Breaking: Biden to stop subsidizing Russia’s war on Ukraine, announces ban on Russian oil and gas imports


President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced a ban on all imports to the United States of Russian oil. Sen. Dan Sullivan said he should have done it months ago.

The United Kingdom is preparing a similar ban, according to European media citing unnamed sources, although European Union countries are not following suit. European nations are heavily dependent on Russian energy, a result of European Union policy over the past several years that gave Russia decided control over their economies.

“…Goal of US policy is to prevent letting tyrants like Putin use energy as a weapon in the future. Putin seems determined to continue on his murderous path no matter the cost. I call on Congress to pass the $12 billion Ukraine assistance package,” Biden said in his statement today.

“Putin’s war is already hurting American families at the gas pump since Putin began his military buildup on Ukrainian borders,” Biden said. “And with this action, it’s going to go up further. I’m going to do everything I can to minimize Putin’s price hike here at home and coordination with our partners. Americans have rallied to support the Ukrainian people and made it clear we will not be part of subsidizing Putin’s war.”

The United States imports oil from Russia, but it only amounts to about 3 percent of all the crude imports. Imports of Russian oil and petroleum products represented about 8% of the U.S. total in 2021.

Alaska Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka put out an immediate response:

“It’s not often that I agree with something President Biden has done, but he is right to ban the U.S. purchase of oil from Russia. Now all he has to do is reverse all of his other policies that have assaulted Alaska’s energy industries so we can return America to energy independence,” Tshibaka said. “Biden attacked domestic production – and specifically Alaska – on his first day in office and every day since, hurting our country’s ability to have any leverage with other oil-producing nations. The fact that he is begging Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran, and OPEC to increase their production is an embarrassment and proof that the environmental extremists who control his administration are actually making our foreign policy decisions as well. He’s fine with increasing the oil supply, just as long as it doesn’t happen in the United States.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s office also issued a response, saying that she and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee welcomed the announcement.

“This announcement follows the lead of Senators Manchin and Murkowski’s bipartisan, bicameral Ban Russian Energy Imports Act, which would prohibit the importation of Russian crude oil, petroleum, petroleum products, liquefied natural gas and coal. Introduced last week, the legislation has already received support from 36 Senate sponsors,” she wrote.

On Twitter, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan said the ban should have happened weeks ago and is not enough.

“He needs to quit asking dictators, like those in Venezuela and Iran, for more oil and gas, and instead expand energy production here in America—with our own workers. We should NOT be reliant on brutal dictators. The President needs to tell the truth: We CAN produce the oil and gas we need right here in the United States. Americans should NOT be paying outrageous energy costs,” Sullivan said.

Alaska North Slope Crude rose to $120.72 per barrel, the highest in over a decade, and is expected to climb further this week on the news. Gas prices at the pump in the Lower 48 are already the highest in history, according to federal price tracking going back to 1990.


  1. His polling must really, really suck.

    Even then, grandpa refuses to let us pump oil. He’s either totally senile or dedicated to the collapse of the US.
    My opinion is door number 2.

    You don’t stumble into this level of rank stupidity. You have to work hard for it.

    • Don’t lose sight of the imagined goal of “Saving The Planet”. Also don’t lose the vision of the tons of cash Democrats will get from their liberal corporate buddies when you’re paying $9.99/9 for gas.
      Hooray for the sanctions – raspberries for the elimination of American energy independence.

      Let’s go Brrrrr……..errrrrr….NOVEMBER!

      • Gee. That’s great.
        And… that somehow makes what Biden is doing OK? Please explain how popularity translates into effectiveness? How exactly does a high approval rating guarantee good results?

      • Actually, Biden’s poll numbers are WAY worse, as the “DNC/Corporate media” always artificially deflated Trump’s numbers whilst inflating their own DNC/Biden numbers.

        It’s a tough balancing act for the corporate/liberal media, a little like fudging those job reports.

  2. There is not person anywhere, that could come up with a more efficient plan to destroy this nation than O’Biden and his merry band of demons.

