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Breaking: Sullivan votes no, Murkowski votes yes to proceed on impeachment

During today’s impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate, senators voted 56-44 to proceed.

Alaska’s Senate team, Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, split their votes; Murkowski voted with five other Republicans and all 50 Democrats to proceed.

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Democrats will open their arguments on Wednesday afternoon, and will try to make the case that Trump incited an “insurrection,” by encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6 to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College vote.

The Republicans who voted against proceeding with the trial believe that the former president can’t be put through an impeachment trial because he is no longer president and the action is unconstitutional.

That makes it seem almost certain that Trump will avoid final conviction by the Senate, as the constitutionalists only need 34 votes to avoid a historic case of an impeachment conviction of a past president. The House members managing the trial will need to convince 11 constitutionally minded Republicans to find Trump guilty, which appears unlikely.

Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota sent out a press release on Tuesday, in which he said, “Welcome to the stupidest week in the Senate.”

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Murkowski needs Remedial English. At least Sullivan can read and comprehend the word THE PRESIDENT a former is no longer the President

    • Then I guess you’d agree that it’s weird that Donald Trump still identifies himself as “President Trump” on his correspondence?

    • Well at least Senator Murkowski reads and understand HISTORY. In 1876, former Secretary of War William W. Belknap was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. The Senate argued whether or not it had jurisdiction, since Belknap had already resigned, and therefore was a private citizen. They voted then, as they did today, that they did have that jurisdiction. If you are going to state that the tradition of the Senate to refuse to even bring Merrick Garland up for a vote, then you have to be consistent and concede that the Senate has jurisdiction to vote on the impeachment trial of former president Trump. Please be consistent.

      • Fine, then let the past presidential impeachments begin. 44,43, and 42 come to mind. Along with that, lets get on with the impeachments of the sitting senators and congresspeople who are guilty of the same charge of inciting violence. Take off your blinders and see what a sham is happening right in front of our eyes.

      • Just because they did it then, doesn’t make it constitutionally correct or legal be it 1876 or now.
        However since our illustrious leaders have opened this Pandora’s box, I wonder how you would feel about impeaching other former presidents? Obama, Clinton and Carter come to mind…..

      • Just because somebody made a bad call 150 years ago does not mean that we should continue making the same bad call today in the name of “consistency.”

        I can’t believe it is even necessary to explain this, sigh…

        The purpose of Impeachment is to remove an elected official from office after they have committed some wrong. If the elected official is no longer in office, then it is no longer possible to remove them from office. Therefore, there is no longer any purpose to impeach an elected official after they have left office. It’s like firing an employee after they’ve already quit.

        This impeachment hearing is nothing more than yet another tantrum from the Left, who’s irrational hatred for Trump is so fierce that they’re willing to waste the taxpayers’ money on pointless vendettas.

  2. Senator Murkowski,

    Please be honest with Alaskans, change your registration to Democrat and start looking for other work after January 2023.

    • She had to go years ago but somehow taught people to spell her name correctly to write her back in. She is the epitome of corrupt government and has no respect for the U.S. Constitution. We need a strong candidate to run against her with Trump’s backing and start a movement to create a tidal wave of opposition against her. Does Alaska have a recall statute for elected officials? If so, we could also explore that.

  3. Murkowski should take that train to New York, with a stop in San Francisco for Pelosi gelato’.
    Anchorage Assembly is going with ya luvee!

  4. Daddy’s Little Princess is morally corrupt, bereft of any amount of Duty – Honor – Service, and certainly no sense of Team Spirit. She has been ever since she’s been in office as she demonstrates it daily throughout her tenure. When, and if, she ever steps away, she will have served only “herself” and, not Alaska and.or Alaskans. Her actions speak volumes without any measure reasonable justification. When, and if, she leaves public office, I would typically offer “best wishes” but, I will only offer … GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

    • She getting her nest egg from the democrats and then she’ll retire and move back to her families home state. All the while giving Alaska her middle finger, thank you all the uninformed and stupid people that voted for her.

