Breaking: Rep. Mike Chenault files letter of intent for governor


Rep. Mike Chenault, who has served in the House of Representatives since 2001 and was the body’s longest-serving Speaker, has filed a letter of intent to run for governor.

Chenault stepped down from the speakership after four terms in 2017, and the House reorganized under Democrat leadership with Bryce Edgmon.

Born in New Mexico, he moved to the Kenai Peninsula as a child, graduated from Kenai Central High School, and started a career in construction. He was president of the North Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

He represents House District 29, which is the eastern Kenai Peninsula from Nikiski to Seward.

He told Must Read Alaska that filing his letter of intent would allow him to gauge support around the state for a candidacy.

“I am looking at all the options to see if the support is there to run for Governor in 2018,” said Chenault, in a statment released this afternoon. “I’m not satisfied with the direction of the current administration and where the state is headed. We need to resolve our fiscal issues, create a climate where businesses can thrive, and continue to develop an educational system that will enable our children to learn and be part of our future work force.”

Earlier today, former Sen. Charlie Huggins filed a letter of intent and Sen. Mike Dunleavy suspended his campaign for governor.

(Must Read Alaska is in travel status in Fairbanks and will update this story.)


  1. Mike Chenault is a bit out of touch with the majority of Alaskans, and a little to close to the commercial fishing interests on the Kenai Peninsula. He may not like the way the state is heading but he should remember that until just last year he was the leader of the House in going in the same direction he is now complaining about. Anchorage and the Valley believe he has been way too supportive of the commercial fisheries in upper Cook Inlet at the expense of the hundreds of thousand of Anglers and beneficiaries of the dip net fisheries. I get it. He needed the commercial sector to get elected in this commercial fishing dominated area. But now he running state wide and not well respected by the large population in Anch and the valley. Plus, he does not have the personality that one likes right off the bat. . Hopefully he will see the handwriting on the wall and bow out. If not he will end up likely finishing last in the GOP primary and be very embarrassed.

  2. wow look at this race. A three-way. Maybe I should throw my hat into the ring too?
    I know I am pure and uncorrupted compared to these jokers! Fresh ideas? Free Enterprise? Will that sell to the masses?

  3. Sorry, but we need a break from small-city politicians. Valdez has been/ still is a nightmare. Wasilla was a crazy and short ride. Need some common sense from Anchorage.

  4. More of the same, oh no! It’s time he gets out of government. People don’t keep sending the same political figures to Juneau and expect a different result; that’s the definition of insanity.

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