Alaska Native women’s coalition endorses Murkowski


Alaska Native women leaders from across the state voiced their support for Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) re-election. In making their endorsements, this coalition emphasized Murkowski’s ability to effectively represent a diverse range of priorities while respecting indigenous values. 

“I am grateful for the leadership of Senator Murkowski, and deeply appreciate her respect for Alaska’s First People, her commitment to always vote her conscience, and her willingness to listen. Lisa’s history of decision-making reflects Alaska. Our voters are predominately non-partisan and I’m thankful for a leader who reflects that majority in her policy. The coronavirus relief bill and the infrastructure package she shepherded into law are recent examples of the big wins she has consistently delivered for Alaskans. Alaska needs Lisa Murkowski in the U.S. Senate,” said Barbara Blake, Haida, Tlingit, and Ahtna.

“I will be standing beside Lisa as she campaigns in 2022. She has always fought for Alaska Native peoples and communities. Much like Ted Stevens, Lisa works with anyone—Republican or Democrat—who will help advance health and opportunities for our people. That is the strong leadership we need in Alaska,” said Sheri Buretta, Chairman of the Board of Chugach Alaska Corporation and Native Village of Tatitlek Tribal Member.

“I respect that Lisa’s passion is with Alaska, always. As she wrestles with difficult votes, she listens to Alaskans, and does what’s right for Alaskans—no matter which party is in control. With the recent passing of Representative Don Young, Lisa Murkowski is now Alaska’s most senior voice in Congress. We need Lisa in the U.S. Senate,” said Andrea Gusty, Deg Xinag and Yup’ik.

“Senator Murkowski has long championed the rights of Alaska’s first people, our way of life, and our values. She takes time to understand issues, to listen with respect and empathy, and to have those experiences inform her deliberative decision-making. In voting her conscience, Lisa stands out, above, and apart from partisan politics. We need Lisa Murkowski in the U.S. Senate,” said Ana Hoffman, Bethel Yup’ik.

“Working in D.C. 19 years ago, I was so impressed when I saw Senator Murkowski speaking loudly and clearly on behalf of Alaska Natives on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. She has continued to fight courageously for everyone in our state, and as an Alaska Native woman I could not be prouder to support her,” said Joy Huntington, CEO of Uqaqti Consulting and Koyukon Athabascan, Manley Hot Springs. 

“Lisa Murkowski is the hardest working person I know. She is tireless and will always put Alaskans first,” said Kathy Mayo of Eagle Village Tribe and Principal Manager of Kathy Mayo + Associates.

“Hope for a better future is Lisa working for you in Washington,” said Megan Onders, Principal Strategist of Arctic Geopolitical LLC and King Island Native Community Member.

“Senator Murkowski has always fought hard to ensure that all Alaskan voices are heard, from the far-reaching rural regions of our great state to the urban areas. That’s why we Alaskans have consistently voted to keep Lisa working for us in the Senate. Vote for Senator Murkowski, a voice of reason and experience bridging the gap and representing all of Alaska,” said Gail Schubert, President and CEO of Bering Straits Native Corporation.

“To be an effective U.S. Senator for Alaska, you need the capacity, depth of knowledge, and experience to grasp the complexity of the political and socioeconomic landscape of this state. Lisa has demonstrated all of this in her ability to effectively represent all Alaska—from industry interests to small business, from fisheries to subsistence users, from Alaska Native Corporations to Tribes, from educators to parents, from urban to rural. Lisa has an incredible gift for considering all sides of an issue before arriving at decisions that impact Alaskans. I trust and respect Lisa and she is who I want representing our children’s interests in Congress,” said Greta Schuerch, Inupiaq, Kobuk River.

“Lisa is a champion for Alaskan families and communities. As an Alaskan born and raised in Bristol Bay, a business owner in Anchorage, and as someone who works in industry, I can say without a doubt that Lisa Murkowski’s leadership in policy and appropriations literally impacts every community, sector, and family in our state. I’m proud to call her my senator and will stand with her in 2022,” said Kristina Woolston, Bristol Bay Native Corporation Shareholder.

Murkowski has been Alaska’s senator since being appointed by Gov. Frank Murkowski in 2002. She is not endorsed by the Republican Party, which has chosen Kelly Tshibaka as its preferred candidate. With a jungle primary and ranked choice voting in the general election, the new voting scheme that was approved with Ballot Measure 2 favors Murkowski, who was not able to win in a Republican primary. The ballot measure was designed by Murkowski’s top insiders and marketed to Alaskans with $7 million in dark money from outside the state.


