Buying Alaska: 78% of Alaska Democrat Party funds come from Outside sources


The Alaska Democratic Party continues its tradition of political colonialism.

Although it raises more money than the Alaska Republican Party, the Alaska Democrat Party depends largely on Outside money for its very existence.

A review of January through April, 2023 fundraising shows that over 78% of the blue party’s funds are coming from out of state. Nearly half of the dollars raised come from California.

Alternately, the Alaska Republican Party is supported by Alaskans, with 99.3% of the funds coming from inside the state, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission records through April 30.

The Democrats, with help from leftist philanthropist George Soros and super-wealthy liberals brought in a reported $78,017 income during the first four months of 2023, compared with $54,654 raised by the Alaska GOP.


  1. It’s even more skewed during Muni elections when the six figure donations from out of state unions come in to hire staff to conduct door to door ballot harvesting.

    • With the head of the Assembly coming from California, Constant, he is out to californicate our once great city into another abomination. He tears apart our city with his mean spirited ordinances, anti oarent, anti citizen, anti human first, one tuesday at a time. He has already silenced all of us, took away our first amendment rights within the assembly meetings (we the people, citizens of anchorage). Constantly complaining also hopes to take out (fire, terminate employment, embarrass, humiliate, destroy, imprison, lie about, etc) our duly elected mayor (with 99.3% conservatives and 21.2% leftists) even tho we the people are quite obviously conservative.
      This shows the dark money is winning elections and leftists hate us (mr constants Nd karens emails to constituents could not stand up to publuc scrutiny).
      Peter principle in full effect – everyone rises to their level of INcompetence, see nine of the assembly members as examples:
      Christopher Constant,
      Daniel Volland,
      Kameron Perez-Verdia,
      Anna Brawley​,
      Felix Rivera,
      Meg Zaletel,
      Karen Bronga,
      George Martinez and
      Zac Johnson
      And lets not forget their minions, aka municipal staff. We have been ordered to do some dastardly deeds under their administration, and we cannot speak out, the ombudsman process is just as fubar.
      Hmmmmm, who is really voting when this is the same team in charge of our elections, ballots and the oversight thereof….

  2. This is why we need to have a group of state lawyers filing environmental stop orders on every project in these states. The snail darter needs protected.

  3. If so much money comes from ‘outside’ sources, then what does it say about successful Democratic campaigns? Isn’t it the voters that vote, and not the ‘outside’ sources? Now, if Republicans published a story about their party funding coming from ‘outside’ sources, no one would raise even an eyebrow. But, they might say, “here they are spending so much money and what are they getting for it?” Here is apt ‘quote’ from the Washington Post’s Philip Bloom (I think), “There is no truth in trumpism.” Think about it. Most Alaskans don’t have a lot of time and money to dink around with laboring under false pretenses.

    • True, it is the voters who make the final selection ( except in elections like the last presidential one where there is outright evidence of bags of ‘ prepared’ ballots being deposited) but to say that the average citizen is not influenced by false advertising, consistent and in your face advertising and door to door visits by paid individuals is assuming the purist motives exist in all of us. The simple fact is money used both legally and illegally ( in village grants ) makes a tremendous difference in who gets elected. Thus a level playing field would ELIMINATE ALL OUTSIDE FUNDING FROM A LOCAL ELECTION .

    • Well, yes. It is the “voter” that votes, not the money.
      But, advertising works. Marketing works. Obama’s 2008 campaign was one of the most successful of all time, because he advertised and marketed better than any Presidential candidate in modern history. And, his campaign leveraged technologies, social media, etc… to an extent not seen before.
      And, why is that important? Because all of it took money. Lots and lots of money.
      The issue is not money spent. It is who’s money is spent, and why? Why exactly does more money for Democrat campaigns come from California than from AK? What does California democrats want? And, does the California Democrat ideals even work in AK? Does the average AK citizen look at California and say “They are doing it right down there, I think we should emulate them?”

    • Historically, there are 2 elections. The first is money; the second candidates. The first usually determines the outcome of the second.

      Easy to understand why outside Leftists contribute to elections in Alaska. The contests are relatively cheap to buy.

    • Mrs N. I doubt that Trumpism is totally lacking Truth, there is some in there, somewhere. What is an obvious truth however is that there is an unending flow of Bull$hit in Bidenism!
      Prove me wrong!

  4. Tons of money is flowing into Juneau. Commercial real estate is being rapidly bought up by the government and tribal entities. Juneau has its own remote safe house for ballot counting. There is a separate building next to the capital to house lobbyists and activists. There are paid ballot harvesters and activits all over town. Dark money footing the bill.

  5. Well, this outside $$$ is a successful strategy implemented that clearly produces results. One party has figured it out while the other party clings to its virtuous projections. At some point, it seems as if one party wants to start to succeed it will have to get down in the trenches and fight … “like you’re the third monkey on the ramp to board Noah’s Ark.”

