Breaking: Members of Bronson team tests positive for Covid, Assembly exposed, public hearing cancelled


Two members of Mayor Dave Bronson’s senior team tested positive for Covid, and all who were present on the dais at Thursday night meetings have a possible exposure to the virus as a consequence.

Must Read Alaska has learned that Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance has not made a decision about whether there can be a meeting. cancelled the meeting that had been scheduled for tonight.

“Assembly leadership is also investigating postponing the regularly scheduled Tuesday, October 12 meeting to allow for adequate time for Assembly members and members of the administration to follow appropriate CDC guidelines and the Municipality’s protocols for testing and quarantine, established August 30, 2021. An update on the October 12 Regular Meeting will be announced shortly,” according to a statement from LaFrance.

Mayor Dave Bronson issued the following statement earlier:

“A senior member of the administration has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual was also in close contact with some members of the Anchorage Assembly at last night’s meeting. The senior administration is following Municipality of Anchorage COVID-19 protocols and will not be attending tonight’s scheduled Assembly meeting in person.” 

Must Read Alaska sources said the person one has tested positive has been fully vaccinated and has had a booster shot, and the other was also vaccinated.

The meeting was to be the seventh night of public testimony on the ordinance pushed by Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who has not attended meetings in person for weeks due to her fear of Covid-19.


  1. Looks like Bronson Team just handed the Assembly the mask mandate.
    We do not want a mandate but this makes it harder to fight.. Ughh!!!

    • I don’t see it that way at all, Art.
      This just delays the process by up to two weeks. In that time, the numbers of “cases” may continue falling so significantly that there will be utterly no justification for the passing of the mask mandate. Or, if we are lucky, all of the Marxist Nine will have contracted the virus, and some of them do not survive it. Felix the Clown certainly has at least one co-morbity, that being obesity.

      • I’m in agreement with everything except that last bit. Don’t cross that line. It’s funny but definitely not to them. They want any reason to spread fear that we want to start a citizen military and perform a coup.

      • I am not a fan of the commie 9, but while I disagree with them fundamentally, I do not wish them harm from the virus. Let’s focus on getting this city back on track and voting them out instead.

    • Not quite. One of the individuals who got COVID wore their mask the entire time. Both were vaccinated and received their booster shot this week!

    • Attorney fully vaccinated with booster. What does that tell us?
      1. Vaccinated still contract COVID
      2. Vaccinated still spread COVID
      3. Vaccinated Attorney Wore Mask, Masks don’t stop COVID

    • Good luck, the State is not in a State of emergency, the Wuhaun numbers are dropping. Fake emergency is over. This is all nothing more than a false flag to attempt to recall Bronson. Along with Providence, performing non essential surgical procedures has made Meg and Pete’s ordinance a paper bag full of holes. I feel she came up with this to try and deflect the district 4 voters to forget her tyrannical behavior last year, as her recall vote looms.

      • Smart move? Do they really think that the voters are going to forget the mismanagement of Covid funds to the point the Fed department of treasury told them they cannot use the funds in the manner they were, as what, over 70 businesses who should have received said funds? Good luck with that scatt

  2. Oh my gosh. THIS should be an Alaska reality tv show.

    They could do it over zoom. I mean if it’s good enough for the assembly, why can’t it be good enough for the public.

    Anybody else getting these messages when trying to email the assembly. I know of two people that have.

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

    [email protected] ([email protected])
    Your message wasn’t delivered. Despite repeated attempts to deliver your message, the recipient’s email system refused to accept a connection from your email system.

  3. This is an excellent strategy to further delay and block the mask tyranny. Every few days, someone should write in saying they “had a case” of Kung Flu. Using their paranoia against them

    • The assembly has already shown that it is manipulated by fear. So, this is an excellent point!

      However, using fear as a weapon never brings positive results.

      • Normally I would agree with you, but it’s time to fight fire with fire. Conservatives have been “civil” for too long

        • The left is waiting on someone to snap so they can use Martial law and sweeping, aggressive intrusion to hunt down domestic “terrorists”. Any excuse will do for them. Labels, lies and smears are all they need to turn the public against you, if only to make an example out of you.

