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Friday, August 7, 2020
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Black Lives Matter demands defunding of Juneau police programs, ending of school ‘microaggressions’ and more


Black Lives Matter activists in Juneau published a list of 10 demands of the City and Borough of Juneau Police Department, Juneau School District, and the State Department of Corrections — all to eliminate racism once and for all.

The group demands that Juneau establish a community oversight committee for the Juneau Police Department; the group would be involved in hiring, procedures, and even recertification of members of the 57-officer force. It is unclear how this would work, what with personnel laws on the books to protect public employees.

The second demand is that the city defund the “militarization of the police and reinvest that money into the resiliency of the community.” Although it’s not stated what the definition of militarization or resiliency is, militarization is typically understood as having armored vehicles, and what leftists call “assault rifles, submachine guns, flashbang grenades, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams.”

Chief Ed Mercer said the police force does have an incident command vehicle and other tools at its disposal, but said its specialized firearms obtained after 9-11 had already been replaced. He said most of the militarization people see in cities in the Lower 48 is not something they’ll ever see in Juneau.

The Black Lives Matter demands were taken up at a meeting of the City and Borough Assembly on June 8. Assembly members received the list of demands in advance, as did the chief of police.

It’s part of a national trend to defund or defame police departments.

In Anchorage, Assembly member Forrest Dunbar told the Public Safety Committee last week that he sees a need to reform the Anchorage Police Department, which prompted pushback from Chief Justin Doll:

“If we are having discussion about police reform, the term suggests that something is broken with the the department now. I don’t think there’s any information to support that.”

In Seattle, 900 air miles to the south, several Seattle City Council members have begun an inquest into the police department’s budget, with plans to defund some of the riot-response capabilities and redirect the money to community-based programs; some are calling on mayor Jenny Durben to resign. Rioting continues in that city and today the police have abandoned some of their precinct stations.

In Juneau, which has a police force of 57, the Black Lives Matter group demands that body cameras be worn and that officers who have domestic abuse charges not be allowed to carry weapons and “ultimately be fired.”

Chief Ed Mercer patiently explained to the Assembly on Monday that the rules around domestic violence and officers are very strict already and that body cameras are already in use.

Chief Mercer on the hot seat with the Juneau Assembly over police response.

Members of the Assembly then leaned on the chief to release the department’s “use of force” policy, but Mercer said that would have to be another, more private conversation. He wasn’t willing to release tactical details to members of the public Assembly, although three of them — Maria Gladziszewski, Carol Triem, and Rob Edwardson — pressed him hard.

“May I see the printed use of force policy?” Edwardson bluntly asked the chief.

After pausing, Mercer responded: “At this time, no. We are open to having a discussion with you as to how we proceed with that.”

Both Assembly members Gladziszewski and Triem jumped in to say they, too, want to see the “use-of-force” policy in writing, but the chief fended off their questions, saying that the policy is a tactical one that is in line with what is used around the nation.

Within minutes, leftist activists watching the meeting in Juneau had peppered the City and Borough of Juneau with public records requests demanding a copy of the use-of-force policy.

Council members Gladziszewski and Triem advanced some of the concepts from the Black Lives Matter group’s 10 demands, putting the police chief on the spot.

Mercer said that most of the demands were for things already being practiced by the department, such as the use of body cameras and racial sensitivity training. He was not inclined to release personnel records, as the group was demanding.

For the community in general, Black Lives Matter in Juneau demands that all persons of fair complexion must sit “with discomfort and examining your own privilege and using it to help. Ally-ship means that this is not about you and your peers. Ally-ship means taking real recognizable action-not sad faces on Social Media … Ally-ship means that the branding of movements is not yours to determine … Our movements can not be led by you … Ask for a seat at our tables, for a place in our movement for justice, and accept the answer. There is no us without us.”

The list of Black Lives Matter demands can be seen here, as well as on Facebook pages of various Juneauites:

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Not sure what the pubic assembly is.

    “willing to release tactical details to members of the pubic Assembly, although three of them —

  • Every time I see an article about BLM I wonder what it has to do with the Bureau of Land Management, in this case I thought the headline meant that they wanted the police’s funding. Makes about as much sense.

    • The BLM acronym will soon come to represent Bizarre Lunacy Management. These people have list their minds……..if they ever had one to lose to begin with.

    • Well reported. You did not report that one guy – me – testified in support of our excellent and friendly police department. Heck of a tough job and they do it very well.

  • Domestic Terrorism. Next they will downplay it by having the other groups intervene trying to downplay with there attorneys. A Threat is a threat and this Terrorism needs to stop NOW. They want equity, not eqauality and they want control. We are not Islam and our country was never built upon these principles.

