Breakthrough cases rise dramatically in Alaska


In October, the vaccine breakthrough cases of Covid-19 comprised nearly 39 percent of all known cases, according to a State of Alaska report.

As the number of vaccinated people continues to rise in Alaska, the virus is breaking through the vaccine at an accelerating rate. In October, 6,984 of the 18,083 0- more than a third — of documented cases of Covid were among those who were fully vaccinated.

In September, the state reported, “The incidence of COVID-19 among vaccinated persons has remained consistently lower than among persons who were not unvaccinated.”

But the percentage of cases that are breakthroughs was already rising and rose even more, from 23 percent in June to nearly 39 percent in October.

Is it due to Delta?

In July, the CDC said that vaccine effectiveness dropped nearly 30 percentage points when the Delta variant became the dominant variant. The CDC said in December of 2020 that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were “approximately 90% effective in preventing symptomatic and asymptomatic infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in real-world conditions.” Study details here.

Delta is the dominate strain in Alaska.

The CDC now reports that:

  • “Vaccine breakthrough infections are expected. COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing most infections. However, like other vaccines, they are not 100% effective.
  • “Fully vaccinated people with a vaccine breakthrough infection are less likely to develop serious illness than those who are unvaccinated and get COVID-19.
  • “Even when fully vaccinated people develop symptoms, they tend to be less severe symptoms than in unvaccinated people. This means they are much less likely to be hospitalized or die than people who are not vaccinated.
  • “People who get vaccine breakthrough infections can be contagious.”

269 hospitalizations among fully vaccinated Alaskans were documented through Oct. 31, 2021 and another 82 hospitalizations were documented among partially vaccinated Alaska residents.

Fully vaccinated persons were much less likely to be hospitalized due to Covid-19 than persons who were unvaccinated, the State reported.

The median age among those hospitalized who were fully vaccinated was 72.4 years, and the median age of those who were not fully vaccinated was 62.0 years, or 10.5 years younger.

In the December Epidemiology Bulletin published by the Department of Health and Social Services, Alaska’s Covid-19 death rate increased substantially following arrival of the Delta variant.

Alaska’s death rates remain highest in males, older adults, and those with underlying medical conditions. Chronic cardio-respiratory diseases and diabetes mellitus were the most common underlying medical conditions identified among those whose deaths were attributed to Covid.

Approximately 67 percent of Alaskan adults are estimated to have underlying health conditions that put them at increased risk of severe Covid-19 illness, including obesity, diabetes, chronic obstructive lung disease, heart disease, chronic kidney disease and current or past smoking, the State reports.


  1. No WAY!!!
    Who could’ve seen THAT coming!
    It will only get worse unless many people get the worthless/dangerous clot shot booster again and again for a tiny bit more short lived protection.
    If it’s a good ‘vaccine’ then why doesn’t it work good (other than to line the pockets of the companies selling it)?

    • It makes perfect sense if you are a State health official trying to cover your a–! We are at the point in time where Branch Covidians are just making things up.

    • Bill, your quoted line was in a previous article, or at least one that “rhymed” with it. Like you, I pointed it out and Ms. Downing made a correction; changing “unvaccinated” to the sense making “vaccinated”. Perhaps she actually quoted accurately. You’d have to be able to understand that sentence in order to believe so much of The Science burped up by our betters.
      Your “simple” friend, Joel.

    • I think that Suzanne has a small typo- a double negative, probably meant “The incidence of COVID-19 among vaccinated persons has remained consistently lower than among persons who were not vaccinated.” Just a guess.

    • The only people I personally know that have gotten COVID have been vaccinated with the exception of one. All are my age, so they did have prior health issues. Some are ok, one has permanent lung scarring, and one died(not the unvaccinated).

      Fully Vaccinated Countries Had Highest Number of New COVID Cases, Study Shows


      WHO: Europe is the epicenter of pandemic despite vaccines

      Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower COVID Rates, Epidemiology Paper Finds


    • No more fear.
      CDC VAERS shows 19898 folks thought the vaccine would save them…instead it killed them. Any previous “vaccine” would have been suspended long before 100 folks died.

