Breaking: Trump endorses Palin

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

In a news release on Sunday night, former President Donald Trump endorsed former Gov. Sarah Palin.

“Wonderful patriot Sarah Palin of Alaska just announced that she is running for Congress, and that means there will be a true America First fighter on the ballot to replace the late and legendary Congressman Don Young. Sarah shocked many when she endorsed me very early in 2016, and we won big. Now, it’s my turn! Sarah has been a champion for Alaska values, Alaska energy, Alaska jobs, and the great people of Alaska. She was one of the most popular Governors because she stood up to corruption in both State Government and the Fake News Media. Sarah lifted the McCain presidential campaign out of the dumps despite the fact that she had to endure some very evil, stupid, and jealous people within the campaign itself. They were out to destroy her, but she didn’t let that happen. Sarah Palin is tough and smart and will never back down, and I am proud to give her my Complete and Total Endorsement, and encourage all Republicans to unite behind this wonderful person and her campaign to put America First!” Trump wrote.

Palin is running in a field of 50 for the temporary seat for Congress and in the regular primary for the two-year seat.

Nick Begich, who also running in the race, said: “That’s nice for Sarah. Our campaign is excited about all the endorsements we’ve been receiving from respected Alaskans from across the state who are going to be the ones actually voting in and deciding this election.”

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  1. I was thinking about how telling it is that she is only getting endorsements from people thousands of miles away, and then I read Nick Begich’s statement, and thought it……..priceless.

  2. Even though Trump endorsed her, I will probably vote for her. Don was out there. That is what we need.
    Compared to the squad, she is learned and reasonable.

    • Sarah, learned and reasonable? With a comment like this, you come across as being dumb as h—!

        • As we’ve seen, there are those who take criticism of Sarah Palin as an attack against their own “deficiencies” as if they were born together in the same “holler.” (Thus their touchy, Palin complex.) And they go hog wild in an effort to spin any criticism of her–and of themselves by extension–as a “derangement syndrome” on the part of anybody who dares broach the issue of her “deficencies.” This is the model that was used in the old Soviet Union: label truth as fiction, and call those who challenge them as “enemies of the people.” (That is Putin’s modus operandi, as it is Trump’s; as it is Sarah’s, too!) Those with good sense can see that: it is the “Palin stupidity syndrome” that drives her supporters mad as they seek cover to hide their own inferiority complex and their lack of independent thought! Even those of ordinary intelligence understand how the mindless comport themselves as they try to rationalize their support for Sarah. Mentally prod them and watch them snap like rabid animals. Sarah Palin is not just clueless; she’s proved herself over the years to be truly mindless–more aptly, stupid!

  3. After Sarah’s little game here in Alaska and moving to the lower 48 why oh why would I or any Alaskan vote for her. She screwed oil and gas, mining, tourism and the fishing industry. Why would any real Alaskan vote for her??

  4. Congratulations Sara you was the best governor we ever had. McCain ambushed Sara otherwise she would of made president on her own. Oath integrity Sara knows it well, she helped so many Alaskans as governor. President Trump knows a politician of integrity. WOW

    • Obviously you didn’t live here when ACES was a thing and Exxon was forced out of the state.

    • “Oath integrity,” is this an attempt at “twisted” humor, or is this praise for Sister Sarah? If this is intended as “twisted” humor, you need to work on your delivery; if blind praise, heaven help you!

  5. Was leaning towards Nick but now Sarah is in it. Will have to rethink. Wonder why she did not go after Lisa’s seat?

      • to think that any member of the public “matters” to any politician palin, begich, gross any of them is child like thinking

  6. What? So Sarah can get in a squatting contest with Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, to see who loves the Donald most? Fogetaboutit.
    I’ll go with Begich.

  7. Hmmm, Maybe I’m mistaken but didn’t Nick Begich write this book:
    Angel’s Don’t Play This Haarp, which is for sale on Amazon with the following description:
    “This is a book about non-lethal weapons, mind control, weather warfare and the government’s plan to control the environment, or maybe even destroy it in the name of national defense”
    I just assumed it was a different Begich but this guy is waaay out there. Smart, yes, but definitely fringe and not at all like brother Mark.

    • Don’t usually roll with Joe, but here, he speaks correctly. Sarah Palin had her day in 2006. After being sworn in as Alaska’s governor, it pretty much went downhill from there. Endless streams of family disjoint and disorder kept her in the headlines. Family dysfunction and discombobulation kept her from being connected to her constituency. Do Alaskans really want that all over again? Entertaining? To some degree. But all Alaskans became the butt of jokes by way of association. I’ll be voting for Nick Begich and I encourage my MRAK friends to do the same.

    • Joe, I don’t think Sarah is lazy, I do think however that she just gets distracted easily. Say , is it true she endorsed Walker?

