Breaking: Supreme Court allows recall of governor to move ahead to ballot


As anticipated, the Alaska Supreme Court has agreed to allow the Recall Dunleavy group to have its question put on a statewide ballot, if the group succeeds in getting signatures on its petition.

The court said in a filing today that “the conclusions of the superior court’s January 14, 2020 order that are challenged in this appeal are AFFIRMED.” And it said a full explanation would come later.

Justice Stowers dissented from the ruling in part, “regarding grounds for recall numbered 3(a) (separation of powers) and 4 (mistaken veto), and I therefore dissent in part.”

The ruling is a victory for the Recall Dunleavy Committee and means they can collect signatures with confidence that their recall question will, in fact, be put before voters. They have reportedly collected 34,900 of the 71,252 signatures needed for a recall vote.

This story will be updated.


  1. Don’t need a Supreme Court ruling to move forward with a vote by the public to recall Senator Giessel, and that one is coming.

  2. Now it would seem as if any elected official could be recalled with this precedent setting decision. Let’s go for it.

  3. How do I start a recall petition? I want to circulate a petition claiming Giessel was abducted by aliens and her brains were eaten in their spaceship. Due to the brain eating Giessel is now incompetent to hold office.

    Regardless of the absurdity, the SC says the petition MUST be allowed and if signatures collected, it MUST go on the ballot.

    Based on Giessels popularity a person could easily gather enough signatures.

    Too bad judges are not able to be recalled. I heard that a few of them steal pencils from the office and use them to puncture the tires of poor people trying to get to the food bank. Seems to me that is enough to remove them….if only it were possible.

    • A few of them derobe and put on disguises ……. only to attend legislative hearings designed to ridicule Dunleavy’s budget.

    • Not sure why all the hate given to Giessel. What about Von Imhof, Coghill, Stedman and other Republicans in the Senate.

    • I will no longer be using this site because of abusive moderation. Posting the name of the website where the recall is organized should never be removed, and should be mentioned in this story to begin with. You’re as bad as facebook, and you don’t deserve to continue.

      • Eric, then by all means call the government and ask that Must Read Alaska be regulated. And BTW, a user flagged your content and said it appears you are not an Alaskan but are a poser. Your credibility is in question and MRAK only allows very limited links even from known commenters. Be well out there in Austin or wherever you are. – sd

          • Am I to take the non-response to mean that you are afraid to expose your readers to ideas and facts that may upset your predetermined narrative?

          • She regularly censors information that contradicts the fictional conspiracy theories promoted here.

            And not allowing links to factual information is one of her regular habits, can’t have facts get in the way of a false narrative, how are you going to promote fiction if you allow facts to be part of the discussion.

          • BT – I have approved over 37,800 comments in four years, and disapproved only a few hundred. When I am on my computer I can manually remove links so that people are not accidentally linking to malware. When I am approving comments on my phone, I sometimes let them through from those who have a long tradition of commenting. You, however, are not only over-commenting, thus creating a lot of work for one person here, but you are peppering your comments with a multitude of links that must be clicked on to check for malware, something I do not wish to do. You’ve earned a reputation here as someone who dominates the conversation and may be linking malware, and while you are welcome to comment, I prefer you do not add your links. If you do, I’ll just put the whole comment in the garbage. And if you persist, I’ll just send your comments to spam, because I have work to do. Thank you. – sd

      • Ha! I know it’s just a thing I have..I used to think these guys hated elections, but I’ve come to think it’s really the voter they despise.. if they could have elections without voters, they would be content.

  4. God doesn’t heap blessings upon those that take vacations during quarantine.

    He thinks they’re His special needs children.

  5. Ed,
    I think your wires are a little crossed. Maybe a short circuit. No person in their right mind would have traveled to Hawaii or stayed in Hawaii if they were already there when this fiasco was under way. Remember the Japanese guy that brought Wuhan v to Japan from a holiday in Hawaii? He didn’t have to stay in Hawaii. He went home and brought the bug with him. Governor Dunleavy is not preventing and has not prevented any citizen from returning home to Alaska. What he did was impose a legal requirement to quarantine for 14 days upon returning. You must have missed that part or confused it with leftist rules for entering or leaving Hawaii. I don’t believe you calling on God to punish the Governor is the correct answer for you. Get a grip and enjoy the weather there. I don’t think you’re missing much here in Alaska. Wait, maybe you are. I’ll bet you live in Anchorage and can’t wait to get home to your “freedoms”.

  6. The ignorance is strong with you Ed, that’s for sure. Governor Dunleavy hasn’t stopped you from doing anything. Want to travel to Alaska, go for it, you are 100% free to do so and have been. I’m still waiting for you to tell me how Governor Dunleavy has infringed upon your 4th and 5th Amendment rights.