      It’s time Alaska
      Our DC representatives waited until public outcry before one of them spoke up.
      It’s time Alaska for a different direction. A better direction built on the foundations of Freedom and Liberty not special interests and obscene spending.

    • What, Bill, are you not having no trouble without no multiple non-negatives?
      Yes, you are correct, that last phrase should apparently be “… who were not vaccinated”.

  2. Meanwhile, after all this ‘data’ from state sources and the vaunted CDC, there is no discussion about the use of therapeutics in dealing with Covid cases. That is because the use of and effectiveness of therapeutics by healthcare providers is being actively suppressed. Regardless of where one stands on the use of the vax, the erosion of trust between healthcare provider and the patient has deteriorated alarmingly. Informed consent on the use of the vax drug is non-existent.Maintaining medical narratives to support political agenda without regard to overall public welfare seems to be the guiding principle.

    • Well, its not just politics. MD’s also don’t want to talk about therapeutics and prevention because they think that it creates a false sense of security and people won’t get vaccinated because of it. In other words, MD’s think people aren’t smart enough to do “the right thing” if they know the truth, but in reality they just have marching orders and don’t want to smell “anti-vax’ at all because that’s like being called a flat earther in the medical community.

        • And if you need surgery, ignore the incompetent list of Karens that complained to the medical board that prefer dangerous and useless clot shots over safe therapeutics.

    • If these vaccines (drugs) worked (blocked infection and transmission), had no side effects (myocarditis, GBS, Bells Palsy), the patents shared (instead of used to bribe poor nations), the Pharma companies had some liability (they are the only ones immune), if there was transparency about adverse events (instead of censorship), if people could get sick leave to get jabbed or for adverse events (instead of being fired), if doctors were allowed to treat patients with over the counter meds (instead of being fired), if natural immunity was recognized (instead of removed from the conversation), if we knew WHAT WAS IN THE JAB (instead of the ingredients being redacted), THEN maybe more people would be willing to get jabbed.

  3. Notice the trend line between INCREASE in percentage vaccinated and percentage of unvaccinated vs vaccinated getting Covid. Large percentage increase in people getting vaccinated coincide with larger percentage of unvaccinated getting covid. Remember, they do not consider someone who gets the shot as being vaccinated till 14 days later. They get the shot and have a weaker immune system? They get Covid and die?

    Follow this thread from a professor

    • What they use to immediately dismiss this is that the shots don’t include “live virus”, assuming you think people are getting covid from the shots. But the shots do include fragments of RNA strains from the virus and the extremely sensitive PCR tests test for the same strains. So if I get really sick within 2 weeks of getting the jab because the jab was like poison to me for whatever reason and they test me, how do they know I’m not testing positive because of the RNA fragments in the jab? I am not saying anything. Just want that explained and haven’t heard that explained. I personally know of a few cases of people spending the last 18 months never getting covid, then they get the jab, or the second jab, and then get ill, test positive within 2 or 3 weeks of a jab and therefore they got sick because it wasn’t enough time for the shot to work yet. I know of 3 people that this has happened to. Too many for me to believe easily that its just bad luck for those people. One of which already supposedly had covid with symptoms and then got the shot, got sick again supposedly with covid within 2 weeks and it was pretty bad the second time. That’s the only person I have ever known to have supposedly gotten covid with symptoms twice. The doctors weren’t recommending she get the shot because she already had covid and had health reasons to believe the shots might make her sick.. yet it was just coincidence that she got sick after the shot. It doesn’t pass my sniff test. Can’t believe it does for a medical professional.

  4. Stop hiding the first two weeks after the vaccination.


  5. The. Jab. Doesn’t. Work. We’re all being lied to and the medical profession who absolutely knows the truth is all in with the lies. Not only that, it is going to kill your children.
    Let’s go Brandon.