      • Mr. Schenker, copy-and-pasted from an ADN article of Oct. 22, 2014. You can go to the ADN archives for that date and read the following article:
        Sarah Palin endorses Walker-Mallott ticket
        By Alex DeMarban
        Updated: September 28, 2016
        Published: October 22, 2014
        Former Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker…..

        The endorsement came at a reception hosted by Palin Tuesday night in which she told about 100 guests that she supports Walker and his running mate, Byron Mallott….

      • Robert: Nice to hear from you. You’re onto something when you characterized Palin as being easily distracted. She was, indeed.
        Palin turned out to be what some folks in politics refer to as a “show horse,” compared to a “plow horse.” She never was very rigorous in applying herself to the day-to-day functions as the chief executive officer of our State. She typically worked a not very grueling 4 hour day before heading home to the blissful domestic scene some folks called the Palin Project.
        Oh well, we got what we deserved in this little experiment in democracy up here in the Lost Frontier.

  8. We need pro-oil and gas leaders now in this election, the left oil haters have to go. Oil and Gas will make Alaska great again. Gov. Palin will get the state out of the control of Big Oil which will not let the state agencies give competitors a fair chance. The abuse in the state agencies has to go so investors can come back to Alaska and make oil King again! Drill Baby Drill.

  9. Trump gets my vote in 24.

    Begich gets my vote in 22.

    We are not democrats. We actually think for ourselves.

  10. Sorry Nick,
    But Sarah in the race IS a game changer. I did not vote to endorse you. Others did endorse you I was waiting for someone I could have faith that oil development would be a personal goal for a National seat. DC is too much selling out the voters for a seat at the table. Where Sarah sits will be the table others want to be with cause she is fearless and not afraid to be a vocal target for the people. Far too many keep their head down and become lap dogs hoping to one day to rise up…leading from behind…we need a warrior.
    Charlie, Kelly and Sarah…. What a trifecta for our state!

  11. Speaking from some experience, the former Governor has virtually none of the skills necessary to effectively serve in the US House of Representatives.

  12. Not a fan of Sarah.. half term gov and failed VEEP campaign with war zero John ‘Songbird’ McCain. Nick’s a Dem turncoat with RINO leanings. AK needs better choices.

    • Dan Holmes, You say Nick is a Democrat turncoat? Have you evidence of this? But if true, wouldn’t Ronald Reagan also be guilty of this same charge?

    • Nick is a life-long Republican. What do you mean Dem turncoat”? Are you mad that he believes in Republican ideals and never has been a Dem.?

  13. Sarah Palin became more conservative after quitting the Governor position and making the tv talk show circuit. She was terrible, who tried to kill the ALASKA oil and grew government to the monster it is now. So if you are thinking about actually voting for her, do your research please.

  14. Every time I see her on TV I cringe. Her voice and her manner of speaking as well as some of her life choices are just too bizarre, undermining any credibility she may otherwise deserve.

    • Good point, Jim. Sarah has a dozen or so personalities. I never knew for sure which one I was dealing with. My fondest memories were when I got in my Super Cub and flew the hell away.

  15. 2 votes for Sarah from this household. A Representative who will be there for a reason other than longevity.

  16. Madame Palin was Alaska’s effective and ‘progressive’ governor, in the proper, Teddy Roosevelt definition of that word, and she was widely admired and unreviled until the moment when John McCain selected her for his running mate. Immediately, Palin became the lightning rod in that election for the invectives of leftist pundits and the Obama fanatics. (The Obama campaign deftly employed George Orwell’s daily Two Minute Hate (1984) against the hapless GWB in 2008, and when the Democrats found that it worked so well… well, why not do the same thing in 2012.) Poor Palin was unprepared for the torrent of lies, and being inexperienced in national and international affairs she floundered and suffered. When McCain’s poorly-run campaign was finished Palin returned to Alaska with the dispirited persona of a bruised and battered spouse. Anyhow, although I admired her as governor and still wish her well, I will be selecting another candidate for the US House.

  17. I think Trump would be impressed by nicholas begich iii too but he doesn’t know him. Its not easy not to like sarah palin, as
    her books ‘going rogue,’ her christmas book, and ‘america first’. She
    is likable and knows enough not to wreak havoc across a city as the current
    anchorage assembly done.
    There are two kinds people i came across not liking sara one reason a different opinion of policy, without personally disliking her, and the other reason petty jealous men and women who just nitpik at littlest things, while in an uncanny way make the nit seemingly appear a big issue.

  18. Ugh!
    Why anyone could vote for her after that bizarre video she posted about coming after Lisa’s seat, is beyond me.
    Why recycle has-beens politicians? Conservatives always complain about the revolving door of political personalities in this state and not an independent idea amongst them. So I am willing to give Nick Begich a chance.

  19. She enjoys her inexplicable surprises when wielding votes based on her past patterns. President Trump may find this out as others have. Inexplicable like Lisa. But if you like that sort of thing go for it. It’s just what’s left of a great nation.

  20. Trump called her “tough and smart,” adding she will “never back down.” Trump made three lies in six words. Impressive!

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