  • As a quick response, looking at the list I can unequivocally support items 2, de-funding militarization and four, use of body cams. #2 because experience with a relative makes it eminently clear to me that police swat teams will invariably fall into the old “I’m a Abuse ensues through gross overreaction. Specialized SWAT teams maintained/managed at state level; can access 95% of Alaska within several hours. Juneau police sniper OK. #4 is self explanatory.
    Item #1 can be addressed by requiring regular police dept reports to the city management.
    Item #3 is re-inventing the wheel; police responders know better than anyone the complexities of dealing with persons in those categories.
    Item #5: Same response as item #3, above.
    Item #7. Some restraint on record release is necessary while pursuing investigations. The Freedom Of Info process works for those serious about pursuing the info. However, it would be appropriate, I think, to allow city councilmembers access to info.
    Items 8, 9, and 10 are ridiculous. They would require the police dept to take on the untenable burden of establishing and enforcing community beliefs, standards, values, etc.

    • Billy you have a good point in the event of an issue such as a hijacking or terrorist attack on one of the cruise ships or aircraft the issues would require a quicker response. Limiting the use of such military equipment would be a better option

  • BLM and ANTIFA are terrorist organizations….just a reincarnation of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) > Weather Underground (formerly Weathermen), the Black Liberation Army, and the Black Panthers. Black lives is only a moniker for them to operate under. Their only purpose is to remove all law enforcement from the US so the anarchist can take over. Its a one-way street for them, you’re either with them or against them regardless of color. All property will belong to them.

    Google those groups…RESEARCH and get informed.

    Sadly the majority holding signs and chanting have no clue as to what they are actually supporting. They are simply the useful idiots the left talks about, probably with good intentions of police abuse reform, but have been led with blinders on.

    And sadly the democrats jump on the anarchist’s wagon…like flies to moose poop.

  • This has got to stop right now. This is like a wildfire raging out of control that no one is stopping! They defund the police and its over folks… All this Black Lives Matter baloney needs to be put out to pasture because they are no more than domestic terrorists in my eyes. Talk about the bullies out there! Do what we say or we will push you to defund your police because we have all lost our minds…. Unbelievable that this is being allowed to continue.

    • Bullies? The United States of America has “bullied” every race of people since before it was legally declared a country. Slavery, genocide inflicted on Indigenous peoples, systemic racism including Jim Crow, illegal voter suppression… the list is way too long of “bullying” by & in the name of our government.
      Gaining some knowledge of history & practicing some empathy is what we all need to be doing right now.

      • Gaining some knowledge, Maureen, of how we did not start slavery in this country. It was going on for thousands of years, way back in biblical days. We ended it. And then when we acquired Alaska, we ended the practice in the new territory, as practiced by indigenous people here. And then we passed the Civil Rights Act. No other country can say it has done more. The Great Society gave more in reparations. The integration of our military, which is the most integrated institution in the nation, perhaps the world. We, a nation with 13 percent African-Americans, elected an African-American for president not once, but twice. Our President Bush had Condoleeza Rice as his Secretary of State and Colin Powell as National Security Adviser, and Powell was Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Look at all the African-American mayors of non-black-majority cities, like Chicago, with 17 percent black voters, and a black mayor. Or Dallas, Texas with 15 percent black voters, yet a black mayor. Dozens of mayors. As you say, the list is way too long. We all know we can do better, but you are positing the worst, without acknowledging that we are the very best country in the history of the world. Many of just don’t accept this premise of yours. As for me, I think you are the worst commenter this site has seen in a long time. You are the racist. I can muster no empathy for you, racist Maureen.

  • Just like the Military there are somethings that should not be released to the public because you then put lives at risk. BLM does not understand that concept because they believe on their life matters and no one else. Suck it Up Buttercup

  • How about they just relocate to a liberal state where they fit in better. Why don’t they just not call the police or 911 ever. Juneau should not cave to the current media ruse.

  • What a fascinating bunch of garbage. They are inventing terms and phrases while demanding a litany of things, and at the same time are requiring their approval for “a seat at our tables…”
    I hope that these demands wind up exactly where they belong- in the trash bin. Do not even entertain the madness of the snowflake element. God help Juneau if the City Council gives too much credence to the illogical demands of this fringe group. They have not earned, and therefore are not owed, that level of respect.

  • If you’re wounded or assaulted by invisible “micro-aggressions”…….you should probably just stay hiding underneath your bed, and have your meals shoved to you on a tray, and leave living in the real world to the rest of us.

