Bryce Edgmon becomes Speaker: 21 to 18


By a vote of 21-18, Rep. Bryce Edgmon has become Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Republicans who voted in favor of the Democrat-turned-undeclared Speaker were Anchorage Reps. Chuck Kopp and Jennifer Johnston.

Rep. Gary Knopp of Kenai had left town, dodging the vote. Democrats voted to allow him an excused absence.

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Republicans Gabrielle LeDoux and Louise Stutes also voted for Edgmon, but these votes were expected, as the two are in lockstep with Democrats.

Kopp said on the floor that it was time for the House to organize, and he indicated that Speaker Edgmon was the only apparent way forward to break the impasse.

Rep. DeLena Johnson of Palmer nominated Rep. Dave Talerico, a Healy Republican, but with a motion on the floor to vote on Edgmon, she was not able to move an actual motion to vote on Talerico.

Tuck spoke on behalf of his motion to vote on Edgmon, saying Edgmon was a fair and quiet leader, and said that he had been a good Speaker during the past two years.

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Rep. Jennifer Johnston said she was following the words of the late Sen. Ted Stevens, who said, “To hell with politics, just do what’s right for Alaska.”

Edgmon appointed a Committee on Committees to form up the leadership on committees, and that included himself as chair, Chuck Kopp, Steve Thompson, Neal Foster, Tammie Wilson, Jennifer Johnston, and Louise Stutes. The committee is made up of three Democrats — Edgmon, Foster, and registered Republican Louise Stutes, who caucuses with the Democrats, and four Republicans — Kopp, Thompson, Wilson, and Johnston.

They will come up with a Rules chair and the other committee leadership appointments. The House took a recess so that work can be completed.

[This story will be updated]


  1. I was waiting for the drop on the Uncle Ted quote. There it is! Guess that’s supposed to make it all ok. Well, it’s not, but what do you do? Something had to give. There are a couple of choices here: Sit around and complain about it or get to work. I suggest they get busy. For those that can change out their Representatives, I suggest they do so at the next election if it can’t be done sooner. Stutes, LeDoux, Knopp, for sure. There are a couple more “iffy” Republicans and I am sure they will show their true colors as the session moves forward.

  2. How quaint, Jennifer Johnston quoting Ted Stevens: “To hell with politics, just do what’s right for Alaska.”

    No Jennifer, let’s just call it what it is: “To hell with the voters, just do what’s right for ME!”

    The people of Alaska elected a Republican majority across-the-board, and now we have a Democrat speaker for two years?

    The forked-tongue manipulator orchestrating all this was RINO Gary Knopp.

    We should not allow him to remain in our legislature.

  3. You can paint white stripes on a jackass, but that jackass will not magically become a zebra, he will remain a jackass!

  4. This is a HUGE mistake and will come back to haunt the Republicans in a short time. Democrats have just seized control of the State House using fiat political currency. The agenda for the next several months is to unwind Dunleavy’s budget and destabilize his Administration. Bad things coming down the pike.

  5. This isnt ok. Were just gonna let them run us over with the bus. You will get nothing done. Again. Its pathetic that Kopp, Johnston, Ledoux, Stutes and Knopp voted for Edgmon for chair. Even though Knopp wasn’t there to vote we know where his heart lies. These five are all turncoats. We voted for them cause they were Republicans and guess what they fooled us again. The laughter of Stutes after the vote tells the whole story. She put her arm around the speaker and grinned. Like I got you back Republicans for kicking me out of the party. It’s just plain pathetic what has become of our party. Are we gonna just keep letting this happen or make a stand ? Its disheartening of what transpired today. But for those who had the stones to hold the line to vote for Talerico I applaud you folks.

    • Gary Knopp and his fellow merry men down in Juneau just ensured they will have two more years to fill up their easy money hog trough on the backs of hardworking Alaskans.

      Their devious maneuver, if allowed to stand, will be the downfall of the Dunleavy administration’s attempt to finally get Alaska’s financial house in order.

      The sabotage of government we just witnessed happen in the House was carefully choreographed from day by the Dems and RINO’s in our legislature.