  6. Soo… the vaccinated are readily spreading covid. Color me shocked. Didn’t know that since January 2021. And the ones claiming they follow the science and represent science are blaming the unvaccinated for the vaccinated still having to wear masks. That’s like blaming the guy not wearing a motorcycle helmet for why you have to use a blinker and then saying something shallow and selfish like “I seriously think that motorcyclist shouldn’t get any healthcare if he gets in an accident because he’s causing me to be afraid of hurting him if I don’t use my blinker, so therefore I still have to use my blinker only because of him. I don’t care if he dies.”

    The crazy thing is that for a brief moment in the summer the CDC said the only logical conclusion (pulling from memory) “the vaccinated have chosen to be protected from severe illness and the vulnerable have it as an option. The rest have chosen to handle their own personal risk differently and that is their own choice that doesn’t affect other people that are vaccinated.” and we opened up for a brief moment and people relaxed for a little while and we got a taste of what it’s like to not feel so divisive. We are still pretty open now, but the divisiness has only been ratched it up as much as possible and this is all because the people that are leaders in this situation are incredibly immoral and unwise people and have no desire to allow people to get along with each other. It is disgusting that these people have convinced so many that they are experts in managing the public during a pandemic and are holding people mentally hostage purposefully using people’s lack of wisdom and medical knowledge to create ego driven despotism. Because the CDC said the right thing for a brief moment and saw how the public reacted, there is no doubt in my mind that they want all of the division and are orchestrating it willfully.

  7. One thing these reports always fail to mention is that the protocols ask that the unvaccinated get tested far more frequently. Also the tracking of whether someone is vaccinated or not when hospitalized for symptoms has been done haphazardly because many doctors are fully onboard with trying their darndest to not discourage vaccination. Such reporting hasn’t been taken seriously until now, just like how many doctors have reported that they were never informed or trained or required by their hospitals to report adverse reactions to the VAERS database despite the CDC site saying “doctors are required to report all adverse reactions”. The VAERS database admits that it only captures about 1% of what occurs despite what the CDC puts on their website.

    Also, if someone has severe illness and comorbidities and is vaccinated and tests positive for covid, they are quick to scrub that data out, but they don’t do the same for the unvaccinated.

    I can accept that adverse reactions are rare, but these games they play with the numbers and the pro-vaccine agendas preventing objectivity needs to stop. They make people more hesitant, not less. And it causes egos to become invested and creates division.

    • I am unvaxxed, with natural antibodies, but I wear my mask to protect me from the vaxxed, who are the super-spreaders.

  8. Yeah I just saw a map and it shows eagle River and Southwest Alaska and the YK Delta area at higher rates. You’re not alone. Maine is crazy high right now as is Sacramento and much of the upper Midwest. It’s almost non-existent in Florida and the South but most people down here have had to and more than likely three shots now. They say that you need to have three shots to have a chance of not getting the much milder version of the virus called omicron. I just heard this morning on the news that they’re trying to scare us again and say there’s something else coming. Whatever bring it. I have my third shot and I’ll get my fourth in another 6 to 8 months. At this point, in for a penny in for a pound.

    • “I have my third shot and I’ll get my fourth in another 6 to 8 months.”
      After 10, I think you get a free toaster.

    • haha. You guys are both funny and sound like grumpy old men. Cheers to that. The left always thinks the right is going to crumble apart because we can’t agree with each other, but we don’t mind bringing up our disagreements and discourse and in my opinion that’s why the GOP is still lasting after all of these years.

        • Correct. The Demoncrat party has been around longer than when it started the KKK.
          The Republican party has been around barely longer than when we freed the slaves.

    • Greg, how did you figure out that Eagle River supposedly has higher rates? The state map shows the Muni as a whole, with 19 daily cases on 12/12/21 and 57 state wide. I further beg to differ, but the south AL, TN, LA, MS vaccination rates range from 50-56% about the same as AK. So your theory that your continuous jabbing has any great effect, seems iffy at best, but to each their own.

  9. Fauci told everyone in October 2020 that these mRNA vaccines would not prevent infection, but only ease symptoms. This was briefly reported, and then forgotten somehow.