  • I’m too old for this, what is a microaggression? Hearing a negative word? Or an opinion you don’t share? A statement of some truth that is not directly beneficial? Help, I am so confused!

    • A microaggression is something like saying “You sure have good diction for a black guy.” Or, “You’re a credit to your race.”

      Or saying to someone who isn’t white who says they’re from familiar U.S. locale like Los Angeles: “Yeah, but where are you REALLY from?”

      • Something unintentionally offensive, but offensive nonetheless.

        • You sure know how to hang on to your own money, for a Lefty Democrat. (Did I get it correct?)

          • No, a microaggression has to do with race and ethnicity. So something like “Your tribe sure knows how to squeeze a buck!” would be a microaggression.

      • We used to call that ‘bad taste’ or ‘boorish’ but did not make it into a capital offense.

      • Joe Biden is full of micro-aggressions…describing Barack Obama…”I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

        Chatting with Charlamagne tha God…”If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

        These are perfect examples of micro-aggression.

    • I thought the same thing, Tiana. What is a “microagression? Good gawd. This is ridiculous.

      • Beyond ridiculous. Seems these people want a colorless world free of opinion or even thought.

        • Elizabeth, nail meet hammer!

    • It’s anything that a hypersensitive, emotional infant is offended by. That’s what a micro aggression is. A completely innocuous statement can be translated into a micro aggression. It could be, literally, anything a white person says. It’s ridiculous.

    • A microaggression is usually considered to be .22LR and sometimes .25ACP.

  • The BLM “demand list” seems to come with an implicit threat. They forgot to include the “or else” part of the “demands”. If Juneau weren’t majorly liberal democrat voting citizens, this wouldn’t be happening. Even idiots don’t show up to an isolated city in Alaska by chance. Juneau is so isolated, most Alaskans can’t afford to commute there. How do these idiots get the influence and money to even have their list printed up? The list needs to be filed where the ‘sun don’t shine’ in the nearest BLM garbage can, or other places. If push comes to shove, residents can call the police that the leftist democrats want to defund. I am sure the police will help. Good citizens will pitch in, if it comes to that. This is Alaska, not L.A. or Seattle.
    For any group to think they can “demand” Alaskan Americans do anything is cause for a good chuckle. Not your average ‘soy boys” in Alaska. Surprise will follow surprise for those threatening Alaskan Americans.
    Remember in November.

    • Serious attention and action must be made in November. Of course Juneau will likely stay the same.

  • Does the US or state of Alaska recognize this group as a legitimate organization from which a set of demands may be heard and/or acted upon? I’d really like to say ‘who do you think you are’? Or better yet take your hordes of hell and get the heck out of here! Only legitimate, law abiding citizens allowed.

  • Liberia is a welcoming option and it was settled and developed by this same forward thinking genetic pool. The founding fathers set their new country up such that today, a scant 150 years later this once disenchanted group is firmly ensconced in a position of honor on Mr. Trump’s list of complete sh*thole countries.

    If you’d like to go remember that once you’ve hopped into the bowl you need to quickly flush twice as it’s a very long way to Liberia.

    • We are all entitled to opinions but this is clearly supporting the very claims that they are making. Your comment is divisive, racist, and part of the problem.

      • If you think you can make it unlawful to have a negative opinion of those that demand the end of police protection and express themselves through violent behavior and theft of property you’re deeply confused. There is no such thing as thought crime or opinion crime and I don’t want yours.

        I will have a very low opinion of societal detritus for as long as I’m rational.

        You’re also confused about racism, too. I and many others develop an impression of others based first on their nature. Color may for some reinforce the occasional useful stereotype but it’s the person’s character and their costume that are usually the most telling and yes, each of us wear a costume.

        You know who else we should all hold in low regard is that gaggle of beta males that seem to go along w/ this group’s crap. They should all tell their boyfriends that they’ve been bad and desperately need a good birching.

        • You’re spot on Scrumptious.

          • It isn’t necessarily a matter of law. It is a matter of respect, “class,” and normal courtesy. I am not confused at all about anything – your initial comment made things very clear. Your second comment drove the issue home.

        • Hear, Hear. On the spot.

  • So, who ya gonna call? Ghost busters is off duty.

  • So let me get this straight. Cities run by progressives have the worst police? Cities and states run by liberals have the worst police? So they think it is a good idea to tell us how to run the same police they have been in charge of for decades? The worst cities for civil rights and safety are decades of progressive and liberal ideals. No thanks. Why do blacks that make it move out of the liberal city to the conservative run suburbs? For one thing big liberal run cities are against school choice forcing them to attend the worst schools run by the progressive liberals.