    Consider Newton’s 1st Law: “A body remains at rest, or in motion at a constant speed in a straight line, unless acted upon by a force.” 2024 is going to be far to late. 2022 will be of little consequence UNLESS the fraudulent 2020 Election is fixed in every state of this corrupted union. The absence of the rule of law for any longer and the inertia will not be able to be overcome. Fight, with your words and the very essence of your being. The only way we will overcome this evil and darkness is with goodness and light. Bring it, and bring it hard.

    Heavenly father, we ask for your blessing as we strive to restore your justice to this nation, which was conceived in you and your glory. Help us to restore your liberty, not only here, but to all peoples of the world. We ask these things in Jesus name.

  3. All a distraction in a divided country.
    This is what a stolen elections will do.
    I’m tired of the lies, as long as the cheating voting system remains. Nothing will change.

  4. No, it’s biden and his puppet masters who are hurting American families at the gas pump, not Putin. Leftists simply rehash that lame excuse they’ve been using for 30-40 years now, how it’ll take 10 years to get the oil moving here at home, so why try. Guess what? Those 10 years have come and gone numerous times.

    Liberals and leftists always screw things up, but even I am amazed at how quickly they did it this time. You’d almost think it was intentional. Hmm…

    • Covid was the opportunity the left has been salivating for for decades. A chance to catch Americans off guard (admittedly not hard) and begin forcing socialism down our throats.

      Gotta give them credit. This was the opportunity they wanted. Not being the GOP, they actually took advantage of it.

      Imagine if the GOP was 1/3 as organized and determined as the far left. Instead, they are cuckholded by them.

      • The 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession induced a bear market in oil and gas, sending the price of a barrel of crude oil from $133.88 to $39.09 in just a less than a year.

    • I think it’s the part in the laptop where he tells Hunter to get him his cut from the Chinese investors early and often. The Big Guy used the VP Office to peddle his influence all over the world. The Biden Crime Family. Pass the crack cocaine please, and order up a few more prostitutes for Hunter.

      • Sicko Democrat in the White House. He should be in jail along with Hillary Clinton……, but for the criminals who run the DOJ, including Bill Barr, who dined regularly in the Swamp.

    • I think the part in the laptop that hurts Uncle Joe the most, are the porno pics where Hunter takes selfies with all his hookers in unique positions.
      Joe can only dream!

      • What would we do without all the foibles and
        peccadillos of the Democrats? There wouldn’t be much to discuss. Look at Trump’s kids. All respectful, clean, smart, good business people, loyal to their father and each other, not involved in incest or pedophilia, nor shady business deals. And Trump respects his kids so much. Republicans are so ……boring.

      • Joe’s dreams are more aligned to young girls and sniffing their hair. Joe Biden is such a disgusting old pervert. But Democrats love Pervs.

  5. Will the distinguished oath breaker of 49 years carry on like all is well I won we got this all fall into place as usual here and immediately. You bet let’s go Brandon, how shameless can you get so help me GOD you all swore to. Reap time soon.

  6. This is all planned and intentional. There is no plan for energy independence. Phase 1 was the pandemic and lockdowns, phase 2 is economic collapse, phase 3? The collapse of this country so the “Build Back Better” can begin. Many of will not be a part of this plan.

    • Who is planning this Collman? George Soros? Hugo Chavez? Maybe the UN or the trilateral commission? And how would this plan be carried out?

  7. OK. But Panda Joe could actually help to end the killing and destruction in Ukraine by seriously engaging with Russia over Russia’s security issues, specifically NATO expansion. That topic would bring the Russians to the table. Absent that, the risk of nuclear war through miscalculation will persist and grow.

    • JMARK , Sir, seriously engaging with Putin in a discussion over Russian security would make Putin’s claims appear legitimate. The propaganda machine has already laid the rails for a Putin evil narrative which in today’s ten second sound bite world cannot be reversed. I agree that this is a very dangerous moment in our shared life’s history. Biden isn’t a JFK, Reagan or even a Nixon. Biden has zero credibility and that can only lead to further miscalculations from our enemies.
      This is getting scary, and quickly so.