  6. Of course their money comes from outside sources! No one in Alaska, with brains enough to run a successful business (required to have large amounts of money) would ever broadly support democrat policies as put forth by the Alaska dems.

  7. In the 2022 election cycle Lisa Murkowski received $52,100.00 from the RNC. and since that is most assuredly all out of state money, I’d be careful about calling the kettle black…..

  8. I am curious.
    How would our friends on the left side of the political aisle feel if the Republicans started a similar “Turn the state red” initiative? I see it all the time from the dems. “Let’s turn Texas Blue!” for example. But, I think, if the GOP decided to dedicate a lot of time and money (especially money) into turning XYZ city or state Red, there would be a lot of outrage.
    But, that is just my bias and prejudice showing, I suspect.

    • That’s been my prayer is turn Alaska red, that its so red that while the Southern Eastern part of America is called the Bible Belt states. We become known as the Bible red hat state. That we got the northern eastern states Washington and Oregon are blue then there is Alaska. The state that once was dead, kids dying left and right, is alive by a miracle.

    • We all have our field to work . If that’s for some start a turn Alaska Red initiative is their call, then so be it. The blue can cry, bellow. and call foul, if it’s what that person and team are called to do then they can’t stop over a few tears, intimidation, nor complaints from the Left.

  9. Me too: Through the decades in Alaska I would have had these questions answered in affidavits for starters among many others.
    1. Do you have authority to view “AK PAY”?
    2. Do you have “update authority” in “AK PAY”?
    3. Who does in your Department? (“I don’t know” isn’t a good enough response from a government manager.)
    4. Do you have a Certifying Officer Affidavit on file with the Division of Finance and Dept of Administration?
    5. What was employee’s ethnicity? How were you informed of this?
    6. Why was employee’s final paycheck withheld from him for an entire two months?
    7. What is AK state law regarding final paychecks?
    8. Did supervisor question employee’s “Command of the Englishanguage” by note in file?
    9. What’s so bad about illegal, unauthorized hiring?
    10. What is the first thing you do when you know you want to fill a vacancy?
    11. What is that form called?
    12. What is the process for signing?
    13. What if the form gets “lost” (in anyone’s office)?
    14. Who brings the replacement document(s) then do you have two or three page(s) of hiring documents?
    15. What do you know about “internal” contracts?
    16. Why do you think they are necessary? Why are internal controls necessary, or are they?
    17. What if you have a “feeling about” a (minority) hire; who do you turn to? Who is your division expert?
    18. When are they considered “effectively hired”?
    19. What are the government statutes if any prohibiting illegal acts?
    20. Is probation a status or a job classification?
    Etc. It’s nice the Anchorage Assembly is willingly volunteering to act as “managing” day-to-day executive(s) severally and jointly.

  10. Ranked choice voting here in Alaska is the perfect example. New York democrat Kathryn Murdoch, through her group United America, contributed $500,000 to push RCV here. Those pointing out this huge outside contribution at the time were threatened with legal action against them, a threat bolstered by our ultra liberal judiciary and Murdoch’s deep pockets.

  11. Until it gets resolved the Republicans need to learn to do the same, and do it better.

    You win the game with the rules as they exist. Not as you want them to be.

  12. Alaskans aren’t the best at spending and saving, so when each party’s candidates come shopping around looking for donors not many feel they can sign up and consistently contribute large amounts. Since I been reading my Bible and doing my devotions. The Word of God is disciplining my spending and saving than without.

  13. Are you saying Alaskans are not very smart ? Rank choice voting shows how naive and stupid we really are . Most of the money crept in from outside sources and benefited the liberals .

    My Father was ardent Alaskan Democrat and the party today is not representative of Alaskans or our ideals from 40 years ago . I miss Alex Miller , Don Pruhs and Governor Egan . Those were real Alaskans .

  14. Visit
    And learn how you can help rid Alaska of the carpet baggers from the south. Their latest shellgame aka Rank Choice Voting was sold to Alaska as a means of ridding us of dark money… they lied. You know it, I know it, they know it. Go to Find out where you can sign the petition.

  15. Crazy thing was the Alaskan GOP knew that this was well funded effort by liberals and outside groups and did absolutely nothing to inform the republican constituents on how to vote this confusing program ! The Alaska GOP lost all my respect as they nothing but the Uni-Party now and bought off on swamp politics ! I ask my fellow GOP ( Grifters , Opportunists and Pimps) if you are a Mitch McConnell swamper or a real Republican !

  16. I thought there were campaign finance laws to prevent this outside influence in elections. Wasn’t that true years ago? Please pardon my ignorance, but why would this be tolerated?

  17. When Alaskans vote for a Republican, they have over a 99% chance that their GOP representative will serve them. If you vote for a Democrat, you have less that a 22% chance, because they get their support somewhere else.

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