  7. I’m trying to remember your past posts. So I am wondering how true this is to begin with.
    Like Steve-O said, you can come back, no problem! All you have to or maybe as Greg has indicated, is quarantine at your home for 14 days. Pretty simple. Not in violation of your rights by any means.
    This Governor has upheld our rights far, far more than other Governor’s like the dictators in NY, MI, NJ, CA, etc.
    All we have to do is wait for 13 days for the next phase. With this phase, much more open, being smart. What Anchorage is doing I’m not sure since I haven’t heard and don’t go there.
    What I’d like to see is asymptomatic testing, no restrictions. I just took the antibody test, would like to see a lot more of that. Sadly Zink is not keeping track of the numbers, but that is another topic.

    • The quarantine is not legal, it takes a Court Order to forcibly quarantine someone. Just don’t fill out the agreement, they can’t do anything to you if you tell them to kiss off.

  8. So whom on the Supreme Court are up for re-election? Vote them out! I vote No on all other judges.

    • That’s not the way it works, Mikey. Current and previous Governors appoint their favorite boob and you’re stuck with the goof until they croak or retire… then another boob is appointed.

      You have no vote and you have no say.

      Public uproar might work for chasing one of ’em out but the Alaska electorate is a finicky beast and not often ready to make an informed choice… which is why we have many other boobs in elected positions, too.

      • Daniel E. Winfree, Associate Justice, was appointed by Governor Sarah Palin,

        Craig F. Stowers, Associate Justice, was appointed by Governor Sean Parnell

        Peter J. Maassen, Associate Justice, was appointed by Governor Sean Parnell

        Joel H. Bolger, Chief Justice, was appointed by Governor Sean Parnell

        Susan M. Carney, Associate Justice, was appointed by Governor Bill Walker

        Who voted for those governors?

  9. Be warn Alaska those collecting signatures are collecting signatures from outside of Alaska. Signatures of nonresidents.
    Sore losers doing whatever to get their way. Just as Pelosi and the democratic party has in trying to impeach Trump.

    • No, that’s just fiction.

      Non-residents can’t sign.

      All signatures are verified before acceptance so only valid Alaska resident signatures have been ever been accepted.

      And Trump was and is impeached.

  10. Ed, with all due respect I think that’s nuts. It’s not been perfect, but his response has been better than 90% of the country. He also has the unique elements of the villages to consider. I’m about the last one for quarantines but this thing comes along and he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, but if you think the Lt is going to take on the Giesels and Imhoffs and Edgmons of the world, you have another thing coming— and if you think those guys would have respected your rights more? Then you have lost your mind. This gov is not perfect? But he’s the best one we have had in my life, and I was born and raised here- and not only is there NO one else in Alaska politics that would stand up for us, you let these guys win on this recall? Your PFD, your rights? They will be gone faster than you can say “oligarchy” which is what you will have here for the rest of your days. These people hate you, your family, Your rights, and you want to give them power? That’s madness.

    • His orders were illegal, and very harmful to small businesses. I refuse to comply with all illegal orders, and I will vote to recall any and all officials involved with them.

      Read the rules governing quarantines in the AK constitution, it will quickly become apparently that our dear leader didn’t bother reading it.

      I don’t care if Dunleavy personally delivered your first born, his actions have consequences that should not be ignored. If we let his rampant abuses of power go unpunished, then we can only expect more abuse from the next governor who will know he or she can get away with it.

      • If what you say is true you need to start a new recall as the provisions for the current recall have nothing to do with what you are talking about. Put another way, if you vote to recall the governor for his handling of the covid pandemic and not what this recall effort is about you are violating your duty as a voter and not voting in good faith.

  11. How do these idiotic judges ascend to the high bench? Their reasoning is akin to 6th grade conduct out on the playground. And they get paid how much to create all of this turmoil in Alaska?

  12. Before this Feardemic I was not for the recall, but after Dunleavy installed Medical Martial Law on the state based on hugely flawed non-scientific modeling………………………..well I am for getting rid of this RINO. At least with a Demoncrat you know what you are getting, If we are gonna have a Progressive Commie Tyrant in Juneau might as well be someone honest enough to call himself a Demoncrat.

    • Mongo,

      Get together with Eric and Ed and start a new recall, if you vote to recall the governor under the current recall terms you will be voting under false pretenses. The current recall effort has nothing to do with the handling of this pandemic.

  13. Well guess you hate Trump also. this governor was just following the guidelines from the federal government like 95% of all other states.

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