  10. The rise in cases is due to damage to immune systems caused to the victims of the dangerous jab. No one should be taking the fake PCR test. No one should participate in the dangerous Experiment! Fake cases will continue to be be used to push the corrupt World Economic Forum agenda. The health of the jabbed will only continue to deteriorate, so “they” can and blame the un-jabbed and push the even more dangerous boosters. Time for everyone to use discernment and leave the COVID CULT! There is NO health emergency – just more fear porn. Let’s start following actual science and dismiss political science being pushed by mainstream mockingbird media. Real science now indicates the U.S. has more than likely reached herd immunity, which is lasting and superior to the dangerous jab. Don’t believe me. Follow the money! Fauci is profiting from the jabs. He lied to Congress/Senate and he should be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Seek the truth! More will die from the experimental jab than the disease. Connect the dots! The truth will set us ALL free!

  11. We have more cases because we have more testing. They are now resorting to free test kits to send to people’s homes. This way they can keep up the “new” cases and maintain the scare. I know of several people who are on their third and fourth positive test result. No sickness, just a nice little paid 14 day vacation.

  12. Let me guess… The vaccinated are now producing spike proteins…


  13. Meaningless information unless the corrupted PCR is addressed. Do some journalism regarding the fraud perpetrated by this testing media instead of feeding the “case” narrative, breakthrough or otherwise…

  14. It’s far worse than the “vaccine” being ineffective. The number of people we personally know, or know of, who died within a few days or weeks of being jabbed is alarming. The sudden death rate is itself overshadowed by the chronic tiredness and shortness of breathe we see in people who took the shots. Not to mention, every person in the last few months who contracted Covid symptoms was also vaccinated.
    There has never before in our lifetimes been a vaccine used by such a large percentage of the public that is this ineffective at preventing contracting the illness it was designed to protect from.

  15. The mask mandate is to blame.
    (Har har)

    I’d like someone to explain to me why, while no other coronavirus out there causes blood clotting issues, COVID-19 does.

    Not as bad as the vaccines themselves, but what other cold virus on the planet has a side effect of blood clotting issues?

    I wonder if it has to do with the gain-of-function research and the work done at the Wuhan lab. Was something inserted into the make up of an older coronavirus that causes blood clotting issues?

  16. Guinea pigs – get in line for the experimental gene therapy.
    It doesn’t prevent contraction, doesn’t prevent transmission – but, trust BigPharma, the Feds, SloJoe, and Mengele Fauci – they really, really do care about your health.
    Control, profits, de-population have nothing to do with any of this – trust them.

    Lemmings jumping off the cliff………..

  17. So, let me see if I have this right…
    The vaccine does not prevent you from catching COVID. It does not prevent you from spreading COVID. So, why get vaccinated?
    Oh, that’s right. It will stop the virus from hospitalizing or killing you…
    OK, prove it.
    Not with some “lying with statistics” proof. I want actual proof. I want to meet the person who was assured of death that did not die because they were vaccinated.
    Because, frankly, this disease really sucks at killing people. What percent of people infected died? About 2% (I think a lot less, but let’s give benefit of the doubt.) And, of that 2%, how many had serious life shortening illnesses already? (HINT: Almost all of them). This disease is really a no show, and if we were not testing the healthy, testing everyone who stepped foot into a healthcare facility, and testing every single person who died regardless of symptoms, the number of cases and deaths would be 0.5% of what is reported.
    Surviving a COVID infection is normal and expected.
    Worst pandemic ever.

      • Hold on…Didn’t you already have it??
        And against the expectations of the good Dr. Fauci, you miraculously survived and you still volunteer to be a pin cushion?
        Greg have you considered therapy?

      • How do you get “breakthrough” infections with a “vaccine” that never had the capacity to prevent infection?

        Ms. Downing, please don’t use the incorrect terminology of the pharma industry and the Brandon administration.

  18. No more fear.
    CDC VAERS shows 19898 folks thought the vaccine would save them…instead it killed them. Any previous “vaccine” would have been suspended long before 100 folks died.

    It’s time Alaska
    Our DC representatives waited until public outcry before one of them spoke up.
    It’s time Alaska for a different direction. A better direction built on the foundations of Freedom and Liberty not special interests and obscene spending.

