Breaking: Taliban holding planes with Americans on ground, including one chartered by Alaska Native-owned Goldbelt


Newsweek reports that six private charter planes trying to evacuate at least 1,000 people — including more than 100 Americans—out of Afghanistan have been grounded by the Taliban. The terrorist group is in negotiations with the U.S. State Department, an official with an NGO working on the evacuation told Newsweek.

One is a plane chartered by Glenn Beck, the conservative media personality. It’s in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

Three other evacuation flights — two chartered by the international development organization Sayara, and one by Goldbelt, Inc., an Alaska Native corporation based in Juneau — are also said to have Americans onboard. It’s unclear if these planes and their passengers are being held hostage.

Funded with private money, Glenn Beck’s Mercury One rescue mission chartered two Airbus 340s and four Boeing 737s from Kam Air, the largest private Afghan airline, for eight evacuation flights to a Gulf state.

The other three flights with Sayara and Goldbelt were also chartered from Kam Air but their intended destination is currently unclear, the news company reported.

Must Read Alaska was unable to reach McHugh Pierre, the CEO of Goldbelt, Inc., for comment.

According to a source, Sayara has a manifest of 700 passengers, with at least 19 of who are Americans.

Goldbelt, Inc. is an urban Alaska Native Corporation formed in 1974. Goldbelt has extensive federal contracts, which represent about 96 percent of its revenue sources. It’s involved in IT work; medical services; and military support, including providing weapons, ammunition, and vehicles. It has contracts with the Department of Army, Department of Navy, and the State Department.

In Kabul, the company has a subsidiary that did prescreening for the Green Zone in Kabul for the Bureau of International Narcotic and Law Enforcement Affairs. Examples of Goldbelt’s military and other contracts can be found at this link.


  1. Wonder their destination? We could welcome true refugees but hopefully not become a dumping ground. Plenty of Islamic countries have lots of open space.

  2. You know what! I kinda of have to admire the Taliban taking such force protecting their birth place’s sovereignty as far as their own understanding, unlike America currently allowing tens of thousands of illegals from all over world swim across the Rio grande.

    • I think your admiration of the Taliban is ill founded!! Of course time will tell what admirable qualities they may posses but my expectations are very low. Also, those people wouldn’t be fleeing Afghanistan if they expected any level of decent treatment. Here in America not too many standing in line for days on end to get out!!

    • You kind of admire the Taliban? Really?
      Is it because of how they treat women? Or maybe because of their executions of those who only want to be free? Or is it because of their unbelievable brutality that ends in heads and limbs being cut off or other dismemberment of anyone who does not agree with them.
      Are you seriously comparing the U.S. with the these savages? Again, Really?

  3. Furthermore. The Taliban have such determination evenwhile Trump was was President. The Taliban was just sitting quiet being non confrontational to the American troops, but they were reloading and making plans to defend their birthplace.

    • Yes, the Taliban are quite amazing and something to admire. I mean really women in school? Really? Whose going to cook dinner? And nobody and I mean not one camel fearing disciple wants to see a women’s ankle. And the way, with one swing they can send a bible reader’s head flying. Simply amazing. Hey Jen, let’s me and you move to Talibanistan.

  4. Thanks to our current administration, nationally and globally we are a weak nation. If the American citizens, allies and green card holders are not allowed to leave they will either be killed or used as pawns for future trade items.
    If that be the case, it’s time to carpet bomb them with MOAB’s. No negotiations, no warnings, no media. We are way beyond diplomacy. Quit blaming the previous administrations Joe and grow a pair.
    Sure there would be civilian casualties. That is something we are just going to have to live with.

  5. Let’s see, a little Alaska company flies all the way to Afghanistan…picks up a bunch of who knows what refugees, maybe some that are American, most likely not… Again, what are we doing going over to a country like that getting into the middle of it? People flew over there, full well knowing the dangers.. And now they are in trouble. The only ones that should be picking any Americans up are the military. Period.

  6. Maybe this Afghanistan fiasco will finally make the news here. Juneau media has been totally silent about this, its all COVID, COVID, COVID. They can only ignore this for so long.

  7. Afghanistan, the Taliban, Kam Air, lunatics running around with heavy weapons, Joe Biden, the US State Department. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe it is just me, but I am not seeing the wisdom of involving an Alaska Native corporation in this situation.

  8. This is what happens in the age of Fake: Fake Presidents, Fake Elections, Fake Insurrections, Fake Pandemics, Fake Republicans, Fake Legislatures, Fake Congress, Fake Judges, Fake Genders, Fake Vaccines, Fake Wars, Fake News, Fake Money, Fake Immigrants, Fake Religion and Fake Laws.

  9. Biden has engineered the most epic disaster since the Great Depression. Possibly longer.

    The damage will take decades to clean up, if ever.

    Of course we’re gonna be flooded with Afghans. It’s worked so well in Sweden

  10. Two things anyone from any culture, from anywhere, will universally understand:
    … 1) Economic Ruin!
    … 2) Physical Harm!
    Afghanistan has proven to be nothing short of a waste of American Blood as well as a “black-hole” money pit, devoid of any reasonable Return-On-Investment of taxpayer dollars, as the culture is devoid of any reasonable civility.
    – It’s long overdue to set an example of power and might!
    – It’s due time to smoke these “Neanderthals” down!
    – It’s due time to start dropping Nukes on this country!
    – Then, take the refugees and send them back to their country, helping them build a civil society that contributes the greater good of society.

  11. Only the military-industrial complex will profit from this. Americans will pay a very heavy price in the not-too-distant future. Let’s see the billions that American companies are reaping from federal contracts. At Holloman AFB, the cost to house/feed refugees is more than $82 Million already.

  12. Big piece of the puzzle missing here, reported on by Fox News and Glenn Beck:

    The U.S. State Department is holding up privately chartered flights trying to get people out.

    The Taliban might be holding up some flights while Biden “negotiates” with terrorists, but Biden’s State Dept. us also preventing the chartered flights from leaving Afghanistan.

    • I am shocked!!! You mean that Panda Joe and his regime might be negotiating with terrorists? What could possibly be wrong with that?

      Frankly, the part that really scares me is what the current President may be giving up in the negotiations. There is very little control over such things, as evidenced by the Obama Nuke deal with Iran.

  13. Maybe the reason that the planes are being held up is that the negotiations are still being made to get Hunter a seat on the Taliban board of directors. Or Hunter still has to redecorate the embassy with his blow painting art.

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