Bill Popp lets it slip: He’s running for mayor


It looks like it will be three liberals against one conservative running for mayor of Anchorage in 2024 — at least so far.

Bill Popp, the executive director of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, gave a swan song presentation at the Dena’ina Convention Center on Wednesday, as he had last month announced he will be leaving AEDC.

After the luncheon he was overheard telling people he was running for mayor of Anchorage.

Others in the community have said they’ve been contacted by Popp’s team to pledge money for his campaign, but Popp has not filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission and is not expected to announce officially until September.

Already announced as candidates and filed with APOC are Democrats Suzanne LaFrance, Chris Tuck, and Republican Mayor Dave Bronson.

Alaska Pollster Ivan Moore published results of one of his recent surveys on Wednesday, which had the following outcome:

  • Dave Bronson, 33%
  • Suzanne LaFrance 20%
  • Chris Tuck 13%
  • Bill Falsey 9%
  • Bill Popp 8%
  • Undecided 16%

Moore said, “As it stands right now, it would likely go to a runoff between Bronson and LaFrance. We don’t have data on that head-to-head, but given that Bronson’s positive-negative rating in this same [likely voter] sample is 30-56… Likely winner – Suzanne LaFrance.” His poll went to 555 likely voters with a margin of error of about 4.2%.


  1. All Except for Suzanne Lafrance the true far left leftist, looks like the democrat strategy is split Bronson’s base. If one doesn’t care too much for where Leftist Democrats are taking this nation, city, state. They better vote Bronson. This time around let the democrats split their candidates own votes.

  2. Let the libs have this place.
    It’s not even worth having anymore.
    They have ruined it beyond repair, like every other Left Coast city.

    • Howdy George, I have lived in Wasilla for 49 years. Anchorage is a Shadow of what it was. Town Square is now Town Lair.. Murals are weathered and worn or gone.. If Anchorage Voter’s keep voting liberal, Anchorage will continue to look like Detroit, rather than the BOOM TOWN, it use to be.

  3. I would to know who is polled bc it sure wasn’t me. I don’t believe in most polling entities, as they try to get the answers that they desire. Maybe asking the question of who is paying for this poll, which many pollsters won’t answer, is the real question to be asked.

    • It says in the article that 555 likely voters were polled.

      There are 235,546 registered voters in Anchorage as of the April 2023 election results. Only 65,853 voters cast ballots in that election resulting in 27.96% turnout.

      Doing the math, the pollster selected less than one hundredth of one percent of likely voters. (555/65853 = .00843%)

      I think the pollster has too small of a sample size for meaningful results, so that probably explains why you were not chosen Trevor.

    • Spot on Trevor, Polling results are nothing more than political ads to fool the sheep into thinking that the rest of the herd will be following “their” in the case of Hillary Clinton where the herd followed their leader into the swamp and the big bad wolf (DJT aided by the Russians) made them suffer(and riot) for four years.
      Polls have a weak and feckless criminal POTUS at 40%…..LOLOLOL Dont fall off the edge of the Earth following that crowd.

  4. Popp runs for mayor after being on the government tit for how many years? No thanks, this guy is just another drain on the property owners. I have always been amazed that the scam in place to put a level of cost between the muni and the citizens was even able to be implemented by Halcro, et al.

  5. Unfortunately Moore’s poll is right. The Republican Party does not understand how to win a election. The only way to win the Mayor’s race is to move the election to November. The Republican and AFP should have started a referendum to change the voting date to November like Wasilla did a few years ago. They should have tied the petition with a petition to get rid of the gas tax, (12 cents a gallon now, not 10 cents and will keep going up with inflation). The gas tax repeal would bring out the vote of the true people in Anchorage. To try to go against the liberals in April when the Unions have their phone banks going full tilt is going to fail. (Bronson got luck only because of Save Anchorage). I don’t see Save Anchorage as a force this time. People get weary. Cutting the gas tax is the only driver to get people out.

    • Wasilla holds general elections in October and has since the city was first incorporated in the early 70s.

  6. Ivan Moore’s company contacts me regularly. I participated in one survey several months ago and have declined all other survey requests from this company. My UNwillingness to participate a second time does not stop Ivan’s employees from continuing to contact me. My point is that this company seems to ask the same people to participate in surveys over and over and over again. The small pool of the same survey respondents diminishes the results and contributes to a large margin of error. Don’t believe anything Ivan publishes or says.

  7. Moore’s polls are always so left-biased, they are like a last resort, to be used if no reliable data is available.

  8. I have been a friend of Bill Popp’s for several years, liberal is not what I would call him. He is business minded, people centered, political centrist with a heart to restore our City.

    • Name us one thing Bill Popp has actually accomplished at AEDC. Reports don’t count. Extra credit if you don’t say Federal Express, because he didn’t do that.

  9. Anchorage, Bronson is the only thing blocking your city from becoming the next cesspool like San Fran or Seattle. If you want law and order and no tent city’s next to your house, you better vote for Bronson. Do not become the next victim of a communist regime.

    • The trick is, even if re-elected, it’s another 3 years of gridlock. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

      But conservatives in Anchorage need to study how the Democrats play the game and learn. Who follows Bronson?

      The time to start recruiting and vetting his successor is now, not three years from now.

      Otherwise there’s a very good chance even six years of Bronson get washed away.

      The left thinks long term. The right thinks til Tuesday. That’s gotta stop.

  10. Without the truck rallies and everything else that got people in Anchorage to submit a vote, coupled with the local news constantly bashing our mayor at the whim of the assembly, I see a liberal becoming the next mayor. I only hope our mayor will make the best of his remaining time and quit trying to be so correct and pussyfooting around the leftist assembly. And bust them for their misappropriation of funds for their own benefits. Be king for a day and call them out, that’s why we put you there. In memory of all the small businesses that they destroyed during Covid. We are still waiting. That’s why we had benefit bonfires and everything else to get him in. I did not order the waffle. I wanted biscuits and gravy. Menu, please.

  11. AEDC has gone downhill ever since Scott Hawkins (RIP) stepped down………Popp is just another bureaucrat.

  12. I don’t know where to put this but do you know my internet carrier charged me fifteen (15) percent more for internet service over the bio-weapon era with diminished service so I have tripled the companies providing service each of which are fee happy. Do you know who is responsible? The girlish legislators who threw up their hands, girlishly, after the lobbyists special salmon feed several years ago and said : “Go ‘head” and run your telecommunications businesses any way you want to. We can’t tell you how to run your business. HAVE AT ‘EM.” SO, they have deering the planned demic.
    I’d like to say “Swell Job, one world globalists”. Can you stand on your nose and spin, too?

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