Breaking: Grunwald withdraws from Charlie Pierce ticket, endorses Gov. Mike Dunleavy


Edie Grunwald, the lieutenant governor candidate on the Charlie Pierce ticket, has decided she’s out. She is endorsing Gov. Mike Dunleavy and his running mate Nancy Dahlstrom and encouraging others to join her.

Pierce has been sued by one of his former employees at the Kenai Borough, where he was mayor until Sept. 30.

Grunwald made the statement sent to supporters Tuesday. Her name will remain on the ballot, as voting has already begun and the legal window has long past. 7,000 absentee ballots have already been cast. Should Pierce win election to the governorship, she would have to resign.

Pierce has not yet released a statement, but has denied the claims made by his former employee, who evidently didn’t accept a settlement negotiated by her lawyers with the borough and is now suing Pierce and the borough for a list of salacious allegations. Many political observers have noted the timing of the lawsuit, which appears to be intended to damage Pierce.


    • I agree. Not great.

      Show the receipts or do not damage reputation so readily. I have no idea if her accusations are true, but like this? Dirty.

    • It will be interesting to learn of the date of this alleged crime. If it was supposed to have been committed long ago, the accuser should be castigated as well.

    • The sad part here is there’s been previous settlements to the tune of around $260K shelled out by the Kenai Borough because of him. It ain’t Pierce’s first rodeo, apparently.

  1. Pierce needs to drop out. He has no chance and will only take votes away from Dunleavy. We cannot risk a Liberal Governor like Gara getting in, we will be just like CA, OR, and Wa, which is the goal.

    • or Walker he will take you PFD come up with I believe will be a State income and sales tax and destroy Alaska quicker than Dementia Joe is destroying America

    • Rank voting is stupid, if we don’t know by now that in a top four rank vote one vote does not take away from another then we will never understand this simple yet stupid concept.

  2. I’m still a Dunleavy 1, Pierce 2 vote. I can’t see this coming from the Dunleavy camp but this smells fishy. Could just be bad karma, could all be legit, but the timing is very much something out of the left/establishment playbook..

  3. I respect Edie, and would have enjoyed her efforts to straighten out the voter roles as a minimum. What is needed and required by a Lieutenant Governor and has been lacking for so many years. I hope next time, she will run for Governor. This person has integrity. Charlie can’t recover from this last minute shenanigans even if he is innocent. It was well timed, and this woman is out for revenge, with the media on her side. How dare Charlie fire her. She will show him a woman’s scorn.

  4. Amazing how there “allegations” always seem to come out at the opportune time. Welcome to America where you are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!! Wokeism is killing America. Good luck and good riddance to Charlie Pierce. Latest victim of wokeism.

    • Herb, get a job. What were the actual allegations? Did he offend her verbally somehow? Or just by being an outspoken man. Or maybe it didn’t mean anything until she was fired.No more free clothes from the taxpayer.

      • She was never fired, she’s still an employee. It’s been in mediation for months, details couldn’t come out until she decided to file a lawsuit. She worked on mediating a solution for like 3 months, didn’t go straight to lawsuit.

        And the accusation is unwanted kissing, touching, grabbing, inappropriate sexual questions, inappropriate sexual TMI, etc.

  5. Still voting for Charlie and only Charlie, I can not rank the Dunleavy because of his continued support of the genocidal Dr. Zink.

    • So you’d rather have Walker? That’s exactly what you will help accomplish if you don’t at least rank Dunleavy second.

      Take a few minutes and imagine what Alaska would look like today if Walker had been in office during COVID. I’m not saying I agree with everything Dunleavy did (particularly his continued support of Zink) but you can’t deny that things would be a LOT worse under Walker. Remember also that he was the first to steal part of our PFD. Swallow your pride for a minute and do what needs to be done to keep Walker out of office.

  6. I am really sorry Edie, however, I respect your decision. You are a Number 1 quality person. Best wishes in whatever you choose to do. Thank you for what you do.

