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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Big Democrat funders try to rescue troubled Galvin after poor primary showing

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Alyse Galvin and Don Young

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has just poured a half million dollars to prop up the campaign of Alyse Galvin, who is has already spent more money than Congressman Don Young in the congressional race.

In Tuesday’s Primary election, Young won 36,674 votes on the Republican ballot, while Galvin only got 24,134 votes. Absentees have not yet been counted.

Galvin’s performance with voters was so poor, in spite of her campaign outspending Young five-to-one, that the television buy from the DCCC came as soon as the committee realized she is in trouble.

Galvin’s own campaign’s television ad buy is $700,000, compared with Young’s $400,000. Now comes the DCC’s $500,000, bringing her a whopping $1.2 million for television ads to present herself to voters.

That’s a lot for television in Alaska. But it’s not that much for the DCCC, and there’s a message there. Galvin is evidently not as strong a candidate as Ethan Berkowitz was in 2008. That year, the DCC poured $6 million into propping up his campaign.

Young received 50% of the vote in 2008, to Berkowitz’s 45% that year.

Berkowitz came closer than any other candidate to unseating Young since John Devens of Valdez tried to bump him off in 1990.

If the DCCC was as confident of Galvin as it was of Berkowitz, it would be spending $7.2 million on those television buys, which is what that $6 million in 2008 would translate to today, if counting for inflation.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Her TV ads are either creepy or indicate that she’s done a lot in her life, but not very well.

    Wonder if we can get the Democrats to blow more money up here in losing causes against Don Young and Sen. Dan Sullivan?

    • When I saw that d my first thought was, “So, she can’t hold down a job”.

  • My wife and I have supported and voted for don almost 50 times now counting his primary votes and we plan on doing so again on November 03-2020

  • I don’t understand how her father breaking her mother’s arm in front of her makes her qualified to be a US Representative.

    • She’s gonna help fix Alaska’s broken economy just like she helped fix her mom’s broken arm?

    • That’s just strange.

      • The ad is strange. And Gross kilt a bar.

        • Gross also knows that river…ummm ok. He doesn’t know that if you are born in the US you are a US citizen, but he knows that river….ummm ok.

    • Agreed!

    • Yeah, vote for me. I come from a dysfunctional family. I heard my dad break my mom’s arm.

  • Wait a minute! Wasn’t she running as an Independent? So it now seems she was a Democrat all the time. It’s not nice to try and fool the electorate.

    • Of course she is a democrat and so is Gross. In the “party of relativity” the means to the desired end are what counts, not honesty. The chameleon effect in an effort to get votes.

    • I have yet to meet an “independent” that is not a full on Democrat.

      Simple test really. Ask your average “independent” when they last voted for a Republican. Bet they have no answer.

  • This woman has no business in public office. She only knows how to push a narrative, decry the state of life she had to live, and talk about spending even more money on failed programs.

    • It is hysterical how liberals talk about fixing our budget woes ….. code phrase for ‘cut nothing but raise taxes’. They truly think money grows on trees.

  • Sad to think the DNC feels they can buy the vote with tv saturation.

  • Don Young needs to quickly groom and endorse a conservative successor before he ages out in the minds of the voters and loses to a liberal democrat or republican.

    • By the way, I will vote for him as I always have. I’m just concerned that there’s no one on the conservative side who is positioned to step into his shoes when and if he retires, and if he doesn’t retire, he will eventually lose a race; most likely to a democrat challenger.

    • I agree ….he & the GOP should get someone & have Don pass the torch by retiring
      Why do all these politicians think they have to die w/ their boots on?
      How about retiring when you’re old, become a Sr. Statesman & help the conservative cause
      I guess people in this line of work have really big egos

    • I bet he has his sights on a few possibilities.

  • Galvin is wasting her time and her life running against Don Young. I’m voting for Young, and I don’t even like the guy.

    • Gross is wasting his time too. What a big bag of wind. Fighting grizzly bears. Give me a break. We born and raised Alaskans can see right through his bullsh*t. Sullivan to win.

