Breaking: Palmer recall results so far show landslide for removal of the Palmer Three


About 20 people gathered in the upstairs of the Palmer Alehouse to wait for the results of the special election to recall three members of the Palmer City Council. The polls closed at 8 pm, and when the numbers came in over an hour later, they cheered loudly — it was a landslide to recall the three who were on a special recall ballot.

The three had held secret meetings on Facebook in a closed group with a fourth council member, who has since left office. These meetings constituted illegal activity because they were not advertised or open to the public.

A group of volunteers organized a petition campaign, were able to get enough signatures to get a special election declared, and then campaigned against the three offending council members.

Of ballots counted by 9 pm:

There are 41 questioned ballots, according to a visual count. Some people came in from outside the city limits to vote, and were allowed to vote questioned ballots. Those ballots will be examined later.

In all, there are a possible 450 ballots yet to be counted. Volunteers say the votes are likely to split the same way as the votes already counted.

If they are recalled, the city council will interview applicants and pick a replacement.


  1. Send all the three little Commies back to Kindergarten and start the re-education camp. Palmer is too sophisticated for them.

  2. Too bad Anchorage voters don’t do the same thing with these Assembly members instead of voting the incumbents back into power. You get what you voted for to represent your district. Like it and lump it until the next election cycle begins to start over.

    • It looks like Zaletel could have lost had her opponent did more door to door groundwork. She only won by a little less than 500 votes.

      • That is pretty much true about all of the leftists who won re-election. I have the distinction of living in the Weddleton/LaFrance district, and I worked hard to keep him from getting re-elected. Yes, I knocked on doors, talked to folks on the street, and posted flyers. Not for any candidate, but against Weddleton.
        Too many people vote for whomever is currently occupying the seat, and I needed to let the public know how Weddleton votes, and the things he supported in the past. I took it as my personal mission to inform the public about how poorly their “representative” was representing them.
        Too bad not enough folks did this in Zalatel/Dunbar land.

    • The problem is that the Conservatives do not vote. A handful of volunteers worked their butts off to get special recalls for certain Assembly members. When it came time to vote, no one showed up. That’s why it’s so easy for those with an anti-American agenda to get on boards and city councils b/c the conservatives in the majority…do not vote and they know it. I’m guessing this is the same way the 3 got onto the Palmer council…no one voted. But during Covid, the tide began to turn. And the ordeal over changing Colony Days to ‘Twisted River’ could not have been better timed…b/c those 3 supported the name change. So fortunately, people DID turn out to vote…a good turn out for a special election.

    • Yes, that seems to be true. Just look at the traffic on the Glenn. Nobody with any values wants to live in the town that we seem to depend upon for employment. Maybe with proper development, the port at Mackenzie could work out. And an international airport should be at the top of the list. Lower the landing fees and soon Anchorage will be just a homeless camp.

  3. Come on Anchorage! Where the heck were you in our election? Time to get a move on now, or you can have it and Im outta here and moving to Palmer!

    • Until this assembly gets into the non voters pocket they won’t care or vote. Until The assembly’s leadership hits peoples pocketbook they will sit on the sidelines.

  4. Perhaps the three should have held their meetings in a group email with Tom Sconce. Then they could have denied it, totally redacted any requested copies, and had The Frontiersman run cover for them. Good work Palmer!

  5. I do not believe three City Council members picking three replacements will work out well for Palmer

    • Oh, you mean like eight other Anchorage assembly members picking one of their as a replacement for the disgraced Mayor Berkowitz — and then allowing her to remain in that position for almost a year, in violation of the municipal charter? You mean like THAT kind of “work out well”?

    • lord knows it was a disaster when accused sexual —– ethan berkowitz resigned and his collaborators on the anchorage assembly chose his replacement

  6. Its a small win for The LORD. Though war has already been decided, it still rages on. The light of palmer still glows strong within its residents lives. Yesterdays reading was out of duet 31:9-13 about ‘rejoicing in your
    feasts (fruit of your labors)’ worshipping God altogether for all that God gives. ‘assemble the people, men, women, and little ones, and the sourjourner (whom i’d think is as an unbeliever) within your towns, that they may hear and learn to fear the LORD your God, and be careful to do all the words of this law, and that their children, who have not known it, may hear and learn to fear the LORD your God,’
    That palmer’s children may be able to understand and have a fear of God deep reverence, to understand faith and freedom keeping palmer’s land undefiled through the next generation until the LORD returns.

  7. So, 17.7% of the Palmer voters have spoken! Despite the favorable result, this is not good.
    When are we going to wake up to the fact that unless we ALL VOTE EVERY TIME, we’re going to see this sort of activist takeover of our school boards, city councils, borough assemblies, and the legislature again and again?
    If everybody voted I doubt these fringe candidates would have been able to gather enough signatures (usually a percentage of previous election turnouts) to even qualify for the ballot.
    Why did 82.3% of Palmer voters stay home?