          • Sorry to inform you, but the left is already labelling peaceful parents at school board meeting as domestic terrorists. They aren’t waiting for anything. It’s time for conservatives to stop waiting and take back our freedom from these tyrants

  4. …well if vaccinations and their “magic” masks work as advertised… then the masked up, vax’d up assembly Members should have nothing to worry about… right? “The show must go on…”

  5. Maybe this will give Bronson time to actually do the things he campaigned about like selling the Golden Lion and cleaning up the streets. I haven’t noticed any difference since he has been in office. This pony show at the Assembly hall is a waste of time. The Assembly has the votes to pass and override a veto.

    • Not a total waste of time. Those who have been paying attention have been exposed to some very useful information that they may not have had otherwise. Not to mention the networking for future organization. We are meeting others who value freedom. Divided we are weak, united we are strong.

      • I think there is a MUCH higher chance of it, Derek, than of any of the Marxist Nine on the municipal ass-embly upholding any of theirs. Unless they campaigned on a platform of radical authoritarianism and the destruction of Anchorage.

      • You have good reason to not trust a politician but don’t be such a defeated nihilist, especially when Bronson is fighting harder against mask mandates than most and when the alternative could have been Dunbar as Mayor working to do whatever he and the assembly want.

      • I think in order for him to keep his promises, we have to show wr are willing to do our part. Here we are.

    • Come on, the man has been in office since July and has been undermined and sabotaged at every turn by the assembly. Berky couldn’t do it in almost 6 years! As for the “pony show” it is high time that the assembly gets some real push back, to let them know that not all of Anchorage is enamored with their style of ruling by fiat.

  6. *narrator voice*

    “It was at that moment everyone discovered that the shot was not so effective and that humanity would indeed, make it after all.”

  7. COVID has never been truly scientifically isolated, on its own, in a pristine solution with no other contaminants. Everytime the PCR test gets cycled again, it allows the test to combine tidbits of other genetic material from anything else in the contaminated solution and determines a false-positive in a great deal of COVID tests. This COVID scam has to end. Now, everybody that gets the flu thinks they have COVID because that is what these faulty tests are telling them. And the public is hysterical. They are out of their minds. But, noooo, the smarty-smart doctors and nurses (who are afraid to lose their high-paying jobs if they differ their opinions from the medical tyranny’s propaganda) keep spouting what they are told. So they can keep their job. And it works for them because doctors (and a lot of medical professionals) entered the field they are in because they revel in being “the smartest person in the room”. But they are not. They are actually spineless people without the will to stand up against this giant lie. All these COVID cases are actually the flu, or pneumonia, or something else. COVID is a lie and the king has no clothes. And the boy that cried wolf has done it once too often.

    • Larry, what if the tyrants at Providence hospital are keeping tracking of you? And what if they learn that you called them spineless and they know you said Covid is a scam?

      What will you do if you get Covid and need hospitalization? Will you stay freeborn and pure blood and deny their lifesaving treatments

    • Amen. I agree. But I do think there is a real novel disease going around, it’s just being amplified at every level, at every aspect, and in any other opportunity that arises. And just like AIDS, the treatments are killing people. Fauci’s tribunals needs to start as soon as possible.

      • I tend to believe the bio-weapon released was a failure and was intended to cause so much more harm than what it has. The amplification you speak of is the damage control, they must blow it out of proportion to make up for its failures.
        Remember, they have a plan for those of us whom they knew would hold out and not comply. When the next weapon is released upon the public, we the “non-compliance group” will simply be denied treatment just as those unvaccinated in Austraila are denied entry to shop at supermarkets.

