mix of weed, coke, heroin, and fentanyl as a welcome to hell gift. Don’t forget a coupon book of literal get out of jail free cards. Add in a map of the best places to loot, camp, and get stoned.

    Hey, Mad Max was right. It’s Thunderdome, California style.

    It is fascinating to watch the once most prosperous state in America commit dystopian suicide.

    Forget a wall with Mexico. Build a wall around California and Oregon.

  3. I am sure the residence are OK paying taxes for medical treatment for the Third World countries well they have to pay high medical premiums co-pay, and everything else out-of-pocket
    People better wake up and realize that there’s about 8 billion poor people in the world. I don’t know how many California thinks they can handle but pack them in pay for all Californians you deserve it.

  4. NOTHING(!) about this is “free” but rather, the local Taxpayers will be responsible to pick-up the tab for these expenses. Don’t ever forget, this is most likely occurring here in the State of AK too. Keep your eyes open and aware of these devious efforts within our communities, most likely disguised as something virtuous and something to pull at your emotional strings.

  5. California has been incentivizing the breaking of laws for some time now. They must have made aiding and abetting criminal behavior legal as well.

    • Maybe it’s Downing, maybe the your comment removal is not. Remember the posting of MRAK be turning over to new management. Starting with whom John Quick has brought on to the mrak podcast as guests I wonder why he choose them, They ain’t even a conservative, They ain’t even a person of faith, patriotism, and conservatism. I don’t need to listen to the enemy of America telling MRAk listeners what they themselves think. Also too mark I noticed comments are slower to be approved then before the posting of the new management field.
      Without Suzanne Downing at the helm of MRAK will die. It’ll get boring and die. Just like Homer, no one will know what it is. Cause it’s starting to go way of tolerance to democrats by the direction of who John quick has been picking as his guests. If MRAK wants to turn itself around again it really needs another younger generation member just like Scott Laveske, remember Scott laveske?

      • Jen, I don’t know what might or might not be happening in regards to comments moderation here on MRAK since the change in ownership, but as The Masked Avenger pointed out in another comment thread yesterday or the day before, there has been a notable lack of comments from the radical leftist contrarian cohort on MRAK in the recent past that seems suspicious, at the very least.

  6. Free health insurance = free health care. If the people of the state of California want to do this then fine. However, if there is a federal cost component, which I bet there certainly is, it is at the cost of all US taxpayers. Ergo, this nonsense is just another way our nation is broken.

    • “Free” is a non existent concept in a sciety where the people in it are supposedly “free”. The price is being paid every day by everyonethat earns a living or is attemppting to live on their retirement, in the form of inflated prices and hidden taxes. This added expense is moving people to the breaking point and the trajectory is unsustainable.

  7. Gavin Newsome is a dunce. Throwing away his taxpayer base dollars to non-citizens and criminals. Another broken, mixed-up Democrat who never grew up. Adious, dumbsheet.

  8. Try the reverse: cross over illegally to Mexico, Central America or South America and demand political asylum. Oh by the way, I would like free health insurance, free schooling, free housing, free meals, free driver’s license, etc. See how far that goes before they imprison you and throw away the key, kick your butt out of their country, or worse.

  9. Are Californians really that dumb to elect Gavin Newsome? Newsome is the reason California is going broke.

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