    • Todays prayer that should be uttered by every pastor, elders, deacons, and all their wives: ‘loving God, break down every wall that keeps me from being vulnerable so i can love you and neighbors with Spirit-empowered courage, compassion, and consistency.’ most of anchorage and alaska i am telling you are ‘christian’ they
      are just underfed and badly attended. They run to the first shepard who offers and coaxes us with ‘food’ and ‘kindness’

    • People don’t realize how important local elections are. They are actually the most important, but people only think about what happens nationally.

    • Most people stayed home because either they dont worry about local elections or they werent aware of this election. I wasnt aware of it until 2 weeks before. Palmer never sent out information informing about the election. I only heard about it in talking to a business owner when picking up an order. Many of us dont subscribe to leftist newspapers. They sent out the “NO” people a couple days ago but never heard from either by mail or in person from the “YES” people. Only reason why I voted yes is because these nutballs were for economic destruction. People have got to stop voting for these leftists, college educated idiots who have never worked for a living, those that are members of the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club etc. These are all evil sociopathic people.

    • @MBitsko you are exactly right. Though this might be a win and kudos to everyone who participated. This is not how the conservative movement will win continually in the long run. With a mere 17% turnout and so far a win by maybe 100 votes on each candidate, whats to stop the other side the next go around to make sure they can turn out their base by a little more than those votes needed to secure their victories? Remember if conservative are to win we must win convincingly make the turn out so big that if there is to be any cheating they’ll never be able to come up with enough votes. But nonetheless congrats to Palmer for showing Anchorage how things should be done!

    • Most likely this is the result of the lack of civics education. People no longer feel that they are actually participating in government or that their vote actually makes a difference. Then the mail-in ballot nonsense here in Anchorage raises serious doubt on the chain-of-custody of any ballot, sitting around not being immediately counted while the voter watches. Getting a ballot in the mail has become a chore, like paying your electricity bill, instead of celebrating that “We the People” get to govern.

    • Thank you for saving me the trouble of pointing this out. Even in Anchorage we are struggling to get turnout above 30%, which is proof that mail-in voting does nothing to improve turnout.

    • The People’s Republic of Anchorage is an excellent example of how things degenerate quickly when too many submit, lie down and let the rising red tide wash over them.

    • Before you get high and mighty about who doesn’t vote, maybe you should consider the fact that they were voted IN with less than 500 votes… the recall turnout almost 900 and will likely double the votes cast that 2 of the 3 were elected with. Try harder next time when you start opining about how your communists lost.

      Furthermore 80% of Palmer are not voters, they are signed up automatically because they like their PFD.

  8. Outsiders – from as far away as The People’s Republic of Bend (OR.) spent a lot of money on this so the 41 (so far) questioned ballots seem to suggest at least a few of them may have been voting visitors.

    Can fraudulent voting not be prosecuted? If so fines would not be enough – these are people with far too much money for it to matter. Hard jail time might be “educational”.

    • Does the constitution have a say in who goes to jail? Why yes it does. The US Constitution of this confederate republic says a man loses his liberty for: murder, rape, breaking and entering with intent to cause harm and fear of emminent bodily harm and robbery of assets over a certain amount of money. That is what the Constitution says.

  9. Same in Juneau, voter turnout is very dismal and as a result we get what we have. Glad to see Palmer taking their city back.

  10. No mass mail in voting? The only people voting are those confirmed eligible to vote, are informed enough and motivated enough to get off their couch and vote. Sounds right to me.

  11. I’m surprised, but pleasantly so.

    Anchorage, see what happens when conservatives stop whining and actually vote?

    Try it sometime.

  12. So how did those three get elected in the first place? Not enough people paying attention, just like Anchorage. Glad your recall went well.

  13. The majority of Palmer is “conservative”. We have some left wing wackos that are politically active and have taken advantage of low voter turnout.
    All things tranny, CRT, Common Core, pro-mask, forced vaccines, lockdowns, universal income, Braided River Festival, Braided River Holidays – these are all fringe political positions not supported by the mainstream – people that have families, work every day, pay taxes.
    People that love Alaska and traditional values need to run for office and vote – we have the “numbers” on the Lefties.

    • I wouldnt be too sure. Here we are 3 days later and there is clearly ballot changes being made and fraud being done. They refuse to update any vote counts. Counting 400 ballots should only take an hour. Its been days. WTF!!

  14. Their cultish followers are “so devastated” and they (one of the 3 at least – Jill) are crying bully.

    The fact that an adult would use this term for people exercising their rights and partaking in their government is astounding. And shameful. Especially when actual bullying is happening daily in their community.

    Losing sucks. Not getting the results you wanted sucks. That doesn’t mean it’s bullying.

    Furthermore if one would interview say alum, peers, co-workers, opponents etc of say Sabrena & her husband, they would find that they aren’t well liked and this was going to come to ahead sooner or later. They aren’t upstanding citizens and the optics of her behavior at bars etc is well spoken about.

    Glad this happened. Nothing wrong with a little shakeup.

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