Breaking: Governor ends limits on elective surgeries


Health Mandate #5, which had put the State government in between doctors and their patients and prohibited many forms of diagnosis and treatment, has been lifted by Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Elective procedures and surgeries may go forward, he said, but added notes of caution.

“We came to the conclusion that society and Alaska is better off if we open up this sector sooner rather than later,” Dunleavy said.

The medical sector is the first of all the economic sectors to open up, he said. If there is a large increase in coronavirus cases, he said the State could see the need to throttle it back to preserve medical equipment.

“We are assessing it on a daily basis, assessing PPE (personal protective equipment), where we are getting it, how much is being used. We are constantly trying to fine tune things and get life closer to the normal life we once had.

“With time we are going to understand what is happening with this virus,” he said.

“We’re hoping we are entering into a period where we can manage this. You’ve done a fantastic job, Alaska,” Dunleavy said. “We’re very fortunate that we have Alaskans that understand what’s happening and are informed and know what we have to do with Alaskans to deal with this. We’re hoping we’ve bent a curve.”


  1. How benevolent of Der Furher! Heil Dunleavy, the Emperor of Alaska! All that we have we owe to Dear Leader! Maybe the children of nurses and doctors can come up with a song to glorify our Glorious Obergruppen Furher!

    • Mongo,

      Strange that you don’t sprechen sie deutsch for any Berkowitz regulations…it’s almost like you are driven solely by your political leanings. Must just be because you don’t live in Anchorage and so you are ok with it happening there huh? Just like how your constitutional rights are being violated, even if you can’t figure out which ones are being violated.

      • Here all this time I thought Mongo was a Conservative and played the organ grinder with his pet chimp for free meals and sweets.

    • Dry up. What are you going to do when things actually get serious?


      Looks like they’re flattening the curve into sub 1.0 R0. If nobody gets exposed we’ll never get to come out of hunker down. There needs to be a curve to flatten a curve, I’ll give you that.

  2. Thnx Suzanne,

    Your coverage on this important topic likely contributed to the Governor’s appropriate decision.

  3. Gov. Dunleavy will never give up his power. Does anyone think he restore our rights the way they were?
    I will vote for recall!!

  4. “By Friday, nine states had yet to issue formal statewide stay-at-home orders. It is the most direct, stringent measure available, going beyond closing down restaurants and schools and instructing all residents to stay at home, except for necessities…
    The contrast is the starkest in five states — Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota — where there are no such orders in place, either in major cities or statewide.
    Another four had partial restrictions issued locally in certain cities or counties.”
    Why do 8 or 9 states (with more Covid cases and higher population density than us) have NO statewide lockdown?
    Are these the last free states left in the Union?
    Everyone in Alaska who thinks you are a “conservative” better write to the Governor, Legislature and local governments to tell them to open small businesses back up.
    This “China Model” of government does not fit our state with the lowest population density in the country, nor is it Constitutional in any way or form.

      • Doesn’t require parts of the state with adequate health care and essentially no actual “community transmission” (i.e. not between people sharing living quarters, nor in the confines of hospitals, but between strangers in public spaces) to shut everything down. Should be community by community based on the actual data, not the horrifically bad models.

    • Which of those States have direct flights from Wuhan?


      I still see people walking around outside without masks and without being arrested and stuffed into boxes. I haven’t seen anyone being barricaded into their apartments.


      Narrow definitions of what qualifies as Constitutional abound. Almost like humanity has never dealt with quarantined before. The U.S. has done similar in 1918. The histrionics are a bit much.

    • Right on! We wrote to the governor… not even a form/auto response acknowledgment… we donated to his campaign. We now feel cheated. Quite the bait and switch number he played on us.

  5. This was the right move by the Governor….Alaska needs to get it medical professionals back to serving its public….our hospitals are empty and many going broke as people in need of their services are suffering needlessly….

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