    • Lisa, reprogramming your flash drive brain will not help you, and your dad can’t reappoint you. your true colors come shining through, turncoat !

      • TB, Lisa didn’t have much to do with opening ANWR. It turns out a fella named Trump was the driver here. But, then your pal China Joe has eroded all that. Lisa can go on in perpetuity pretending to champion State and Individual rights per the 9th and 10th amendment while at the same time providing obsequious servitude to her corporate masters. Venal acts within the ten miles square shall not be infringed since evil orange man is gone. You should be ecstatic !

  5. You can’t impeach a private citizen. A Senator cannot preside over an impeachment hearing. Therefore, anyone who voted yes to proceed with this illegal impeachment hearing needs to next in line for impeachment, as they are violating the Constitution and thus, their oath of office.

    At this point, I almost don’t care who runs against Lisa; they’ve got my vote.

  6. I find it incredible that any true Alaskan could vote for her. Of course, I’ve also said this in her previous elections too. She must go, but unless we convince the court to honor the words of the constitution and throw out BM2 (or force resubmission in constitutionally appropriate wording), her puppet masters will keep her in office.

  7. She did? Imagine.

    Lisa must be in love with Trump. Only a scored lover has this level of dementia and hatred

  8. Go ahead and give Trump free pass. The boy lost the election. It’s simple except for the spineless GOP unwillingness to do the necessary. Get Trump back in next election – going to go down in flames. It was all a joke anyhow.

  9. President Trump stiff behind Sen Sullivan all the way, and made Alaska’s agenda a priority when he didn’t have to… Would be nice to see some reciprocity. Not just a common sense “NO” vote—that’s not any sort of stand, but an actual defense of the President, and the hundreds of thousands of people there that day, that did nothing wrong. Silence in the face of these totalitarian stasi, is tantamount to cooperation.

    We are in sad and dark times. There are not many people in public life worthy of respect, at the moment. I hope I’ll be proven wrong, but I don’t see any of the current crop discovering courage and integrity any time soon.

  10. I doubt murkowski has what it takes to visit Alaskan villages and cities anymore. She hates Trump because he’s a man. I’ve said it many times on here and I’ll repeat it now she’s a man hater. I don’t know what men did to her when she was growing up but it has tainted her in some way. It doesn’t matter what man it is either. She’s also a baby killer. She doesn’t have what’s best for Alaska and her heart anymore. She is a product of Washington DC and a full-time member of the swamp. Alaskans need to wash their hands ever once and for all. At least Sullivan can read, and knows that alaskans aren’t happy with what’s going on and at least he can try to appease the masses that vote for him. Murkowski doesn’t seem to give a crap so with that understanding why should we give a crap about her anymore? She can go to these farmers markets and set up for kiosk and sell noodles again for all I care. More than likely she’ll stay in Washington DC where people are used to seeing slime slither down the street.

  11. The both voted to accept a Stolen Election……………making them both accessories to Treason. The Entire Federal Government is now a Vichy Government of Traitors and Chinese Puppets. Anything they do is Unconstitutional and should be ignored and actively undermined by the States and the people.

  12. What else did anyone expect from a person who lost in her last GOP primary, and ran as a write-in, all paid for by the DNC? She knows who buttered her bread. It was the DNC who’s been bankrolling her for quite some time now. Time to flush her down into the septic tank.

    What’s shocking is that there were enough imbeciles in Alaska to re-elect her last time around. That’s OK though. Plugs and company will make sure the Alaskan economy tanks, her voters no longer get their fuel subsidies and other goodies from a bankrupt state, and everyone gets nailed with a nice, fat, heavy income and state sales tax. Not a good time to be living in Bush Alaska. Once the flow of state-funded gravy dries up very few people will be financially capable of living in the Alaskan bush. Oh and forget going back to dog-power to get around in winter time. There won’t be enough fish in the rivers and streams to sustain teams of sled dogs. Let the hunger games begin.

