Breaking: Rep. Knopp sanctioned by Alaska Republican Party


Rep. Gary Knopp, who represents Kenai as a Republican legislator, was sanctioned by the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee today in Kenai.

On a motion made by Jason Floyd, District 30, the party agreed to withhold party support, including financial, and to recruit a Republican primary challenger to oppose him. Two people have already filed to run against him as Republicans.

The voice vote was unanimous. It came minutes after Knopp stood to defend his record of having created a Democrat-led Majority in the House and said that it had led to successes.

“This House [majority] has succeeded,” he said. “If I’d not created the coalition…” he said, the House would still not be organized.

Floyd then stood and said that Knopp had just admitted to being responsible for creating the Majority that disenfranchised the people who had elected him.

Myranda Walso, a bonus vote for District 13, was not impressed. She stood to remark, “We saw for first 30 days, the House was unable to organize. When finally they were organized, they were unable to get any of their business done. They did not pass budget. Did not pass crime bill. If the mark of success is whether you are able to get it done…” she said, then this House Majority has failed. “We need to send a message.”

This Facebook Live video is the resolution and vote. Note that Rep. Knopp is in the audience:

A few minutes later the approximately 60 people present voted to support the motion. It is similar to the sanctions made for Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux and Rep. Louise Stutes, who abandoned the Republican Majority years ago, but continue to run and serve as Republicans.

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After the meeting took a break, Knopp told people present that every charge made against him was a lie. Floyd said that every charge made against him was based on video documentation that has been widely viewed.


  1. Fool us once shame on you, Knopp. But you cannot fool us twice. You only get one swing and you’re out. Is your smirk really a cross between a little bantom rooster and a old hen? You gotta take better care of that, fella.

  2. Suzanne, I never said it was a lie, I said the statements were factually incorrect. The statements made were Editorials from the maker of the motion and not factual. Similar to what you write.

    • You are a disgrace to the people who voted for you and even though I don’t live on the Kenai I fully support the admonishment of your record as a trader of the voting public. You should do the people of the Kenai a favor and resign.

    • Gary, you are lower than a snake belly in the swamp! You have a long history of lying, and being caught in those lies. There are ample video and audio evidence of your comments, not to mention your votes against not only principles of the ARP but voting for Democrat-Socialist bills and amendments that harm all Alaskans, not just those in your district!
      I do hope and pray that a recall petition is done swiftly and that the vote of the people in your district remove you from the legislature at the earliest possible moment, hopefully well before you can do any future harm next legislative session!

    • Gary, I may not like the way the house majority shook out, but I understand your decision. A majority of 21 has a slim chance of success, put Eastman in that number and let’s just say the odds don’t go up. The failure of the house republicans falls on those currently in the minority, their ineptitude at the positions they currently find themselves in is what led to were we are now, not Gary.

    • What’s the difference between “factually incorrect” and “lie”. I’m sorry, but I was taught that it’s the truth or it’s a lie. These gray lines in between, that you liberals use, make no sense to those of us who were raised with a sense of right and wrong. What other twisting of definitions do you subscribe to? You are unfit for the office to which you were wrongly elected.

    • The statements are factually correct, Gary.

      I was at that meeting in Soldotna, and also heard you make those statements.

      You also owe the state (we residents), 30 days of per diem. You were sent to Juneau to do a job for us, and you failed miserably.

      The very least you can do, and we know that is your MO, is resign and show some semblance of whatever dignity you might have left.

    • Like Mark Twain said, quote: “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you are a member of congress, but I repeat myself”. Seems to fit.

  3. Knopp is a FLOP. He knows NOT.
    Although under legitimate ATTACK, he still finds time to read MRAK.

  4. Mr. Knopp, we are tired of you and the rest of your ilk that manipulate the truth. You want to argue about “factually incorrect” vs “lie”. You speak out of both sides of your mouth. This house session that you are solely responsible for undermining has been one that has played games with the truth. Your statement above continues to demonstrate your untrustworthiness. You are a fraud and a fake that took advantage of people by portraying yourself as a conservative Republican at numerous public events prior to the election, never once publicly stating your true intentions.

  5. GOP … Good Job!!! It’s time to move onward – forward (without Mr. Knopp).
    Mr. Knopp … Goodbye!

  6. Perhaps a person cannot vote against a motion made against them, but I did not hear anyone say they objected to the motion including Knopp. Maybe Representative Knopp agrees with the motion? I know if I were sitting in a room full of people and I thought they were being “factually incorrect” about what they were saying about me I would have made my voice heard, but maybe that’s just me.