  • I have always supported Don Young. When he was younger he was a bit cocky and well, arrogant? But who isn’t when they are Young?! just kidding, Don is refreshingly honest and has worked tirelessly for Alaska. I sent Don one contribution this year and will send him another soon. In light of the evil party’s level of support for this silly woman, I urge others to consider sending Don some moolah.

    Thank you!

    • I only hope to have half his energy at his age. I say let him continue battling in the trenches if he is up for it.

  • It is pathetic that money plays such an important role in these campaigns. Young is a powerful force in Washington and he needs to remain there as long as he’s able to do the job.

    • Hi, just wondering of some specific examples of his actions in Washington that keep you adamantly supporting? This is a sincere question out of pure ignorance so thank you in advance for a genuine answer 🙂

  • Alyse Galvin and Al Gross are liberal, progressive, socialist, democrats disguised as “independents”. Woe be the day Ethan Berkowitz ever gets into a national, political, position….

    • I don’t use profane or vulgar words. If the context of my opinion isn’t acceptable, please don’t alter it; just don’t publish it……..

    • INO – Independent in Name Only.

  • There are twice as many registered Republicans than Democrats in Alaska, so it stands to reason a Republican candidate will receive more votes in the primary. Don Young has taken our votes for granted too long, we need a Representative to stand up against the big corporations and actually show up in DC to vote.

    • While I agree with you, I don’t think Alyse Galvin will do that either. Very few people in Congress, from either side, have stood up to big corporations. If anything, they keep giving them more tax breaks, more corporate welfare, and billion dollar federal contracts.
      I hope Don Young has someone like a Thomas Massie or even a Rand Paul to take over his seat. But I certainly can’t support Alyse Galvin simply because she’s so in bed with all the government unions. Those unions are no different than big corporations when it comes to lobbying and lavishing millions of dollars to politicians and influence our policies.
      In the meantime, I’m reluctantly supporting Don Young because I know he supports the second amendment, and that’s also something Galvin doesn’t. And Young has slowly come out against the wars, and I haven’t seen Galvin even mention our forever wars. Since I’m not beholden to any party really, I vote for anti-war, pro-2A, and anti-government union people. Young is closer to my values than Galvin, but yes, he needs to start grooming someone to take the reins and retire.

  • To listen to Galvin’s ads on the radio, one might think she was running for school board. The tag line 2 years ago was “let’s stay in touch”.
    I don’t think she is intellectually qualified.

    She states that she has “served under both republican and independent governors”.
    My question: In what capacity?

  • Yeah, her commercial that throws her father under the bus is just unprofessional. I get it, you witnessed domestic violence. How does that make you qualified to be a congressional representative?

  • What’s this talk of “we” and “our” Frank? You are NOT a part of our winning team. I’ve read all your comments. You are a RINO and a closet liberal Democrat.

  • So much for income inequality the Democrats are always crying about. Where does all this money come from? Literally millions can be thrown around at the drop of a hat. The new breed of Democrats hate billionaires and want to eliminate them. Hmmm, they sure do benefit from their money (George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet…all billionaires from capitalism no less).

  • She presents herself as a victim in able to overcome it.

    Hey, has anyone gotten the poll about Don, Dan and Lisa that repeatedly attempting to find out how much money we would accept from the feds to stop oil production.
    A check from the feds to replace the PFD and go Support GREEN ENERGY development.

    Dems from outside really hate the Alaskan lifestyle and ALASKANS. We are not dependent on the government enough it seems to bend to their will.

  • The more they want Dan and Don out the more I know that those two are working hard for Alaska and Alaskans. I support those two!

  • You sure you’re interpreting the DNC influx of money correctly? Generally, when the big guys pony up money they believe they have a chance. I had a nephew in another state who ran Republican for a house seat; RNC didn’t think he had a chance; they gave him nothing.

  • Democrats, Leftists, Soros Goons, etc. can’t have unlimited funds. Be cool to make them empty their piggy banks on these campaigns. Reagan had that figured out with the Soviets. And is Soros really going to live forever?

  • Galvin made a critical error in judgement when she spoke of witnessing her father breaking her mother’s arm. It was an obvious ploy (like that used on shows like AGT) to get the sympathy vote, and it h as zip to do with what she plans to bring to the table. Hoping people will vote for you because they feel sorry for you is disingenuous.

