Bronson makes small vetoes in Assembly budget add-ons


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson vetoed items from the Assembly’s budget amendments this week. The Assembly had added several items totaling about $3.6 million to the proposed $583.6 million municipal budget. The two vetoes are:

$50,000, ACDA, Municipal-wide housing study of short-term rentals

Explanation: The veto is because, per Anchorage Municipal Code 25.35.015, Anchorage Community Development Authority is independent and separate from the municipality and is not a department. ACDA cannot have direct appropriations from the municipal budget.

“While I support a municipal-wide housing study of short-term rentals this is not a legal appropriation and therefore I must veto,” Bronson said. 

$119,000, Community Development/Heritage Land Bank, “To hire a real estate consultant to protect the HLB interest in the Holtan Hills land development deal, if the development agreement is approved by the Assembly”

“While I support the efforts in advancing the Holtan Hills development agreement, the proposal to utilize funding from a position that is currently filled within the Mayor’s Office is putting an individual’s employment in jeopardy, I do not condone,” Bronson said.


  1. Bronson is a good Mayor, he deserves our support. The Assembly(?), these power hungry narcissist feeding their insatiable appetite and inflated egos, they continue their political games at our expense.

  2. May Mayor Bronson not be the last conservative Mayor for Anchorage which the assembly wants him to be.
    The former Fighter Pilot fired trouble makers and replaced them with competent professionals at his discretion and the ones fired should not receive tax payers money just because they threw a fit 😉

  3. The Tax & Spend assembly will override his vetoes and their friends/minions will benefit at the taxpayers’ expense, again! Laws/statutes, Anchorage Municipal Code to the contrary, will be ignored.

  4. The HLB Director position is unfilled, Bronson has run off most of the good administers from many of the City departments, making it more difficult for his administration to perform basic municipal functions

  5. Now everyone just needs to shut the hell up and pay more because the “selected” Assembly needs it. Just quit asking silly questions what its for! They are all experts at taxing the serfs to fill their own AND their cronies pockets.

  6. Homeless problem is solved.
    There was a give away of camping tents and equipment

    Coming to your neighborhood.

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