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Breaking: In another secretive meeting, the Anchorage Assembly will try to suppress the vote

At a meeting that was poorly advertised, and which will be held on video only, the Anchorage Assembly liberal majority will be attempting to prevent voters from getting assistance with filling out their ballots.

An ordinance being introduced at the noon meeting today — a meeting in which the time was changed at the last minute for the public — adds a provision that says specific persons may not assist another person in voting. Those specific persons include candidates: No candidate or campaign would be able to assist a person with voting.

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This would also prevent campaigns from telling people that their ballot needs to be “cured” or driving people to Election Central to cure their ballot. Their campaigns could also not assist people in getting to Election Central to cure their ballots.

This is certainly a reaction to the robust ballot-curing program done by the Bronson for Mayor campaign, which helped people get to Election Central when their ballots were rejected by the Municipal Clerk.

Since mail-in elections, many voters have found their ballots are rejected for some reason. If they don’t “cure” their ballots, they are robbed of their right to vote, a condition that does not happen if people vote in person.

The meeting is of the Ethics and Elections Committee. Documents have not been posted for the meeting.

The draft of the ordinance that will be discussed is at this link:

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Ironic that all those Bronson voters needed curing, isn’t it? Almost like any dead people who voted for president in 2020, voted for the same guy each time.

  2. Liberal and/ or Democrat campaigns/ candidates/ activists hire individuals/ groups and supply them with lists of targeted individuals to go door-to-door and “assist” them with the voting process, “remind” them to vote, and maybe even “offer” to take their ballot to the ballot box for them – No problem, nothing to see here, move along… BUT Conservatives and/ or Republicans do something similar to help their voter base and now all of sudden it’s a BIG PROBLEM??? Wasn’t a problem until their tactics got used against them and now it needs to be fixed at an obscure and somewhat secret meeting…??? No surprise here… hypocrisy on display… AGAIN.

  3. Why in the world would the Assembly have such a sudden slew of meetings that are in small conference rooms, or held remotely? Why change the times to oddball times during the day?
    And, they introduce these measures that are sure to rile up the public at them. It just seems strange. Almost like they want to act without getting questioned.

    • Yes! I never trusted the idea of mail-in voting from the beginning, as it just adds more intermediaries to the process, facilitating fraud and error. And with the sudden super-majority of hyper-authoritarian extremists now on the municipal ass-embly, whose (supposed) election neatly coincided with the adoption of mail-in voting by the Municipality of Anchorage, my former suspicions have only been strengthened. Because we all know that the radical extremist authoritarians (so-called “leftists”) will go to ANY lengths, any degree of corruption, any level of manipulation, in order to consolidate and expand their power.

  4. If these Assembly leaders didn’t hold the power they been entrusted possessing, they be really nice people without influence.
    Power and Money can corrupt people.

    Pride is an awful thing how the proud can’t see their fall. Else! They will humble themselves before their impending doom and humiliation. That’s why the bible tells us not to rejoice when evil leaders fall for it turns God wrath away from them and onto ourselves. I feel pity for these Assembly Members more than for those they aim hurting out of the leader’s pride, arrogance, conceit, and power.

  5. So Bronson beats them at their own game and they want to change the rules. Again.

    Why don’t they just vote to eliminate the mayor’s position altogether and get it over with?

    There is no rule of law in Anchorage. Just rulers

  6. This is getting ridiculous. They can’t win legitimately, so they want to codify their cheating. And these ‘secret’ meetings are why Zalatel is being recalled in the first place. I think this shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how dangerous it would have been to have Dunbar as our mayor. None of these people are serving the community, they are simply serving themselves. Power has corrupted them absolutely. Time for a refresh, these lunatics are out of control.

  7. Let’s start a GoFundMe page to buy plane tickets to send these Communists to China!
    There, they can revel in all the Covid hysteria, human rights violations and propaganda they want.
    I’m sure Wuhan is looking for dedicated political operatives.

  8. I know you won’t post this!

    What a chicken —- Maneuver!

    Can’t drive people that might be ill and drive but want too do their civil duty! Of voting? In their local elections!
    That they have rights too!

    Let’s lose them mail in ballots!

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