Bob Bird: The RFK interview on ‘Talk of the Kenai’



Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was a guest on KSRM’s The Talk of the Kenai on April 4. I will characterize the interview here, but for those who want to listen to the commercial-free 45 minute conversation, you may do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. At the top right of the Home Page, click “Podcasts”.
  3. Scroll past the “Morning Update” and “Sound Off” programs to “The Talk of the Kenai” and choose Hour 1 on the proper date, above.

Mr. Kennedy’s speech impediment is easy to overlook once you know what to expect, but some listeners may still be unaware of it. It is not the result of a stroke but of damage to his vocal cords.

The Alaskan Independence Party was sought out by the RFK presidential team because we could easily put him on the ballot in Alaska. In the past, some chairmen have placed Constitution Party candidates under the AIP banner, but was discontinued by the late Chairman Lynette Clark because she felt that even with good parties and good candidates, Alaska would be better off avoiding the machinations of national issues and campaign staffs. Her wisdom in this regard may be right.

Negotiations with the RFK team gave us great hope. As you might expect, the staff stressed what we had in common: opposition to Covid tyranny, the weaponization of the federal Justice Department, the open southern border, undeclared wars of dubious purpose and even amending the Jones Act, that endless bugaboo that keeps our cost of living so high, and was a major driving force towards statehood. At one point the staff said that they would even try to get RFK at our Fairbanks convention, which gave us much to worry about finding a venue big enough to hold visitors.

This was scaled back to radio interviews on Alaskan topics. With that, I sent RFK a list of questions so that he could be prepared, as well as the AIP’s colorful and tragic history of its founder Joe Vogler and his mysterious disappearance and murder. I wanted him to be aware of how Sarah Palin was treated simply because she gave a cheerful welcoming address to our 2008 state convention.

The AIP was fully aware that an RFK presidency would be a mixed bag, and the interview proved that the bag contained some absolutely impossible policies for Alaska. Nevertheless, the man has courage and integrity as he has faced the vicious mainstream media’s full guns turned on him. His candidacy now represents an overt threat to the Democratic Party’s power. With an RFK presence, plausible deniability of a Biden victory being engineered by electronic and mail-in voting systems in all fifty states would be harder to maintain. 

The ”Plus factor” of the interview:

  1. He was, as expected, foursquare against the forced and coerced Covid vaccinations.
  2. He was strong against the Biden disaster of open borders.
  3. He agreed that the Jones Act should be modified.
  4. He identified the weaponization of the Justice Dept as a threat to the Bill of Rights. Kennedy himself has been denied Secret Service protection, an outrage that ought to be a bi-partisan issue.

The “Minus Factor” of the interview:

  1. When asked about the flawed statehood vote of 1958, he admitted he was only recently briefed, but said that if there was an unfulfilled federal treaty obligation, he would rectify that.
  2. As an environmental lawyer, he sees Alaska’s development of its vast natural resources as something to be controlled by the federal congress. His appointment of Nicole Shanahan as VP firmly glues himself to the Green Lobby.
  3. Despite calling himself an “absolutist” regarding constitutional philosophy, he would deny states rights as returned through the Dobbs decision regarding abortion. When asked about institutionalizing the Roe v. Wade decision through a federal statute, as called for by Biden in a recent major speech, he said that he would sign it. He also tried to mitigate that by calling for supporting wanted pregnancies through federal welfare, an obviously unconstitutional idea — as are most federal welfare programs, anyway.
  4. The control of 65% of Alaska’s lands, along with most of the western states, precludes the stifling of not only Alaska but America’s economy. With states rights being denied for the contentious social issues, Kennedy’s idea of what “absolute constitutionalism” truly means, is not his strength.

Many conservatives see Kennedy’s VP pick as a way to snidely strengthen the Trump campaign, placing him firmly on the Left side of the spectrum. In all likelihood, Kennedy represents merely a fading vestige of fair-minded liberalism. It is impossible to have a perfect candidate for any office. A Ronald Reagan presidency gave Alaska only a temporary mitigation of unconstitutional federal control. A Trump presidency would likely do no better.

The AIP will not be placing RFK on the ballot. Our liberty and prosperity must come from within ourselves, not from a knight galloping in from the Lower 48. The Republican Party is too timid to admit that our 1958 statehood was flawed. Until that is changed, the AIP will continue to be that thin reedy voice of truth, crying out in the wilderness, and placing our Hope elsewhere in the motto: “In God We Trust.”

Bob Bird is chair of the Alaskan Independence Party and the host of a talk show on KSRM radio, Kenai.


  1. I checked out the radio statiion interview for Apr 4 and it was not there. Try again, Bob Bird. True date and time of the interview. Looks like someone deleted it in the que.

    • This often happens if you do not scroll past the other two programs from that same date. Follow the directions closely. I am listening to it even as I write this.

  2. RFK II is the man who will actually bring down Biden. Trump will brag that he did it. But Kennedy will take the honors. Same thing happened in 1992 when GHW Bush lost to a guy named Clinton, thanks to Ross Perot. A repeat of history, only in different political parties.

  3. He (hypocritically) didn’t want a “wind farm’ off Hyannisport, but perhaps we can have one in Bristol Bay or Lake Clark.

  4. “Flawed statehood vote of 1958” is further referenced as “our 1958 statehood was flawed”.
    Is this an AIP interpretation of events? Please elucidate on the meaning and relevance of these statements.
    I was 2 years old then and didn’t really notice when it happened. I could read by age 5 though.