  13. You mean, Lisa voted with 50 OTHER Democrats to allow the unconstitutional, unjustified, corrupt and reprehensible attempt to illegally and ludicrously impeach a former president.
    With this move, Lisa has just signed her political death certificate.

    • Says the expert on “political death certificates.” Why you are just full of yourself on here Jefferson. Don’t stop as you add much to the “clown car” of anti-Lisas on here. This is the place to keep an eye on the stupid in Alaska and you are right up there in that thin air at the top. Heheh!

      • Once again, thank you for adding absolutely nothing to the conversation here, aside from the shallow juvenile snark and insufferable oozing arrogance that is par for the course with today’s intolerant and authoritarian radical leftists, the destroyers of freedom and society.

        • Again, what is your cred on “political death certificates?” I’m here to keep you honest when you post such gibberish Jefferson. And while you’re at it give us your in depth take on “destroyers of freedom and society.” Folks on here are waiting. Heheh!

  14. Sure wish we could do like they did to Liz Cheney, censure her, then start a recall effort. Might get her attention.

  15. Ms. Murkowski, you disgust me, and I’m sorry and ashamed that I ever voted for you, you turncoat! Get thee gone, you liar! You are supposed to be OUR employee…not the other way around! Or did you miss that point in civics class?

  16. Murkowski is politically gone for me. The Alaska Republican Party would do well to recruit another candidate. I will never vote for that shrew again.

  17. Interesting, I would have lost money on that bar-bet … I never would have guessed that Alaska Senator Lisa Marsupial would have voted in-favor of that “kangaroo court”!

  18. The depth of betrayal by our Senior Senator seem only to deepen as time goes on as she sinks lower into the swamp in Washington DC

  19. People criticizing Lisa obviously did not listen to the arguments today. They were grossly one-sided, embarrassingly factual vs. comical, and right vs. wrong. The Constitution was not written for any party or person, but rather a genius guide to navigating the human natures of people and their tendency to abuse power. If any person watching today did not come to the conclusion that the trial is not only important but required, then we risk becoming what we hate. Corrupt and hypocritical fools. Let the trial go on and the cards will fall where they are due. Restrict that process and it will surely haunt us as the other side could potentially have an equal evil to those we witnessed on January 6.

  20. Lisa haters are missing the boat – but they’re welcome to air their gripes again… The reason the dems are pushing this impossible-to-win circus is simply to distract, with willing help from the media, from the communist destruction of America being perpetrated by Biden & cronies by executive fiat. Resist.

  21. The name Murkowski will remembered forever as a Judas. My fellow Alaskans sure screwed this vote up. At least Begich was honest about what party he prayed to.

  22. She needs to go. She is the same sell out as her father was. She has never been about alaska or alaskan’s she is a sell out to the state the party and her morals. We need someone who will shit in the cereal bowl of the liberal dems and give our state back to us.

  23. Lisa, you are infuriating. You neglect to represent the people of Alaska that elected you and continually waste time and resources. I believe that you are a politician without substance or any real foundation of what you represent. You vacillate on issues to cater to the entire political spectrum. There are no voters, let me repeat; There are NO voters that want tofu to represent them in DC. At this point, if you and Alyse Galvin were running against each other, and the only two candidates it would be a coin toss for most of us. The RINO or the powerless moron… At least she has no pull in DC, and probably can’t do as much damage as a seasoned senator. You must know that your political career is coming to a close, there is really no other explanation. But fear not, the University of Alaska will have room for you in the upper echelon of directors.

  24. Whether Trump incited a riot or not isn’t the point here. The point is, we had a stolen election and Lisa and Danny went along with the fraud.
    This impeachment is merely covering up their nefarious deed.

  25. Fellow Alaskan Patriots,
    We all have a duty to honor the Constitution of the United States of America. That being said I implore you to call, email or write the Governor, the Alaska GOP and Our Congressmen and women to take action and censure Lisa Murkowski for her traitorous unconstitutional vote for impeachment of Donald Trump.

