Biden will make race and gender identity a top priority as he replaces Justice Breyer; Kamala Harris to advise him on the pick


President Joe BIden said today that he will choose a black woman to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court, when Breyer retires this summer.

News of Breyer’s upcoming retirement was leaked to mainstream media on Wednesday, and made official by the White House on Thursday, when the president released Breyer’s letter of resignation.

Biden said today that Vice President Kamala Harris will advise him on the correct black woman to name to the Supreme Court. Two women now serving on the court are of Russian-Jewish and Puerto Rican heritage, although both Justice Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor are American-born.

Breyer has served on the court for 28 years and is now 83 years old. In an unusual move, he joined the president today in the official announcement of his retirement.

Biden said he will make his selection to replace Breyer by the end of February. It will be Biden’s first pick to the court, which had become more conservative during the Trump Administration.

The president’s choice must be confirmed by the Senate, which is now run by Democrats at a 50-50 split with Republicans. Harris has the tie-breaking vote to confirm executive and judicial appointments, which require a simple majority.


  1. He’s violating the Equal Employment Opportunity clause. He’s break the law by racially restricting his candidates for SCOTUS.

    • You might be right, but take a deep breath. I’m sure there are many people of non-white, non-male persuasion that are fully qualified and up to the task.
      Besides, with the last trifecta, the only real qualification was that the horses be card carrying, right wing ideologues.

      • Kavanaugh helped stay the mandates on health care workers.
        Comey is more of a centrist. Get a grip homo, just because you think it’s true, doesn’t make it true.

        • Pretty easy to show that the last three pretty much lied about their ideology on abortion, but who’s counting. And you never know what’s going to happen in a horse race.

      • If skin color and sex are his first two qualifications, does it matter to him the degree of those qualifications? Should she be very black, or just kinda black, is it strictly skin tone or must she be into “black culture” and celebrate Kwanza? What about the female quality? Big, more female? Or is somebody with XX chromosomes who identifies as XY good for job.
        It’s “absolutely true that there is no truth” with this guy.

    • The law only applies to conservatives and other lesser people. That is written in stone on the front of the US Supreme Court. Different words are used, but my Leftist friends have explained it to me. They have told me that they are more intelligent than I am and I believe them.

    • SCOTUS said in 1978:

      “Preferring members of any one group for no reason other than race or ethnic origin is discrimination for its own sake” . “This the Constitution forbids.”

      Justice Lewis Powell.

  2. I would have thought that Kamala Harris would be too busy fixing the southern border to give her sage advice about who Biden should pick for the Supreme Court. But, she can milti-task, right? Of course her own legal qualifications are a bit sketchy after having failed the bar examination the first time. I only ask that with whoever they pick, that they get the circus over with quickly.

    Of course, we can always count on Senator Murkowski to vote to whoever the democrats put up for nomination.

  3. Brandon does only what his Democrat women advisers tell him to do. Hair sniffing, fondling little girls, and stumbling into things is all his own.

  4. Plus, there’s the issue of gender.
    Surely in todays day and age, when we can find kiddos in every pre-school who identify with more than one gender, then this better not be some middle-aged cis gendered black female weirdo.
    We insist on nothing less than a surgically transitioning gay binary bi-sexual black teenager, as we trust nobody over 30, remember your words 60’s generation Neil Young fans (you lot remember him, lol).
    You can do so much better here liberals, put some effort into this one, it’s for the children, and their future!
    #satirealert #orisit

  5. “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race”. Chief Justice John Roberts, 2007.

    I don’t always agree with the Chief Justice, but he has this matter correct.

    Senator Lisa Murkowski should ask Biden’s nominee, whoever he or she might be, if the nominee agrees with the Chief Justice.

  6. A news item: In today’s Wall Street Journal it is noted that progressive legal lion Laurence Tribe has written that the Vice President does not have the power to break a tie in the Senate on a judicial nomination.

  7. Remember when discrimination by race, color or creed was unacceptable?

    If you’re in your teens…..probably not.

    Pray the scales be lifted from their eyes that they may see what they have become.

    • Discrimination against whites by people of color has always been acceptable. The total premise was, well they had it coming to them. What did I have coming to me I didn’t do anything? Or the other way to look at it is well we owed it to them for past crimes. Again I didn’t do anything to them. Why was I being chased home by 15 black thugs? Was I supposed to take one for the team for King getting shot? I remember the United Negro college fund. Remember affirmative action? Yes it’s always been okay to discriminate against white people.

  8. This methodology has worked so well for him so far. Look at how well he is doing with his military picks, his decisions on the economy, his smashing attainments with the illegal immigration problem, his successes with Congress, etc. etc. I wonder what will happen if he uses these criteria in choosing pilots for Air Force One? The White House can be a zoo display full of porch monkeys, and Judy Woodruff will praise Biden and Harris while the huge majority of Americans continue to be appalled. It’s a little curious that the media let Judy fire Yamiche without a peep. I don’t believe this does and I did not intend to cross the line from reality to racism, but it won’t hurt my feelings if it is edited or deleted. The election of Biden and Harris is what continues to hurt my feelings. Ouch!

  9. How can gender identity be a criterion? That identity is fluid, by definition. Meaning, you pick a black she-male today, and next month he might go back to identifying as male. Or as a pomegranate.
    This is what happens when you let the kids drive the car. It gets dents that take time and expertise to fix.

  10. Once again.
    What you are is MUCH more important than what you accomplish.
    Seriously, this is not they way to fight against discrimination. Hiring someone because of their plumbing or pigmentation is just as discriminatory as firing them for the same reason.

  11. Pray biden/harris is led to submit a nominee who will unexpecantly recieve the LORD God later on their career surprising everyone. You know! One is usually caught off guard when christ finds you and your eyes are open. Sual was part of the sanhedrian and he was doing work killing christ by searching and killing those following christ when christ pulled him aside and appointed paul his 12th apostle. We never know. thats why we pray for our enemy. Our enemy could become our ally and friend.

  12. So, in America, anyone can STEAL an election and everyone is supposed to carry on like it is legit?
    Who gives a fig what those 2 usurpers think they are doing?

  13. Laura: I assume by STEAL you mean the attempt by Trump to rig the election outcome, right? What evidence do I have you might and should ask? Here’s two black and white, no question evidence of my assertion: first, Trump’s call to Rasfensperger asking him to “find” 11,000 some odd votes. That is irrefutable proof that Trump sought to STEAL the election through blatant fraud. Second, in five states a total of 59 REPUBLICAN state legislators and operatives LIED by claiming to be the true electors ( for Trump of course) rather than the electors that represented the clear winner of the presidential election, Joe Biden.

    Or put another way, these Republicans are crooks, liars and traitors.

  14. Evan, who in these United States has the sole authority to pick the time place and manner of running the various elections? If you answered “why everybody knows that authority is given by our federal Constitution to the various state legislatures” move to the head of the class. When various state and federal courts make rules about those various elections, are those rule changes legitimate? For example did our judge here in Alaska have the sole authority to change the “manner” in which our absentee ballot signatures are verified? If you said “Hell No!”, keep your sweet at the head of the class. It was always about following the law.

    • Joel: your comment didn’t go anywhere with me. What do you mean by: “It was always about following the law”? Trump and the Republicans violated the law as I previously mentioned.

  15. We already have Supreme Court Judges (at least a couple of them) who lack remedial math skills. They are easily persuaded by primitive arguments. How helpful to justice is this naivete? Not very. Oh well.

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