Breaking: Calista switches endorsement to Dunleavy


After Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott quit their quest for re-election last week, Calista Corporation has brought the power of its endorsement to Mike Dunleavy for governor.

Calista was ready to move to Dunleavy due to his opposition to Ballot Measure 1, which would make Calista’s Donlin Gold project dead on arrival. Calista owns the subsurface rights to the land where Donlin plans to establish a large mining concern.

The  Calista Public Advocacy and Engagement Committee issued this statement:

“The PAEC members appreciates both candidates taking time to visit with Committee members Friday evening,” said Robert Beans, Chair. “Opposition against Ballot Measure 1, support for responsible development for the proposed Donlin Gold project, and other key socio-economic measures are crucial decision points for Committee members.”

“The Committee endorses Mike Dunleavy for governor. The PAEC members will immediately begin informing voters throughout the YK region.”

The Calista region is in Western Alaska, and has 17,300 Alaska Native shareholders primarily of Yup’ik descent. It is one of 13 regional Native corporations established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971.

The board also endorsed Congressman Don Young, and Darren Deacon, who is running for House District 38. Dunleavy, Young, and Deacon are Republicans. The board endorsed Democrats Sen. Lyman Hoffman for Senate Seat S, and Rep. Neal Foster for House District 39.

All of the candidates the corporation endorse oppose Ballot Measure 1. Mark Begich, the Democrat running for governor, supports BM-1.


  1. Dunleavy will be a good governor, if he wins. He has some ideas I don’t like and associates with some unsavory people. But that’s politics. They all have to rub up against slime balls or they won’t get elected. If the electorate had its act together it wouldn’t be so bad. I blame television and an easy lifestyle.

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