    • I’m totally fine with people choosing to get the shots without being told false promises. The polio vaccine was developed using donations and people voluntarily got the shots. That’s not what is happening now. And now I have come to the conclusion that I’ll never be fine with medical professionals thinking that totalitarianism and coercion is justifiable for vaccines only because in a perfect world, all vaccines and medications released from the FDA are 100% healthy and safe, regardless of the fact they are never 100% safe and we can never know the long term effects when things appear to be safe even after 10 years. Where there’s a risk, there should be a choice, and any health decision has a risk, including taking vitamins. I’m with you Chris. The FDA and CDC are really bad leadership and corrupt. I know they are motivated by money and ego, like so many in the medical profession, and they have worked together with big pharma to help keep politicians from holding anyone accountable. It is truly deplorable.

      “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson

  19. Has anyone demonstrated that the disease is less severe in those who take the shot? Many who did not take the shot have had the virus and very few symptoms. I think that is just more smoke blown into our faces concerning this bioweapon.

    • That.
      I hear ads on the radio, and see news reports about how “I would have died if I did not get the vaccine.” and I say “Prove it!”
      Millions of people have contracted this virus, hundreds of thousands have shown symptoms. All of this before the vaccines were available. Yet, now I am expected to believe the vaccine is keeping people out of the hospital. Why?

  20. Is a 3.4% increase from 35.2% to 38.6% really a dramatic increase? As more people get vaccinated there will be more breakthrough cases, that is a known. A truly dramatic disparity is the fact that the unvaccinated are 10 times more likely to get covid and be hospitalized than the unvaccinated.

      • Wow, when you put it that way, that a 3.4% increase from 35.2% to 38.6% really is a dramatic increase. While September saw a total of 19,883 cases with 6,999 (35.2%) being breakthrough cases October saw a total of 18,083 cases with 6,984 (38.6%) being breakthrough cases. In other words in September 12,834 (64.8%) of cases were in the unvaccinated and in October 11,096 (61.4%) of cases were in the unvaccinated, this during a time when a large majority of Alaskans are vaccinated.
        Very dramatic indeed.
        Let’s not forget that you dismiss the fact that the unvaccinated are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized than the vaccinated…not 3.4% or even 10% more but 10 times more.
        Now that’s dramatic!

        • Quit Psaki-ing.
          (See? I didn’t say lying.)
          And if you don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand it, don’t try to argue. You just sound even more… you.

          • Matt,
            I’m sorry that that is the best you can come up with, I was hoping for something resembling a discussion. Please feel free to unburden yourself from responding to me in the future if the best you can do is calling me, and anyone you disagree with, a silly childish name based upon Bidens press secretary.
            Seriously that’s the best you can do?

    • Trusting at face value the numbers from the propaganda, I see. I bet you believe that less than 1% get addicted to Oxi.

  21. Ooooooo big scary numbers. Why are we reporting “cases” now instead of “deaths”?
    Do the math and 550 people died “with Covid” over the last almost year. Notice I said “with” not “from”. That’s just over twice the number of people that died from drinking.
    When you eliminate other comorbidities the death rate of people dying “from Covid”, not “with Covid”, drops to 6% of the reported deaths. Six percent of 550 people means 33 people died from Covid, and Covid alone, over the last almost year. Sorry but those are the facts, from the CDC.
    From the CDC Provisional Death Count for Coronavirus Report:
    “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

    “For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

    “The other 94% who were marked as “Covid” in fact died with an average of more than 2.5 comorbidities. Among the most common pre-existing conditions the CDC found were deadly health problems such as varying heart diseases, respiratory illnesses, influenza and pneumonia, organ failure, cancer, obesity, and cognitive diseases.”

    • “…33 people died from Covid, and Covid alone, over the last almost year. Sorry but those are the facts, from the CDC.”
      Actually, over the last 18 months or so.
      Curiously, during the flu season (about four months) about 60 people die in AK from the flu. But, you will not hear that in the news.