  8. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.
    People test positive all the time, with 0 symptoms. My nephew has tested positive 4 times in the last three months, with cold symptoms only once.
    A slice of cantaloupe also tested positive.
    The PCR tests are not accurate and should never be used to diagnose Covid.
    Hasn’t AQD already had it? It was so dangerous she picked up her shampoo and sipped tea for 14 days?
    Bronson was right on the campaign trail: the only way to put an end to the streaming pike of horse vomit is to STOP “TESTING”

    • Exactly!
      What is testing to see whether or not you have Covid going to accomplish anyway?
      It would be one thing if were being given exemptions by proving we had already developed antibodies and obtaining documentation to prove it, but again SCIENCE is no-longer a valid argument anymore.
      Testing to see if you have covid only gives ammunition to these tyrannical despots.
      Take your supplements and eat healthy!

  9. Now the Assembly will just find away to hold the meeting, and vote while fewer people are allowed inside.

  10. Why are we still acting like this is a 3 alarm fire? Who cares? Can we learn to live with it without bringing everything to a halt every time someone screams wolf, I mean COVID positive.
    Oh, and rack up another breakthrough for the booster! I suppose a second booster mandate is in order.

  11. Unpossible!
    The person who supposedly caught the Wuhan Virus was “fully vaccinated” and ALSO had a booster jab? Then they should have been golden! Protected to the max! Don’t we all know that the jabs are “safe and EFFECTIVE”?
    Anyway, it doesn’t matter, as the Marxist Nine were all wearing their badges of conformity and compliance, er, masks, so they are golden too, fully protected and in no danger. Isn’t that the message that the political establishment and corporate media keep incessantly beating us over the head with? Isn’t that “THE SCIENCE”?

    • Dude, science is trying to keeping up with a rapidly changing virus, multi variate exposure and response scenarios and evolving treatments.

      It takes time.

      • Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?

      • “THE SCIENCE!!!”
        You acolytes of St. Fauci and corporate-media-propagandized sheep invoke that word as if you actually have even an inkling of what it means.

      • Evan Singh, Dude… Science has already made the case for natural immunity vs the “JAB”. As for evolving, I suggest what you are seeing is a “devolution” of rational thinking, the very basis of science. Political Science is what is heading up this movement. From Trumps, Operation Warp Speed to your High Priest Fauci to Chairman Biden’s Mandates.
        Educate yourself Sir beyond the propaganda and guard your health wisely.

  12. I don’t actually believe it. The test is faulty and cannot be relied on. This is what you call dilatory, not someone asking questions

    • Unfortunately that is becoming the grim reality. And when they can no longer contain that information by censorship,…. INTERNET DOWN.

  13. 1. If the Assembly is going to stop functioning because someone tests positive for Covid, it will soon fail to function at all. 2. I would observe that the wearing of a cloth mask – or not – would be unlikely to bring about the infection. 3. Krikies! One individual had the full three vaccinations and still came down with Covid? (!!!) Maybe we should all be living in hermetically sealed cans. It looks like we have not progressed much at all in the last eighteen months. How could the experts be wrong?

  14. Both members of the team had been vaccinated and one had received a booster shot? I guess the vaccines aren’t effective. (Would you like to see my surprised look?) What is really in this (non) vaccine that the makers and billionaires and leftists so desperately want us to take? The nation has been swindled of not only trillions of dollars we don’t have but are being forced to inject non effective and dangerous drugs into our bodies against our will.

    Had enough of the lies?

  15. Wait. They are vaxxed so should not have to worry, right? I mean… vax works….. RIGHT? God!!!! This is FRIGGING BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  16. The hope is that the infection rate keeps going down like has been happening recently. And that should not be a surprise considering the increasing total of those getting vaccinated and getting a booster coupled with the natural immunity given to those who have had the infection. There is increasingly less of a statistical chance one will get infected. The longer the vote on the ordinance is put off, the better.
    But regardless, once passed, the “nine” will claim that it was the mask mandate that reduced the infection rate from then on.
    Only way through all of this is to vote these members out of office. But that takes time, money and dedication. We shall see.

    • But the longer you clowns yell and spew and sing and spit, the more likely this will become an easily contact traced super spreader event.