  1. I wonder how many native Alaskans really do want Murkowski? It’s the same old talking points…Equality, equity, seat at the table, reaching across so everyone can be heard, bridging gaps, blah blah blah. I wonder how the natives that rely on oil royalties feel.

  2. It is really so sad that they do not understand what Lisa has done to their communities by voting for Deb Haaland, abortion and the extremely high spending by the Government. Really SAD.

  3. Marxist Democrat women for Lisa. Give me, give me, give me. Funny though, that they still can’t spell “Murkowski”.

  4. I was at value village the other week just browsing other americans discarded treasures, when i came across a Native Women’s wellness group style textbook totally something Southcentral foundation would buy. I had to flip through its contents and dropped into its pregnancy chapter only disheartingly realizing it’s promoting promiscuity and contraceptive proper use, following a topic on abortion. My thought is these such Native women leaders don’t even recognize such wellness group books are aiding the eugenists de-populating goals further decimating indigenous peoples just by aiding native women and men from having a pregnancy in the first place. Proverbs says ‘grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers (and mothers). It’s passing on our genes and raising the next generation.

  5. Murkowski has always voted for whomever..whatever will pay her the most money! Sad! She voted for Katanji Jackson for the Supreme Court and she doesn’t even know what a woman is. That tells me that Lisa and native Alaskan women don’t either! That’s even sadder!

  6. If those folks honestly believe Murkowski has been good for Alaska they are all drinking the kool aid she is slinging.. Pathetic.. That woman is NOT good for our great state at all!

  7. As an Alaskan Native myself, this tells me that Murkowski is officially a liberal/socialist democrat. The Republican Party should give her the boot!

  8. Not surprised at all. Good thing everyone can vote for who they want and don’t have to follow this bunch off the cliff.

  9. Some folks will sell their souls to the devil if the money is right. Question is, has this native group just popped up from nowhere or has it been around for a while. What the dark money guys like Soros do is pour money into a new non-profit and support their leftist politicians. This actually doesn’t make any sense since Kelly has been getting out to the native villages and the folks there were very angry with Murkowski because she lied to them for a vote. Something is terribly wrong here. We are approaching the perfect storm because they put Measure 2, mail-in-ballots and the Dominion Machines in place specifically to steal it for Murkowski. Everyone must melt Dunleavy’s phone and e-mail system. If he doesn’t step in, Murkowski will steal this election along with a plethora of other leftist politicians.

  10. I believe the Murkowski campaign exploits many Alaska Natives who trust AFN a little too much. Murkowski serves at the behest of AFN which does not represent the views of all Alaska Natives and definately not Alaskans. That’s not to say AFN is all bad, I’ve just seen them exploit people for their own interests a couple too many times. Too few Alaskans, including Alaska Natives, don’t bother to do their own research. Murkowski is a terrible choice for the state and the nation because she misrepresents her values, her loyalty, and her party alignment, to name just three. We should all have far less tolerance for this type of behavior than we do. One has but to look at her APOC report to see the trail of blood money.

  11. Lisa has always made sure that the federal government has spent a lot of money on the villages of Alaska. Windmills from China that cost more to maintain than they ever could produce, subsidized services from water and sewage to food and medical services. Even free airfare for events and medical purposes. What the men and women of these villages really want and need is a way of making a living. The young people especially are tired of being “zoo animals “, depending on government subsidies for survival. Lisa doesn’t want the vast resources to be developed and our native Alaskans to be self sufficient. She has them where she wants them, dependent upon the government. And swayed to vote for whoever brings them the most. It is time for us to stop this cycle and start jobs that will employ all Alaskans and make villages wealthy and self substaining. It’s time to connect our villages with roads and railways and ports so heating oil and gas isn’t triple the price as Anchorage. It’s time that rural Alaskans come into modern times.

    • Good point, Jon!
      Especially this year, after the complete debacle of uniformly disastrous Democrat-led (and RINO enabled) policies in the past year, and their uniformly anti-scientific, authoritarian and anti-human mandates surrounding the artificial pandemic.

  12. If there is one thing Native People understand, it is a phoney White Person trying to buy our vote with the promise of federal money. Lisa Murkowski is a phony White Person. We will vote for Ms. Kelly Tshibaka.

  13. Same group of ladies backed Deb Haaland because of her sex and race. How’s that working out so far. This is endorsement is their thanks to Lisa. Cheers –

  14. She cheated before the win so look out she’ll do it again!! And it happened in the villages that’s where she went and all of a sudden oops she was ahead. We got rid of her daddy now let’s get rid of her

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