California bill gives government ability to terminate parents’ rights

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Forget warning kids. It’s the parents in California who will need to be terrified of strangers if a new bill passes. 

Snuck into AB 665, legislation ostensibly about extending mental health care to lower-income California youths, is a provision that effectively would terminate parents’ rights over their children as soon as they turn 12. 

The California Family Council warns that this bill “would allow children as young as 12 years old to consent to being placed into state-funded group homes without parental permission or knowledge.”  

As long as a mental health professional signs off on it, the kids can go to such a group home—and it doesn’t matter what their parents think. 

“This bill gives a stranger, a school psychologist, power to decide whether a sixth or seventh grader comes home from school that day, and that’s terrifying,” Erin Friday, a California mom of two teens, told The Daily Signal

“This bill is essentially stating that parents are criminals that have to prove their innocence to get their child back,” said Friday, who is a leader of the parent advocacy group Our Duty. 

Read more at the Daily Signal.


  1. When do even most leftists begin to acknowledge that this so-called “woke”, ragingly statist political trend, granting ever more power to unaccountable “experts” and politicians, is simply totalitarian and evil?

  2. On its way here.

    The left has made it clear for a long time they view children the property of the state, not the obligation and responsibility of the family.

    Ugly things are coming.

  3. Any State/STATE can terminate parental rights. That BC isn’t just recorded. It’s “registered” as State property. That child belongs to the State/STATE. Senate Document 43; SENATE RESOLUTION #62 (page 9) April 17, 1933

    • That notion has yet to be tested at the SCOTUS. This case may just prompt a huge win for parents.

    • That notion has yet to be tested at the SCOTUS. This case may just prompt a huge win for parents. We’ll see – children are not property, they are human beings conceived by parents who have the responsibility (and blessing!) for raising them to ADULTHOOD.

    • The progressive neo-liberal post-Marxist far left don’t have any kids as adding to the population would be a form of environmental violence contrary to the future sustainability of the planet (even though Malthus was, and Ehrlich continues to be, wrong).
      No, they just want to control YOUR kids to turn them into complacent like-voting automatons because they believe that morality, right vs wrong, is defined by 50% +1 majority, and not by any extant a priori truth.
      If they come for your kids, forget the alleged “civility” of the law, and just do what a mother bear does when something comes for her cubs. Too many have forgotten what it means to “F**K AROUND AND FIND OUT!”

    • The parents have a God-given natural property right to a familial relationship. It is unconstitutional for humans to be owned property. There is a property right to relationship arising out of the laws of nature. The property right extends to natural grandparents as well.

  4. They voted for it maybe the parents will wake up now and help the conservatives fix what’s not right.

  5. I believe it is imporatant to allow young adults the choice if they want to confide in their parents, or a trained educator. This applies to all young adults who may not be comfortable about discussing issues with their parents.

    • I am sorry Frank, “young adults” are NOT 12 years old, they are 18-25! That why we called them ADULTS! Your post is disingenuously ignoring the tyrannical implications of “do as we say or your kids are ours” and the fact the the vast majority of teenagers at some point in their short life “hate” their parents, because they did not get what they thought they are owed or wanted. This preys on that sentiment and is just an underhanded way to take control. Let us also not ignore the destabilizing societal effect, if the majority of youth grew up in an institutional setting without a stable parental presence.

  6. “would allow children as young as 12 years old to consent to being placed into state-funded group homes without parental permission or knowledge.”
    And, how many of us, in our early teens, thought living anywhere other than with our horrible oppressive parents would be an improvement?
    Reminder once again. Leftists want your relationship with the all powerful State to be first and foremost in your life.

  7. Why not cut to the chase?
    If you’re forced to choose between: (a) letting the State take your children or (b) losing your stuff, freedom, possibly your life trying to stop the State from taking your children, what will you do?

    • President Donald Trump cares about these rights. This is why the deep state hate him so intensely.

  8. Time for, professionally educated, Christian counselors to start helping the youth of CA run away from their brain dead, liberal parent and be protected by the State from the insanity they see at home.

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