  7. Charlie,
    Please do the right thing and drop out. Tell your supporters to back Dunleavy. He needs your conservative people, Charlie.

  8. Right out of the Hillary Clinton play book of the politics of personal destruction. The Left has succeeded in removing Charlie from politics from the foreseeable future because he’s a real threat to their agenda.

  9. I sure hope that Gov. Dunleavy doesn’t offer her a position in his administration after her departure from Charlie. She needs to stay unemployed.

  10. I sure hope that Gov. Dunleavy doesn’t offer her a position in his administration after her departure from Charlie. She needs to stay unemployed.

  11. I trust that Edie knows more than we do, and that’s why she dropped out. She’s a woman of integrity. Thank you, Edie.

    Now no more ranked vote: what will it be? Rank the only true R – Dunleavy – and that’s that.

  12. Something else is for Pierce and Kurka. To be honest Dependent Alaska isn’t ready for these two yet. Kurka is strongheaded, alaska need some time getting the state more indepedent and honest. now more than ever critical anyone running as R humbly consider they don’t split the vote. I am sure kenai republicans still appreciate all pierce did continuing the freedom kenai expienced during 2020-2021. He still a kenai rockstar, no one going to believe these allegations, it’ll be forgotten.this why i don’t like october,too many demonic activities happen during october.

  13. Alaska needs more support services for emotionally isolated children, especially boys. The most recent shooters note says it all. Single point entries and armed guards are not conducive to learning and will not stop the social media invasion into impressionable children.

    I would support a State tax on Meta, Tim Tok, Twitter et al similar to the MOA alcohol tax. The purveyors should pay the social costs

    • ….and out of left field here comes Frank. Did you even read the article?
      As for impressionable children, does that also apply to the CRT and gender-bending material offered by teachers and school librarians? Should they also pay a tax??

      In my opinion Edie Grunwald’s desertion of Charlie Pierce, says a great deal more about her, than any campaign slogan ever could. She is a nice lady, who had great heartache in her life, but I was never sure she could be effective. This whole plot smells of Bill Walker and his fixer Scott Kendall, since they can’t knock off Mike Dunleavy they are hoping to free up the second choice slot to gather more votes.

  14. Wow, she folded quicker than a cheap camp chair! Probably a good thing as she would not have been able to handle the fetid heat in Juneau. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”

    • Fish Food, say whatever get’s you giddy about Grunwald; if your own contributions to Pierce, however, amount to nothing more than hot air, you’re literally a windbag!

      Throw in the big dollars for either his campaign or his legal defense, otherwise be silent!

  15. My mother told me she would whip my rear end if I ever lied about some man. She said “Often that’s all a man has is his good reputation”. Most women weren’t raised like this. I don’t support all women in Alaska, especially these days.

  16. The bottom line is that all we have are accusations. Since the case has not been adjudicated, we still do not know if Pierce is guilty or not. We have to ask ourselves if this is another “troopergate” type of maneuver to get Walker or Gara elected, or a true case. All it says to me so far is that people MUST RANK RED so that we don’t get either Walker or Gara elected governor in Alaska. This is not a time to hold back. If we do, Alaska will pay dearly for either Walker or Gara as governor. Even if you are mad at Big Mike, rank him second to your main choice. This election is too critical.

  17. Round two, guess direct language is too rough. This is typical today. women are always right, accused men are always guilty. Cultural decline for all too see and seems the majority of the females are on board with it. Glad im married to an honest woman who believes in personal responsibility, itegrity, and realism. Who would not put up with inappropriate touching, certainly not wait to cry foul and not make something of nothing. Good bye Edie, glad to see you go.

  18. Edie showed us that she doesn’t have any loyalty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? The woman filling the complaint did so only after Charlie Pierce announced his running for governor.

    • Agree with Tiffany. Walker dropped out in 2018 after his soul brother and Lt. Governor Byron Mallott was discovered to be engaged in pedophilia. Even if Charlie is innocent of all claims, he should help preserve his political party and drop out. He can’t win anyway, even without the charges. Do the right thing, Charlie, for your party and yourself.

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