Book Review: Hillary’s America

Hillary's America
Hillary’s America

For some of us, a summer viewing of the movie Jaws is a delicious ritual.

This summer — cue shark music — there’s a movie out that will really scare you. But first, to the book:

Dinesh D’Souza, author of America: Imagine a World Without Her, has a new page-turner, and it’s a quick read.

In Hillary’s America, D’Souza unravels the enigma of why the Democratic Party has any members at all, considering its history. He attempts to explain why anyone would vote for a person like Hillary Clinton, who has been in public life for decades but who has accomplished nothing.

Since she’s the star of Philadelphia this week as the Democratic nominee, there’s no better time to read D’Souza’s account of the real history of the Democratic Party, from its sordid support of slavery to its fascination with fascism. Sometimes D’Souza is over the top, but even if he’s 80 percent on-target, it’s a compelling argument.

If Hillary wins the White House, as the line goes in Jaws, “you’re going to need a bigger boat.” It will mean 12 years of Democratic rule, doubling down on debt. Alaskans, in particular, will see their economy on ice as Hillary shuts it down for good.

Read the book at Amazon Kindle.  Prepare to be terrified. Or see the movie today and tomorrow:

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program: the Democratic National Convention, where Joe Biden and Barack Obama will be speaking this evening.