  22. Our family of 3 fully vaccinated adults all had the Wuhan in October. We all got the monoclonal and are none the worse for the wear. I do appreciate the graphic regarding comorbidities and deaths. Next we need a breakdown by age and comorbidities. I would guess that it nearly mirrors the same data from 2000 to 2019.

  23. purdue pharma had “breakthough pain” when pimping oxycontin and told their doctors to prescribe more. now pfizer and the gang has ”breakthrough infections” and are instructing their doctors to prescribe more vaccines 3-4 jabs . before you know it theyll want to stick you and your children once a week with their vax.

    • And the FDA, not Purdue pharma, wrote on the label “less than 1% get addicted”. I can’t believe how many doctors and people haven’t realized that the FDA is full of corruption.

      They absolutely know how to play games with words. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are using the same word that “successfully” caused doctors to prescribe twice as much oxycontin.

    • I’m with you Brian. Meanwhile I just checked today numbers… In Anchorage yesterday, Sunday (drum roll) 17 new cases. By still they fear monger Omicron is coming soon. Let’s just get back to living our lives.

      • What are you not doing that you’d like to be? I’m going to Mexico this weekend with my family. We will celebrate Christmas. I went to Costco yesterday. I went for a nice walk with the dog this am. Not sure what you’re being denied.

        • A healthy and free economy without inflationary free money being given out and a society without a toxic level of division and fear that isn’t allowing people to have their livelihood and freedom unless they bend the knee and accept over and over again the riskiest vaccines in the history of mankind even if they don’t want to even though they do very little to protect against the spread of the least threatening global pandemics of mankind. My wife’s closest friend won’t allow me around her family until I get vaccinated over and over again. Just that Brian. Sorry but your smug ton requires me to have a lot of restraint. If you consider this a natural disaster, it’s the largest one the world has seen in a century. You are a piece.

  24. Disturbing excerpt from a 12/10/21 article published on LifeSite News:

    ‘Other recent reports to VAERS include the death of a two-year-old Alaska boy following COVID vaccination. The report of his death briefly appeared in reports posted on VAERS. The record said the boy “began bleeding out the mouth, eyes, nose and ears within six hours of the shot” and died the same evening. The report appeared briefly on the VAERS website on Thanksgiving Monday in a batch of 14,529 records which were downloaded, according to a VAERS analysis website run by an anonymous data tracker. The retracted reports were then reloaded onto the website on December 3, but the record of the two-year-old’s death was not among them.’

    A link to the original article on the VAERS analysis website (including a purported screenshot of this child’s VAERS report) can be found in the LifeSite News article.

  25. How can there be 497 dead with cardiovascular and diabetes problems, but only 90 of them classified as obese?

    • Why do you assume that obesity only applies to cardiovascular impaired or diabetic individuals? Obesity would apply to ANY covid death in this statistic, where the individuals height/weight ratio meets the health departments definition of obese. This statistic lists all co-morbidities associated with covid deaths, by number of occurrence.

  26. Looking back over the last twenty (20!) months, did anyone imagine that society would be in this position? Based on some experience, I knew that the powers given to public health agencies was considerable. OTOH, those powers were and are temporary; they would require legislative action to extend their duration and scope. I never imagined that some would try to override and ignore the Constitution. Those battles are now joined and must continue to an end.

    There is some progress with the vaccines – if you can call them that – and some therapies. Fortunately, the Federal government has not screwed that up too badly. (It is bad, but not a complete catastrophe.)

    By far the worst performance of the last twenty months has come from the public health sector. The error came quickly when the public heath officials jumped right into trying to control society as a whole and a broad swath of human behavior. Anthony Fauci should have never started talking about family dinners and major league baseball. This is not his job as a NIH director. He is not my physician and should not pretend he is. He is basically an aging bureaucrat with a huge ego, IMO.

    We need to adopt and follow the Great Barrington Resolution going forward. The Resolution focuses on protection of the vulnerable, not broad social control. It has been signed by 890,000 medical and scientific professionals. I urge the Alaska Legislature to adopt it as a matter of State policy.

    • Correction: The Great Barrington Declaration has been signed by 60,000 medical and scientific people, and a whole bunch of other folks.

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