    • Chris thanks for taking my call this morning… a flawed state is an understatement on many issues today not to go into detail ” as we discussed ” in my call to you about Statehood! Our Governor defies his Oath in the failure of executing our Statute(s) ( Bonding as one issue). Those failures has compounded it’s result in justice, equity & equality . “Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or
      opportunities. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and
      allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.” these last two issues today distorts Justice. Here is where Governor Dunleavy is failing all Alaskans!

    • It’s an AIP (fringe) thing.
      (if we could only be our “own” country & have all the oil for ourselves like Venezuela)
      (or Norway)

      • No, George. Treaty obligations are NOT a “fringe” thing. Ask any of the displaced American natives about how long their treaty obligations were honored. A liberal might accuse you of “racism”, but I will just use the term ignorance. And you are right, unless we get rid of socialism (like Venezuela and Norway did not) we would go right into a sewer.
        Just like the US is doing before our very eyes.

    • Go to and read about the 1945 UN Treaty for non-self-governing territories … which included Alaska & Hawaii. Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam still enjoy the 4 options. We only got two. Why do you think the other 2 parties ignore this?

      • MR. Bird I am a registered AIP member. I’d love to see the website updated and to see more articles on present day issues. Another thing, has there been any contact with other organizations such as the Texas Nationalist Movement?

  5. If you think vaccines are the problem then RFK Jr. is your man. Trump pushed Operation Warp Speed through and saved millions of lives. When Trump heard the first boo’s when boasting of this accomplishment he never mentioned it again. Ditto for his claims that he got Roe vs. Wade overturned. Yesterday he waffled and said if your state would approves mid term abortions thats good with him. Talk about a flip-flopper! Is anyone running for President going to have the courage to call for an absolute abortion ban?

    • Sebastian, in reference to the Covid experimental, unsafe and ineffective clot shots you mistakenly used the word “saved” when you actually meant “took”.

      • So you are saying Trump “took” millions of lives by being responsible for the development of the Covid vaccine? Why does the data show strong Trump voting counties have 2-8 times the deaths per thousand than Biden counties? The overwhelming number of deaths from Covid were in the unvaccinated! RFK Jr. just tells non-stop BS in most every statement he makes. It would seem some higher power has decided Jr’s. ability to communicate with fellow human beings should be compromised. Or maybe some New Age concept called Karma. Either way he is painful to listen to both from the content and the delivery aspect. Reaction!

        • Sebastian, that supposed and spurious “data” to which you refer sounds to me like the kind of “data” that we routinely get from your beloved overlords in the government, such as the BL(B)S statistics claiming that the annual rate of price increases is only 2 or 3%, when everyone who is even semi-conscious (which excludes the diaper-crapping usurper puppet in the White House) and who has a single honest bone in their body knows that it is more like 8 or 10%.

        • Sebastian, your data is describing death rates in Biden vs Trump counties is suspect and likely propaganda.
          What we do know is that in Countries that had nearly universal jabbing the rate of infection per capita was higher than in Countries that had high percentages of unjabbed.
          In fact if one looks at Africa north of the country of South Africa all the way up to the Atlas Mountains we find that the vast majority was unjabbed and the rate of infection was barely discernable compared the the so called universally jabbed Countries.

          Nice try Sebastian, but when you are a voice for Fascist Phrama you will get called out on your Bravo Sierra.

          BTW, I have donated to RFKjr’s
          Campaign twice and will continue to do so, and I’m a Republican.

          • Glob Health Sci Pract. 2021 Sep 30; 9(3): 433–443.
            Published online 2021 Sep 30. doi: 10.9745/GHSP-D-21-00172

            The Conundrum of Low COVID-19 Mortality Burden in sub-Saharan Africa: Myth or Reality?
            Something else to recall about RFK JR. – he claims the polio vaccine killed more people than it saved.

    • Leave it up to the States, as the constitution says.
      This “one issue” ban is dividing & killing the Republican Party while the Progressives take over Everything.
      WAKE UP GOP!

    • Sebastian, perhaps you don’t understand the Constitution or how our system actually was intended to work.
      You see the Constitution enumerates what a limited Federal Government can and cannot do. Infanticide is clearly not a Federal issue but a State issue. If you want yo kill babies move to a State that allows it. It’s really quite simple.

  6. Absolutely excellent article, Mr. Bird. This was concise and packed with outstanding information, opinion, and AIP position. Congrats on conducting the interview and thanks for the outstanding analysis and principled decision result. I do not support an RFK presidency, but enthusiastically support his candidacy and participation in the national discourse.

  7. If it’s an economy we want then kick the fed spooks out, and let us get back to work.
    It’s almost like Alaskans have not gotten the memo from DC/UN. You are being replaced by cheaper workers and when you can’t pay your debt they will give your house to the cheaper workers for more debt, rinse and repeat.
    They can just import the sweat shop slave labor.
    It’s cheaper to kill you off and replace you than pay your retirement, why do you think they keep taking more from every check, raising the working age and giving you less than you can survive old age on?
    You think that’s just a chain of accidents and mistakes? If yes then why are you trusting the same people with your future? If no then they meant to screw you.
    If bankruptcy doesn’t kill you the medical system will.

    This entire thread seems to boil down to money, that’s the one thing DC doesn’t have!!!!
    They are running real low on soldiers and friends too. That’s where the migrants come in.

  8. Alaska is a resource colony for Outside, and simultaneously a park/nature preserve. They want our oil, minerals, seafood, etc., but they’ll be damned to see us do anything to improve our station in life, like infrastructure being built, A2A railway, elimination of the Jones Act, etc. They say that without federal subsidies this state would fail, but that’s only because they don’t allow us to grow and prosper. They have broken our kneecap, then handed us a crutch and told us without them, we wouldn’t be able to walk.

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