  • Alyse has taken $0 from Corporate PAC’s, Young gets over 50% of his campaign money from lobbyists and big corporations. He will always be #435 on the Congressional totem pole no matter who controls Congress.Alyse Galvin supports responsible gun ownership. You should expand your reading beyond MRAK

    • Frank Rast you need to go back to ADN.

    • Spare me that she will support gun ownership. She won’t have a voice and will be told how to vote. Go Don.

      • Why exactly are guns such a primary concern? What about the kids or the seniors or the indigenous people or the fish or the whales or the lack of either or the water or the ANWR or the responsible management of all finance resources and ecosystems themselves you know like, the overall future itself??

        Like AK MFs would ever give up their guns up anyway?? Call me ¢[email protected] but that hardly seems a worthwhile concern to base any choice directly affecting the entire stability & sustainability of our home on

    • Who cares where the campaign money “comes” from? Seriously, it is either a PAC, direct donations from individuals, large money from some foreign billionaire, or ActBlue funding. Guess what? Every penny, each and every penny is from a special interest.

      What? You think that somehow Galvin is pristine because “corporate” PACs are not funding her campaign? News flash, they are. They are just doing it through intermediaries. Unless they are self funding their campaign (doubtful in today’s day and age) they are taking money from someone, and are beholden to that special interest.

      • ActBlue is not a special interest group or vehicle for hidden interests. It’s a way for even minor or first time candidates to raise funds easily without having to hire an expert or spend half their time keeping all the records required to be filed — when many contributions are just $5 and $10.

        ” ActBlue allows Democratic candidates and non-profits to setup fundraising pages and receive credit card contributions from donors. The site collects all of the legally required donor information — name, address, employer, occupation, citizenship, etc. — and reports that information to the Federal Election Commission. ActBlue invites donors to include a tip to cover operational costs, and transfers the rest of the money directly to the intended recipients.

        It’s a fairly straightforward and wholly above-board process, but that hasn’t stopped Republican politicians who do not understand how it works — or who do get it, but hope their voters will not understand how it works — from portraying it as a sinister and probably illegal plot.”

        And the Republicans have been trying to set up their own version for years. Now, the” GOP has decided to try and replicate ActBlue’s success. According to Politico, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and billionaire casino mogul and GOP mega donor Sheldon Adelson were all involved in planning for the effort to create a single online platform for Republican fundraising. The “WinRed” name, the article claims, was suggested by Trump himself and it was adopted after New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft objected to their original working name — “Patriot Pass.”

  • “I may not know how to create capital, but I sure do know how to destroy it!!!” — Gavin

  • When all the votes were counted, Alyse got more votes than Don. Has that ever happened in a Primary? Don’s been asleep at the wheel for awhile. Alyse has the energy, drive and intelligence to serve Alaska well.

  • In my life I have learned to pay attention to the character of someone’s kids. That doesn’t mean that they’re always doing great, nor does it have to do with their degree of success. It has to do with other qualities that add up to character, like concern for others, kindness, and generosity, that often reflect the love and attention they received at home.

    I don’t know Alyse Galvin. I just ran into her while surfing the net, taking. a little break from the so called “more serious” national races. I don’t know what she’ll do or won’t do for Alaska. Heck I’m 1000 miles away and won’t get to vote for or against her anyway.

    Yes, her ads can be critized, for sure. And of course they’re a little hokey. But looking at her kids, and what they have done, their obvious character, well, I must say I like what I see in Alyse Galvin. She seems like a real person, not the kind of dressed up full of themselves candidates that I watch in the news every night down here in one of the “sophisticated” coast cities.

    I’m sure Alaskans will do the right thing. Even if she doesn’t go to Washington, Galvin will get to continue living in a great state. Thanks for reading.

    • Ms. Galvin is “triangulating”. It’s what people who run as “independent” do. Google it. And she wants to “fix the economy” without defining what “broke” the economy. And her ads are bizarre, not “a little hokey”. I guess , as with Al Gross, the new norm for neo-marxists is to sound like they are talking to 9 year olds.

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