    • Jack,
      Nothing is straight about democrats/progressives. Their politically dominated cities and states are living proof. In Chicago, this past weekend, 35 shootings with 5 of those fatalities. That’s only Chicago. Where the Sam Hill is the outrage over that? So what if it’s blacks killing blacks? No big deal. No riots, looting, burning or mysterious piles of bricks conveniently placed for “protestors” to throw. It must be ok for black people to kill all the black people necessary to feed the bloodlust of other black, wanton criminals. White cop has a “homicide” arrest against himself, for unethical restraint. Official autopsy changed without contest, by a ‘privately hired different pathologist’. Alleged victim, a black dope addict, convicted criminal. Yesterday, the day after the deadly weekend, 15 more black homicides. And they want the cops gone? Democrat “control” is no control. Free for all and the cops get a beating, legally, morally, physically, and mentally for trying to do their job.

      Now this same bunch is in Juneau making demands of Alaskans? Give me a break.

    • History tells us that the Republican Party was formed as an anti-slavery party in opposition to the Democratic Party.
      History tells us that Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, was the first Republican President.
      History tells us that Republicans championed the Civil Rights Act as well as the Voting Rights Act with much larger percentages of Republicans voting for passage than Democrats.
      History tells us that the first black Senators and Congressmen were Republicans.
      History tells us that even before President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act his disdain for black people was on full display.
      He was known to openly brag about how he would control black people and their vote for generations to come, and his comments on Thurgood Marshall are beyond the pale.
      It shouldn’t surprise anyone who has read any history the way the Democratic Party deals with and treats black people as second class citizens or worse.

      • Yep, the plan was to enslave blacks into the welfare system and make them a dependent of the state. It worked good. Today, more blacks willingly join up for welfare than work to get off it.

      • History also shows us that Abe Lincoln didn’t care so much about slavery, but rather what it was doing….. like tearing the country apart. Remember, blacks sold blacks into slavery, and Native Americans took slaves as well from conquered tribes.

        • You underestimate the Father of the Republican Party.

      • Steve-O, good post but remember that President Lincoln only freed the slaves in the South, not the North through the Emancipation Proclamation.

    • Jack, you are spot on re school choice. If minorities had the ability to choose the best educational fit for their children, then their children would succeed in life. If they become successful, then how would people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton survive?

  • When the lunatics run the Asylum, this is what happens.

  • I am dreading when this BS is announced in Anchorage. You know it’s coming.

    • It’s already in Anchorage. The assembly is almost all hard-core leftists and so is Berkowitz.

  • Totally far left. Issues being watered down, this is political correctness seeping in and when it does everything is screwed like the anchorage homeless issue, you all know what happened there right? Yep, political correctness! Now it’s so screwed there’s no fixing it like the far left mentality.

  • “We demand, we demand, we demand…” Now there is an adult conversation in the making! Clearly this is their way or nothing at all. Who actually authored this ridiculous document?
    The worse thing for their “movement” is it’s being coopted by white, leftist elitists.
    The murder hornets can’t get here fast enough!

  • Americans with sufficient character and courage to regard the “Black Lives Matter” movement and “Antifa” as modern Sturmabteilung, the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party, may be inclined to tell both what they can do with their “demands”.
    Talk about bad timing.
    Productive Alaskans are already be fed up to the max with China flu hysteria and their government’s epic mismanagement of an easily manageable situation into panic and economic ruin for what seems like the sole purpose of deposing the president, and disenfranchising his constituents.
    Now the paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party shows up with “demands”?
    Chief Mercer, Chief Doll, you hang in there. “Back the Blue” is very much alive and well out here.

  • I would appreciate if someone could explain demand number 10 to me in English (or even German). I have no idea what it means in full — and there are parts of it that I do understand and it hardly helps.

    Until someone explains number 10 to me, I reject it and it it is not looking too good for accepting it even with an explanation. If someone want to come and burn down my house for that, then by all means, let me know. I will be ready.

    • It is a statement designed to mitigate any empathy. It is a demand to bow to any demand.
      In other words, “You don’t know how I feel, nor do I but I’m rapidly compiling rules for you to follow.”

    • I am with you. Ally-ship? The entire thing sounds like a hostage demand letter.

      • If you don’t want to be on live PD, stop breaking the law.

  • When I was a kid going to school in the 1960’s in Leavenworth, Kansas, I knew about aggressions in school. King, Jesse and Sharpton along with the black panthers had all the blacks at the time whipped up into a frenzy.