  26. I wager that she will not vote to convict. She is trying very hard to appease both sides. . I believe it was Cervantes who once said something to the effect that the hottest place in hell is reserved for those who cannot take a firm position on important issues. This applies to Senator Murkowski. Regrettably!

  27. The Jan 6 festivities were preplanned by as much as 3 days according to the FBI & Capitol Police. As such, it is impossible to incite something that was already planned. This is the dumbest vote Lisa has ever cast, and fundamentally unconstitutional to boot. If she doesn’t get a handle on her personal anti-Trump Orange Man Bad animus, she is going to end up in a place she can’t escape from. Cheers –

        • You are pretty funny AF with your “strawman” argument above about Lisa not being able to take a position and then attempting to show Cervantes quote applies to her. You might want to show where she can’t take a position rather than just you wishful thinking about what she does in her vote. Yes there is some stooooopid on here and Agimarc is about equal to you. Heheh!

  28. Why is this breaking news? Anyone in Alaska could have foreseen this.
    What I can’t predict is whether or not she will vote to convict. I am not sure if she is deceptive or smart as she has been playing both sides for the last couple of years. She voted against nominating a Supreme Court Justice but then voted to confirm the nominated justice.
    She is trying to be friends with the lefties while upholding some conservative ideas. As we seen last week when she met with Biden, it does no good. The lefties will not compromise.

  29. Sadly Senator Murkowski’s behavior reminds me of the drama queen from high school. You know, the one that always has to be the center of attention. I am forced to seriously wonder, if she did not join the Democrats, because she would be just one of them, expected to tow the line and not make any waves. Remaining a republican, the press fawns over her and she gets to be in a special club with Romney and Collins. I suspect, she will do with this impeachment what she does every time. She votes for cloture or in this case to hold the trial, then hem and haw and in the end vote “present”. Facts, constituents and the constitution have never appeared to play a role in her decisions.

  30. Have we now entered the threshold of tolerance for Princess Lisa? Maybe it is time for her employers to start flooding the lines over at the Republican Party of Alaska, with calls for her to be censured. We are all guilty of allowing her to continue her poor representation without any reaction.

  31. “Toothless”??? Lisa is a brainless, nepostista, democrat in RINO clothing….

    Flunkgate: Did Lisa Murkowski Cheat on Her Bar Exam – Or Does She Just Like to Hang Out With the Wrong People?
    By Thomas Lamb | 10/02/10 | 5:26 AM EDT

    In 1987, after flunking the Alaska Bar exam four times, Senator Lisa Murkowski seems to have begun a long-term close relationship with a bar exam preparation company later hit with an 11.9 million dollar copyright violation judgment for wrongly acquiring currently in use bar exam questions to provide to exam applicants for a fee.

  32. The dems are using fake news articles as evidence. That is the sum total of Murkowski brain activity. So if President Trump runs again, the dominion voting machine law suit will be over. Just think how many legislative persons have been voted in with our dominion voting machines. A lot that shouldn’t have the jobs but the public was unaware of the stolen votes to put the fake contender in office. That goes from the top down. If anyone wants Murkowski censored and charges brought against her, send a letter to the alaska GOP demanding that it be done. Her good buddy Ann Brown that sits on one of those positions has been a stalwart buddy of hers. Even she wouldn’t be able to stop the onslaught of demanding requests. I’m all for the censoring of Murkowski. Time to get rid of her.

  33. Take a hike Lisa, you and the republican party turned your backs on one of the greatest president of our time and allowed cities to be plundered and criminals to walk and now we have the greatest fiasco ever witnessed, a stolen election and a sham impeachment.

  34. The problem is the democrats will not have a candidate running against Lisa. They will vote for her. And for the republicans they have Know visible state candidate to run against her. Dunleavy, Sorry I voted for that idiot. Of course, I,m one of those conservative independents.

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