      And remember, your macho adherence to the protection of freedom espoused by the communist/ Marxist/Nazi/socialist/ fascists makes you ineligible for future medical treatments, cuz, you know, integrity of conviction. Right?

      • Evan, and here I was so proud of you the other day for a rational coherent statement…. and now this? Really? That freedom you so cavalierly dismiss, allows you to spew this nonsense. Maybe it is time you showed a little gratitude to all those , who got of their behinds, so you can continue to make no sense. BTW never met a communist/Marxist etc. who fought for freedom. That sentiment does not exists in their universe.

    • Unfortunately the so called “infection rate” will spike in Nov-Dec.
      The use of the recalled PCR tests being allowed until Dec31st isnt helping matters.
      Flu season is here, and the regular flu has magically disappeared. Every sneeze is a Covid case.

  17. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Let the leg wrestling/beer pong begin. Oh, wait a minute, that is the Juneau legislators’ after hours activities.

  18. I was in the chambers on three nights and noticed that there was little to no air movement in the chambers. Almost like someone had shut the HVAC off!

  19. We are not getting the numbers for all the people who are vaccinated who go on to get covid 19 or the people who have been vaccinated, got covid and died. Just like we are not getting the numbers for all the people who die from the vaccine. Wake up America!

    • Or are we receiving any info at all on whom is in their second round of Covid. How many testing positive have had it before and when? And if there are repeat cases, are there any among those hospitalized? It seems we are being kept in the dark regarding natural immunity.

  20. First thing you can do tonight – If you’re not already involved, find your community council and get on the mailing list. http://

  21. This is good. Everyone needed a break. The nine Assembly needed a cool-down period, while Anchorage has time increasing the testifiers to push the meeting another three days next week. Kudos To the ones who sat through a covid test drive-thru line which the test may or may not been adequate. It all worked out for the best.

  22. ADN and Alaska News Source (Ch 2) are blazing bold face headlines that two of Bronson’s senior staff are COVID positive. Doesn’t matter that the vaxed and/or unvaxed can both get & transmit the Wuhan. No, the extreme element of the pro-vax movement and the media that supports their fews still relish the opportunity to castigate the unvaxxed as the only reason being for the current health crisis and death count. But, who’s the more malicious spreader? One who’s unvaxed and stays isolated treating the virus or, the vaxed, who show and/or feel few to no symptoms and continue – without pause – spewing the Wuhan relatively uninterrupted? Hmmm.

    • Is it the job of the vaxxed to protect the unvaxxed? Is it the job of the masked to protect the unmasked? Isn’t that the argument of the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have been making? Let’s not forget that the unvaxxed can also show and/or feel few to no symptoms and continue – without pause – spewing the Wuhan relatively uninterrupted…
      So often those who draw lines and chose sides forget that we are all in this together. Some people remain rigidly on one side or the other, some people…probably most…don’t care about the imaginary lines drawn by fanatics.

      • One could say you are a fanatic too Steve0. You too have drawn a line vehemently attacking those who choose freedom over mandate, even when you say you’re not.
        There is no “job” for either side. No responsibility for either side. There shouldn’t be an “other” side of this subject to begin with. The only side that is important is the side of freedom. Those who choose not to vaccinate aren’t castigating those who do, it is just the opposite. Laws, rules and mandates aren’t being forced on society by the unvaxxed. Just because the pro choice uses the pro vaxx’s arguments against them, doesn’t mean you are being stripped of your logic, it’s for defending the freedom of choice. Everyone has a right to live as they see fit, without being put in a box. Are you ever going to get that or are you so far down the rabbit hole that you care less of other people’s opinions when you feel it’s detrimental to your version of the perceived “truth”. Their wouldn’t be an argument today if people would just mind their own business and get on with life making their own decisions on how to preserve their own life. That for certain, is not your JOB.

        • Brian,
          “Those who choose not to vaccinate aren’t castigating those who do” you don’t read many of the comments here do you?

