Breaking: Revenue commissioner resigns

Bruce Tangeman

Department of Revenue Commissioner Bruce Tangeman has resigned. 

“Bruce has dedicated a significant portion of his life to public service and I thank him for the outstanding work he has done within my administration. His leadership and oversight of the Department of Revenue enabled many lasting changes and efficiencies. His character and strong work ethic have been a valuable asset to our team,” said Governor Dunleavy. “I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.”

Commissioner Tangeman will oversee the rollout of the upcoming Fall Revenue Forecast and the FY2021 Budget, and continue in his role until a replacement is found to ensure a smooth transition.

Tangeman joined the Administration last year after serving as policy director for theAlaska Senate majority, and vice president and chief financial officer of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. He was deputy commissioner in the Department of Revenue in the Parnell administration.


  1. Should have been named as OMB Director.
    Oh well ……….. another missed opportunity to put a conservative with genuine skills in a position where Governor Dunleavy needs help.

  2. Tangeman and Arduin were joined at the hip during the Finance Committees testimony during last session. Then Arduin was dismissed so’s budgets could be better handled by the Commissioners but this may not have been what this Commissioner wanted.

      • Notice I said “may” Joe. He may have been offered OMB Director’s job but it’s no longer the hot dog position Arduin had. Maybe he wants to spend more time with his family. Heheh!

    • Yankee and others like him never speculate, they have plenary knowledge of everything evil and Dunleavian. In fact it might be said that they are so full of mind that there is little room left within their limted memory to places real facts and observations?

      • Too bad Tangeman couldn’t stick around to help at OMB with targeted reductions in state spending that make sense for Alaska.
        I sense new tax proposals coming from this administration. And Tangeman departing probably also telegraphs future where various Commissioners will be running around unchecked in building budget while desiring to spend revenue we don’t have.
        Oh well, we get what we deserve in this little democracy.

      • Evil: Telling Alaskans you’ll preserve their PFD and then seizing it for paybacks to special interests that fund your campaign (Geissel, Edgemon, et al), bleeding Alaska’s revenue so that a select few can get rich off of bloated government contracts, lying to Alaskan’s, etc etc. (see Walker Admin).

        Dunleavian: Fighting for a PFD, balancing the budget, eliminating fraud and waste (University system, no bid contracts, etc etc), standing against state funded infanticide.

        Thanks, OTA- I may not be older than Alaska, but I know Evil when I see it…And Dunleavy and his supporters are taking on and fighting many forms, like no governor in Alaska’s recent history.

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