      The question is, are we Alaskans going to sit here and take it? Or will we say “hell no, I’m not taking this crap anymore?”

  6. I thought Knopp would not go with a 21 group majority because it is too easy to have a member hold everyone hostage. Yet, this is exactly what he did!! So 30 days of his holding everyone hostage in the House of Representatives was a game for him to get an elevated position with whichever side him the best.

    My goodness. How deceitful and despicable.

    • In case you hadn’t noticed, Knopp hasn’t gone with this group as yet (he wasn’t there for the vote). It’s expected that several others will join the 21 member group, making it just what Knopp was hoping for.
      Hardly deceitful or despicable.

      • Bill. Good try. Oh goodness. 22 not 21. Such a large Bi-Partisan coalition. lol. Still not even close to what he was seeking and stating what he intentionally walked away from in December.

        • OK David, it appears that you cannot read plain English. Knopp hasn’t gone with this group and he may not still. As I mentioned, it’s expected that several other Republicans will also caucus with this group and that would make it say 25-26 or more, even.
          Anyway, to assume Knopp has a thing to do with this is asinine IMO. We’ll get to see eventually what he does, until then there is nothing deceitful or despicable, other than your despicable comments.

  7. I hope voters will remember Knopp, LeDoux (who bought her election), Stutes and other GOP representatives who turncoat when they head to Juneau in the next election or RECALL them. The voters clearly voted a Republican majority in House, Senate, and Governor. They think the voters don’t know what is right for them.

  8. Making deals with the Devil is not “doing what’s right for Alaska”. The only winners in all of this are Demoncrats. Thank God for the Line Item Veto!

  9. When we moved here 40 years ago my new Alaskan friends would say “Only in Alaska” I now know what it means. Instead of representing Alaskans, Gabrielle LeDoux should be investigated for the 20+ illegal votes from one mobile home in Muldoon. I guess it is ok as I have tried to find out if there is an investigation and a Robert Henderson from the AG’s office emailed me and said that I could not even know if there was an ongoing investigation. So I guess it is true: “Only in Alaska.” My question is: Do we the voters count?” aaaah evidently not.

    • ……….for a first class jerk………….. Our Kenai Republican friends must really be pissed off at this character.

    • Good. The northbound flight out of Juneau. Heading up to get to the townhall in Kenai this evening. I can’t wait to read the reports on it!

  10. So there you have it – Dunleavy’s budget is already DOA – as it deserved to be.
    The only sane course of action is to balance the State Budget with the statutory 5.25% draw from the PFER. There might even be a little left over for a small Dividend.
    Additionally, we must begin re-funding the CBR with PF Earnings in equal amount to that drawn for the General Fund. This does not count towards the 5.25%
    Are you a fiscal conservative or a socialist in sheep’s clothing?

  11. There goes Dunleavy’s clear shot at giving the boot to all the dead wood in state government. And his attempt to get us our retroactive PFD’s. All that work down the drain because of Knopp and few other turncoats. I hope Kenai Republicans hang that sob.

  12. I am hoping that Jennifer Johnston would explain her Ted Stevens logic a bit: In what way is her vote “right for Alaska?” Is is “right for Alaska” that she obtains a leadership position? Is it “right for Alaska” that the Democrats will now largely control the House? Is it “right for Alaska” that she ran as a Republican but can now switch over and basically become a Democrat? Is it “right for Alaska” that she can make the switch without consulting with her constituents? I would sure like her to explain all of that, if she has a little time.

  13. Republicans always eat their own kind, even the young. Always entertaining to say the least. More popcorn please.

    • Not sure I understand. “Eating their own, even the young?” Do you mean wanting to ditch the turncoats? If that is what you are referring to, it isn’t eating their own, it is disposing of frauds. That is a good thing! The Dems should try it! Look at the State of Virginia. They won’t get rid of a Governor in the blackface scandal, the Lt. Gov. with the rape allegations, or the attorney general with the black face scandal ALL because the next in line is a Republican. Pretty sickening. They are coming out in droves to support them now, in a show of unity. All for the party. They were screeching “believe women” when Kavanaugh was accused. Now it is a non-issue. Racist photos are a non-issue. Puke.

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