  8. The democratic left has played leader for a year + and look where its gotten us, on the brink of economic collapse and in bed with China. Now the idiot in office is trying to get oil from everywhere else besides his own country? Joe Biden is a pedophile, a moron and clearly does not have leadership abilities.

  9. I question. Is this action designed to hurt Russia? Or to hurt the average US citizen/resident?
    I cannot tell…

      • It will cost me so money.
        It will also cost lives.
        Do you think the Alaskan Natives living in the villages will be perfectly OK with it costing them “some money?” Goods and services will disappear from the smaller villages, and that may very well include medevac flights. People will delay, or ignore medical issues because getting to the doctor will be too pricey.
        And, will a single item not get much more expensive for everyone? As it is, the diets of the villagers is abyssmal, imagine how much worse it will get if fresh produce becomes prohibitively expensive?
        Can you name a single aspect of life that will not increase in cost, significantly, because energy prices go up?
        If you think the Ukrainians are getting it bad, you have not seen anything yet. The devastation of high energy prices will have a toll on human life that will make this war look like a minor fistfight.

        • I think residents recieving heating assistance won’t feel the stress so much.i was reminded this overhearing two loud chatty seniors one reminding the other about a federal covid heating assistance and a state resouce to meet the same need having government paying the bill. What the public doesn’t know is what government pays for it can decide what you get, how much you get, and when you get. It can even choose to punish by taking away like a communist government.

          • True on that heating front, but I cannot think of a single product or service that will not go up because of this. And, the people hurt the worst are the ones that can least afford it.
            I am glad that tolerant leftists like Gunter are so flippant about it. I thought they would be the first ones to scream how unfair it is to the poor an minorities. But, it is a right wing nut-job conservative that is looking out for them in this situation.

  10. Today’s announcement, nothing more than “Hot Air,” resulting in nothing less than continued higher energy costs for the foreseeable future. The solution is simple …. Investing in the “America First” approach. It was was working effectively in the previous Administration. Specifically, for Alaska and Alaskans, we were looking at significant project developments that would’ve paid real economic dividends.
    If the “Ski, Sully & Yung” crew can get beyond their narcissistic foundation, maybe we can get back to the America First agenda and start winning again. If not then, I guess we’ll continue to foot the bill for their errant ways and mismanaged leadership.

  11. WTF. We need Hunter back on board with BARISMA. His connections to the Big Guy should open the spigots.
    For an excellent read on the Biden crime family, get this book: “Laptop From Hell.”
    A tell all book, with everything you need to know about the Biden’s…….straight from Biden’s own words. Documented, not fake news.

      • Remember when Biden openly said during the election, “the laptop is Russian disinformation”– the fact that none in the media have pilloried him for that speaks volumes about how the game is rigged by them.

  12. In 2012 Obama said “You can’t drill your way to lower gas prices.”
    By 2019 we were energy independent and gas was under 2 bucks bucks a gallon in some places during the Trump administration.
    Proving once again that “The Smartest Man Ever To Be President” was actually a dolt along with most of our ruling class.
    Don’t think for one minute they don’t want this. They’ve been saying it for decades.

  13. Cue the country songs about the courageous hero Zelensky! Quick, silence all opposing voices of WW3 with patriotism and video game footage of death and destruction! Blame the gas prices and food shortages on the evil Pooty! (rolly eyes)….The war machine rages on..

    • You support Putin? Once he releases nucleotides into the atmosphere, we will have WWIII. But Let’s go Brandon.

  14. Nothing but cynicism, sarcasm, bitterness, and cranky old men here, each one trying to out-Conservative the other.

    Biden did not cause everything that you don’t like, and you know it.