    Ironically, the preferred word then was negro. Black was a dirty word.

    I used to wear my heavy winter coat through May to soften the daily blows I would receive from black students. The teachers being fearful looked the other way. I never saw black kids being abused. Only white ones by blacks.

    Once I was riding my sister’s blue bike, and black cops stopped me and tossed me into the squad car. A laundry had been robbed and the perp escaped on a blue bike. After they released me back at the bike that threw threw over into the bushes, my dad came over and started reaming them out. He was a parole officer and apparently had one of the cop’s sons on probation.

    Dad threatened to throw the cops son back in prison. The cop pleaded for that not to happen.

    So yeah, I witnessed aggression growing up, but the black were the ones dishing it out. Just like now.

    • Also, I saw 3 black girls try to beat up a white girl because she was dating a black guy. My sister stepped in and literally kicked their a—-. She was good with her feet back them. They ran the 1 block home and soon after, there were so many blacks out front, that you couldn’t see the green on the grass. I can still picture mom peering through the window holding a butcher knife. Dad and the cops came sliding their cars in and one black thug jumped up on the hood screaming “they can’t take us all in.” They started dancing and hollering again before they finally got ran off. So again, blacks were the aggressors.

  • Typical response from someone who knows nothing about policing.

  • This is all proof of Russia medaling in the 2020 election to reelect Trump. America will not support this lunacy and Trump will be reelected.

  • These people are sick. They are lining up to prostrate themselves before the mob of wokeness. Again, thinking if they just “submit” enough, they will be spared. They will be the first heads on the pike, next to Jacob Frye. There is no amount of retreat or submission that will grant quarter. The weak capitulators usually get the worst treatment, which is sad, but befitting their character and actions. Only strength and solidarity defeats these types.

  • We could help defund their movement by boycotting Taco Bell.

  • My career has given me the opportunity to see first hand the area which have the highest crime rates of the country Such as Watts, South side of Chicago, Harlem, East St. Louis just to name a few, not the best place for a white person. The police only enter these areas if need be — it’s not pretty.

    My suggestion is to drop these liberals on the streets of the closest high crime rate community on a Friday night so they can see firsthand what it really looks like, rather than supporting a cause the have no firsthand knowledge of — the Ghetto culture.

  • Push back people! Grow some backbone and tell the truth when confronted. This is all about snowflakes raised on social justice….useful idiots. Do not let these Marxists rule our cities or state and country. Now we have the military and police submitting to the mob. People who are sworn to keep law and order, protect the citizens are now supporting lawlessness. Democrats created this nightmare with failed polices and now see an opportunity to shift the blame to racism. Don’t believe it? Almost all cities where riots and looting occurred are Democrat controlled.

  • All of this happening is like watching the beginning of a really bad Batman movie. Oh, and so I don’t receive any “Hurt Feelings” reports please include Batwoman and The Joker as well.

  • What group is on the schedule to take a knee at the memorial today?

    • MS,
      Liberal democrats.

  • The police are in a public employee union that donates and votes for Democrats that want to defund them?

  • There were about 200 black people in the territory when I was born here. Thousands have since immigrated to Alaska, mostly compliments of the military. I know many wonderful black people. But the bad element came also. We have had a number of locals murdered by them including a 17- year-old girl going to her car in a high school parking lot, who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered.
    Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization and should be banned. They have things backwards. Alaskans should be instructing them on how to behave.

  • Here ya go, an Update, and I’m dyin’ LMAO. Human nature.
    Seattle CHAZ: a single leader has taken control; small businesses in the zone are having to pay a fee to operate ( actually sounds like govt ); the homeless in the zone stole all their food, and they’re asking for food donations-but only soy based vegan; they have roving armed patrols ( AR-15 ) to quell, and rapes are already being reported by those dissatisfied and leaving. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • About time to relocate the capitol to Anchorage. The BP building is empty and could serve the purpose for 100 million.

  • BLM is a worlwide organization that is taking in huge amounts of money from foreign donors and then taking that money to fund DNC campaigns. Which are leftist campaigns. They are nothing more than an Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson scam and extortion ring bent on changing our government and they way we live in the USA. They need useful woke idiots to march in the streets around the world to push their agenda and put pressure on politicians to bend the knee. I was at a BLM protest and stated that I agree that the death of George Floyd was a crime but was not going to bend the knee, I bet I would get the living crap beat out of me and called a racist. My own family tell me that I need to get educated.
    Here is the link to an article about BLM and money laundering.

    [Live link removed by moderator. Links not allowed in comments.]

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