Breaking: Dunleavy meets with Trump on Air Force One


President Donald Trump landed in Anchorage this morning for refueling and standard aircraft checks, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy took the opportunity to greet the president at Air Force One.

Trump was returning from his trip to Vietnam, where he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and walked away from a denuclearization deal that had been in the works for months, saying it just wasn’t ready.

“Mike, anytime you have a problem, you call me,” Trump said during his remarks to troops. He then spoke about the great job Dunleavy is doing for the state.

Air Force One landed shortly before 9:30 am and Dunleavy greeted the president and they boarded the motorcade for a private visit to a facility on base.

10 am update:

10:06 am update: The president is now addressing the troops.

10:18 am update: Dunleavy is riding back to the Air Force One with the president.


  1. Thanks for the coverage, Suzanne. If we left it up to Channel 2, most would think that both men were being transported to a federal prison.

  2. Seeing Gov. Dunleavy and President Trump together, I can’t help it but compare and contrast. Two awesome men dealing with obstructionist from the other side and their own party. Each have their own battles but trying and giving their best efforts for the people. Both will have my vote on their next go-around. On another note, Sen. Lisa M. needs to go, along with Ledoux and other rinos.

  3. Probably discussed how they are both trying to live up to their insane campaign promises by screwing all their consituents.

    • Screwing all their constituents …. what day was that the brilliant talking point of the lame stream bobble heads? I’m a constituent of both Gov. Dunleavy and President Trump and feel blessed. They both restored hope for the futures of my children and grandchildren after the nightmare of the previous administrations of Walker and Obama.

    • Jack what you’re essentially saying is: “two great men who ran their campaigns with conviction & the common man in sight, who now have a lot of people to fight in order To make things right.”
      Yes, that’s true, but the backbones of America elected these men & we stand behind them 100%.
      God bless America & God bless President Trump!

  4. I love seeing a meeting between our President and our Governor! I pray that they will be protected and be successful in doing the right thing!

  5. Two great men making history. Throwing the Liberal Democrats into total goofiness, while redefining the limitations that out-of-control government will be limited to during their tenures. Both men are highly re-electable by the voters. God bless Trump and Dunleavy. Otherwise we would have been stuck with Clinton and Walker…………………..two huge catastrophes churning in their wakes.

  6. Trump returning from a worthless trip where he called a murderous dictator a friend and a great guy – I believe God will damn him, not bless him… but hey, just my 2 cents. I was saddened to see him trod on my sacred ground.

  7. Did Donald really say to Mike, “ Don’t worry anout it. I’m going to get Andy to lift that preemptive veto on the Pebble mine as soon as I get back to DC.”??⛏

  8. It’s great to see all the positive comments. With respect to his ‘worthless trip,” Trump knows that it’s a game of chess in every respect. He operates two steps above the reasoning of most commoners.

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