  7. I left that space blank when I voted (Should have written in Thidwick!). I hope and pray I will not HAVE to do that next time!

  8. Take note Rinos you’re next…
    If the party doesn’t get rid of you, the voters will next election cycle. Glad to see the ARP ser a precedent against Rep. Knopp. I believe there should be others like Rep. Wilson, Rep. Kopp, Rep. Johnston, and Rep. Bart Lebon. They deceived the voters in thinking they were behind the Dunleavy plan and they conned us just to get elected.

    • Joe, I wasn’t aware of any legislators during this last election claiming to be behind Dunleavy’s plan, I’m hoping one doesn’t have to fall in lock step with this administration in order to be a true Republican.

        • Kemosabee, Do you truly believe there is more then a small handful of Republican legislators that have bought into this administration complete agenda? Is the true failing of the House Republicans inability to form a majority fall on the few who walked after a month, or the others that had the numbers but lacked the savvy to get a majority put together. Not a comfortable question, but one we should all be pondering.

          • U.R.
            This administration wants all Republicans to know that AFP bought the GOP fair and square, so any conservatives that are a threat to their corporate paradigm need to step a side.
            We can all thank “Citizens United” for this new wave of discontent that we are seeing today.

      • Really? What planet you from? All Valley Reps and Senators fully backed and back Gov Dunleavy! That is just for starters!

        • That would be the small handful I was talking about and they’re not all in lock step with this administrations agenda. If that’s just for starters I would love to hear the rest of the names that make up this list.

    • Ledoux won solely based on fraud from dead voters and its funny that the person from California is now dead and unable to be questioned in this matter

  9. Imagine how hard left the milieu is in Juneau is for Gary Knopp to think everything is bright and sunny and that he knows what’s best for us?

    He got his special session. Now he’ll pack and extra $40 grand in his sock drawer at the expense of all his constituents.

    I have honestly never seen such a vile politician in my entire life.

  10. Mr. Knopp, you can re-package the verbiage any way you wish but it still says the same thing. Do you think no one is listening? Do you think everyone is stupid? Have you been hit on the head too many times? I’m being serious here. Check your look in the mirror my friend, and say it again. Do you really believe it? Please, stop. You are embarrassing yourself. This experiment you conducted at the price of our future, was a miserable failure. Thanks a lot.

  11. Gary Knopp

    You have deceived the people of district 30 and in doing so brought great destruction to the State of Alaska and its people. This was all done by careful design with your people back at the DNC and it’s very clear who your master is, and its not the people of this state.

    This was all an attempt to nullify the November 6th election of Governor Mike Dunleavy’s platform and of the peoples will. Your legacy will be nothing more than a dark stain on the House.

    Too bad your friend and advisor Paul Seaton didn’t suffer the same political fate of a recall you are about suffer and deserve but ether way, Dear Paul is also done deceiving the people.

    Maybe once this is all over, the two of you could get together and lament how much you hate this country, our president, and the people of Alaska. The coup failed, and the voters now see who was behind the curtain along with your unholy friends.

    A man of honor would step down… But honor is not a virtue of the left.

  12. The rebuke is well deserved and long overdue. I sincerely hope the people of the Kenai recall this man. He is not true to his word and has hurt the Alaska people by his political chicanery. He’s an embarrassment as at LeDouche and Stutes. We are suffering a special session with tremendous cost we cannot bear due to the shenanigans he pulled in the first month of session.

  13. These comments are priceless. Knopp, you cost the great State of Alaska a very significant amount of money at a time we cannot afford to waste it. You deceived the voters in your district to get elected then turned your back on your party. The costs of the special session and inaction of the legislature for the first 30 days is entirely at your feet. You disgust me.

  14. Gary, here’s hoping that your constituents gather signatures and move forward with the fastest recall of an elected legislator in AK history.

  15. Gary be gone is the cry. He is as crooked as the Seward highway. Come on Kenai get rid of this pile of waste.

  16. Step down Gary, the recall is coming for you. And while you’re packing, maybe it’s time to consider Portland. Bet you would find lots of like minded new friends there

  17. Gary .. haven’t you embarrassed and disgraced yourself enough already. Please shut your lying mouth, pack your dirty laundry in your bags and move along.

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