          • (most but not all) commenters on MRAK vs The entire MSM including fox, The government and social media

            not much of a comparison steve

        • If you were to actually read them you would find that castigating the vaccinated is a large percentage of the overall comments.
          I’ve been clear that I do not support mandates of vaccines or of masks. I’ve also been clear that private employers are allowed by law to enact mandates, so to are states and local government, the Federal government is not. I’ve been clear that the fearmongering from both sides, and unfortunately there are two extreme sides, does not help in anyway solve the problem. Unfortunately it’s clear that many of the zealots and fanatics do not understand that a person can support a persons right to choose for themselves and also understand that there is a legal and indeed constitutional place for mandates in our society.

          • Steve, there is utterly NO place in a sane and (semi-)free society for ineffective, unscientific, and socially and economically destructive mandates which are putatively put in place to ‘protect’ us from a virus that has a 0.3% fatality rate, but which are actually all about demonstrating political control over the population, and which have the side effect (benefit, to the powers that be) of being highly socially corrosive and divisive, as well as dehumanizing.

    • Information warfare. No one said this would be easy. ADN is a demoralizer, but their power is diminished if you do not let it affect your heart.

  23. This may be the most important testimony any of us could ever hear. Listen quick before it is removed. Dr. Kevin Stillwagon testimony in Orange County, FL on Sept 14, 2021. You will have to type the link without the quotes so it comes up. Share, share, share and make this go viral!!!


  24. If Meg Zaletel, or any of the other Marxist Nine cowards who have been hiding from all the public testimony against them at recent Ass-embly meetings, do happen to come down with the Wuhan Virus, one can only imagine, and hope, that the resultant trauma and hyper-hypochondria will cause them to permanently lock themselves in their houses forever after.
    I would call that a win-win.

  25. There are new science theories frequently. This is true in the higher, hardly ever reported echelons of “covid19” scientists. Foreign scientists now believe covid19 is transmitted without virus at all? What? Tell me how mask altruism is making people better people? What? What if there is no pure virus transmission at all? Will we ever learn it all? Meanwhile our immune systems work 24/7 miraculously whether you “believe in” the designer and manufacturer at all. No mask mandates. Shut the door.

  26. Interesting… the positive test result of one who just got the booster? And the other had been fully vaccinated’.

  27. Can we stop the farce already. The vaccine does NOT work. In fact, it may be needlessly infecting people with Covid!

    • Math disagrees with your opinion.
      From Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
      58.6% of Alaskans 12 and older have been fully vaccinated.

      • Those numbers might mean something if the test was conclusively accurate, but it isn’t. And living with Vid is no different than living with the Flu in years past except we didn’t place a political microscope and fear mongering MSM on it to line the sheep up.

        • Right, words don’t have meaning, numbers don’t have meaning, nothing has meaning.
          No amount of truth, logic, reason, or science will dissuade the true believer.

          • This is what happens when the government bureaucrats, the media and politicians lie and gaslight constantly. who and what can be trusted? even if it was only half truths or misunderstanding the powers that be could have just admitted their ignorance of the facts at the time for instance Dr mclaghlin claimed in april that 4% of people who caught covid would die from it, Dr zinc and faucci said masks didnt work for viruses and then pulled a 180 one admitted to lying and the other Im not sure about my question would be if he or they lied then whats to say they arent lying now?

  28. So, let me get this right. They have

    probably had the clot shot to prevent this Chinese government produced virus. And they are afraid of getting the chinese government virus with masking and distancing and the miraculous shot?
    Why am I confused?

  29. It looks like skAnchorage will be dragged kicking and sceaming to herd immunity whether they like it or not. What are they going to do without a crisis to coerce the sheeple with?

    • Which herd immunity are you talking about? The 50% vaccinated herd immunity, or the 70% vaccinated herd immunity. No you must be talking about the 100% vaccinated herd immunity where everyone with the clot shot is still passing around the virus and people people are still being committed to hospitals with some still succumbing to the symptoms. I always wondered how we achieved herd immunity before the invention of vaccines, but I’m sure schools are teaching our kids that viruses never existed before vaccines, so we can never think like that again.

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