Breaking: Russia fires missiles near Alaska in Bering, Chukchi Seas


Russia fired cruise missiles on Monday at mock targets in the Bering Sea, which are the waters separating eastern Russia from Alaska. The Russian Defense Ministry said it is an exercise to protect the northern shipping route in the Arctic.

Russia has increasingly been using the Arctic Ocean for shipping and four weeks ago a group of Russians from the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute unveiled a massive Russian flag on the sea ice nearby the drifting polar station, “Severny polyus-41,” in an event that was meant to display dominance.

On Monday, Vulcan, Granit and Onyx cruise missiles were fired over distances of hundreds of miles to strike targets that were simulating enemy ships in the Bering Sea, according to Reuters. About 10,000 Russian military troops are involved in the exercise, along with multiple planes, helicopters, and other equipment.

“The drills took place on Russia’s Chukotka peninsula and in the Chukchi and Bering Seas, and were supervised by Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, commander-in-chief of the Russian navy,” Reuters reports.

In July, Russia conducted similar exercises in the Black Sea to the south.

This story will be updated as details emerge.


    • Meanwhile, Dan Sullivan is kowtowing to one of Putin’s good friends, Tommy Tuberville, who continues to demean our military by pushing against military appointments and denying our military members’ right to cross state boundaries for medical care.

      • They can cross state boundaries for medical care now and in the future: 1. Sen. Tuberville’s arm-twisting is to encourage the military to respect state laws restricting abortion access within their respective states – military members seeking to get an abortion in another state will not be paid for their travel by federal funds; 2. abortion is baby murder, not healthcare. As for Senator Dan, and all those who don’t think he has the cojones to stand firm on principle – good for you Senator, thank you.

      • Tuberville denied unanimous consent. Majority Leader Schumer can bring the GO nominations to the floor of the Senate any time he wants for a vote but has chosen not to do so.

        “… denying our military members’ right to cross state boundaries for medical care.” – nice euphemism for abortion and medical mutilation all at taxpayer expense. So much for actually performing the mission.

        Please provide evidence outside normal democrat talking points of Tuberville’s friendship with Putin. Otherwise, I’m sorry that your news sources did this to you. Cheers –

    • Sarah Palin never said that. It was Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, when she was doing a skit impersonating Ms. Palin. Of course that factual distinction doesn’t keep some brainwashed people from clinging to their fictions and fantasies.

  1. Hmmm, They must be anticipating enemy ships in the Bering Sea.
    Obiden needs to flex some more muscles and do some more namecalling.
    Maybe publicly calling him a killer will help escalate the tension and ruffle some feathers so instead of a proxy war we can just cut to the chase and start swapping missiles directly.

  2. Maybe DoD ought to send some of their brand new “tic tacs” to do some brodies around those obsolete Migs and up the show?

  3. Poke the Bear, and don’t be surprised if the Bear notices and responds. I am not surprised at all.

    OTOH, if you believe in the interventionist prong of neoconservativism and in American rectitude in every and all cases, you may be shocked and offended at the actions of the Bear.

    Have a nice day.

    • JMARK, poking the Bear would include blowing up his Nord pipeline amongst other provocations. Xiden and Obama’s evil little handmaiden in all things Urkrainian Vickie Nuland foreshadowed the big event publicly. I note that they waited to blow-up Putins Gas Line until a competitor pipeline, named the Baltic Line owned by the Danes and Poles and carrying Norwegian gas was completed. Timing is everything.

  4. Hmmmmm, Zelenskyy in DC begging for more of our money, Russia holding war games in the Bering, the war monger Biden must be drooling right now.

    Well……I mean even more so than normal.

    • Third Gen, the Russians have entered our airspace for decades. But then a real Alaskan would know that, right?
      Meanwhile, your feckless leader Joe Biden allowed a spy Ballon to traverse North America and hover over military installations. Big yawner though, right?

  5. We don’t own the world so other country’s can do what they wish. I am sure we never launched a missile in waters close to other country’s.

      • I was being sarcastic sorry you’re not seeing that. We have pissed off every nation in the world so I don’t blame them for pushing back. But they better not do anything on American soil.

    • Nah, their language will confuse us, and long queues to buy a daily-limit pound of greasy sausage don’t excite me…

  6. If Trump was President. Putin would be sitting low today waiting for Trump to leave office. Trump just as for Americans is too unpredictable for Putin who wouldn’t know how Trump will react if Putin does what he does. I like how one Black man said it when Trump came “Rocket-boy” (North Korea) put his rockets away. Putin will store away his nation’s missiles along with withdrawing from Ukraine if Trump returned to DC.

  7. Relax everyone. The Ruskies are only testing out some of the goodies they purchased from Kim last week. They want to see if they actually fire. Many could be duds, or only put on a sparkler show. Caveat emptor!

  8. Hey!!! Come on man!!! There’s a lot of damn money to be made in a war!!! It just depends on who the recipient is to where the $$$$ lands? Anybody seen Hunter lately?

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