  15. In February 2020 the US was producing around 13,100,000 barrels of oil per day, two years later in February 2022 we are producing around 11,600,000 barrels of oil per day.
    On November 3, 2020, election day WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil was trading at $37.66.
    On January 20, 2021, inauguration day WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil was trading at $53.30.
    On May 11, 2021, the day after Biden lifted Nord Stream 2 sanctions day WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil was trading at $65.28.
    On November 10, 2021, the day after it was noted that Russia was amassing troops on the Ukraine border WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil was trading at $80.52.
    On January 24, 2021, the day NATO put troops on standby over the Russian activities on the Ukraine border WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil was trading at $83.31.
    On February 24, 2021, the day Russia invaded the Ukraine border WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil was trading at $92.81.
    From the 2020 presidential election until present the price for oil has trended sharply upwards from $37.66 to where it is today at $126.30. Before Russia invaded Ukraine the price of oil had increased by nearly 250%, since the Russian invasion the price of oil has increased by 36%. For President Biden to blame the increased price of oil on Putin is disingenuous at best. The Biden administration hasn’t approved a single oil lease, except that of a single court ordered lease.

  16. I believe in alternative energy sources!
    But we won’t get there! In a now reaction! We are a fossil fuel people!
    That is how we do things!

    Doesn’t mean we can’t move that way!

    Meanwhile! Biden needs too open up ! Our resources

  17. One supposes it’s unpatriotic to holler BS.
    Russian oil will go somewhere.
    Spot-market-traders’ll buy Russian oil, park it for a minute or so in some obscure country, mark it up and sell it to desperate Americans from that country of origin.
    Countries such as China, India, and Turkey will buy all the Russian oil they can because this is their golden opportunity to grab the energy market, grow their economies, crush America once and for all by replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency
    …while America’s economy drowns under the Biden regime’s woke green new deal.
    So everybody goes home happy and richer, except middle-class Americans and nobody, least of all the Biden regime, gives a damn about them.
    No, this looks more like Plan B lurching to life: Biden regime couldn’t break America’s middle class with Covid, maybe a year or two of $10-per-gallon gas, rationed like Carter did in ’79, will do the trick.
    Remember the apocryphal story about Marie Antoinette’s contemptuous dismissal of then-current events: “Let them eat cake!”?
    Today it’s “Let them buy electric cars!” uttered with similar contemptuous dismissal of now-current events.
    Makes one wonder if history’s on the verge of repeating itself, non?

  18. In November 2020 when Biden was elected the US was producing about 16 million barrels per day, prices were low and producers had quit drilling new wells. Production was reduced from the February 2020 peak due to Covid. Alaska has a 10 year back log in drilling permits. Blaming Biden is easier for Trump supporters than how the oil market works

  19. When will Biden stop subsidizing his war on AMERICA!
    1) Ended our energy independence
    2) By unneeded government regulation, caused chaos in our Distribution Chain for goods and services
    3) Left 85 Billion Dollars of American Military equipment and American citizens in Afghanistan
    4) Stopped building the wall on our southern border and invited millions of illegal aliens into our country allowing human and drug trafficking and child abuse on our border.
    5) Is purposely violating federal immigration laws by trafficking illegals by plane at night sending them around the country to various cities and using our tax money to do it
    6) Continually attacks our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights by encouraging corporations and big tech to censor and punish opposition to his tyranny.
    7) Illegally continues to use an emergency declaration to continue the planned-demic and fund the death jab. When there is no pandemic?

    Where is our Congress? Why are they allowing him card blanc to violate his limited authority under the Constitution? Why are they ignoring the new data being released by court order from Pfizer on their poison they have been pumping into Americans? Why is our government hiding the fact there are Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine built and funded by our DOD and recently announced by Victoria Nuland?

    So, I propose a hypothetical question to the Must Read Alaska readers. What if the USA, via Dr. Fauci (suspiciously absent now), illegally used NIH funding to experiment on COVID-19 in these labs in Ukraine and it was sent to the Wuhan Labs in China for completion, only to be released from there infecting the world? If you haven’t seen the video of Victoria Nuland nervously revealing to Congress that the Russians have control of their illegal labs, it’s a must watch. She was extremely careful of the words coming from her mouth as to not reveal to much. She had a pen or pencil in her hand and was nervously rotating it while carefully choosing her words. What does this mean? They have been caught red handed and are trying to figure out how to spin the truth as they always do.

  20. Recent meme:
    Sooo, if shuttin’ down Russia’s pipeline will hurt their economy…wouldn’t shuttin’ down ours hurt our economy? Asking for a buddy.

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